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Fresh Militant Propaganda Claims Civilian Casualties from “Russia-Assad Airstrikes”, Shows Mannequins in “Video Proof”


Fresh Militant Propaganda Claims Civilian Casualties from "Russia-Assad Airstrikes", Shows Mannequins in "Video Proof"

Pro-militant media outlets and ‘non-government’ organizations continue to implement a wide range of propaganda techniques to blame Syrian-Russian forces for civilian casualties across Syria. While it’s hard to expect any war without civilian casualties, the approach implemented by the mainstream media and its allies from the “Syrian moderate opposition” is shameless.

Now, pro-militant media accounts are spreading a fresh video (made by a media outlet known as “EMC”) that shows alleged results of Russian-Syrian airstrikes.

The video fails to show some real civilian casualties but includes some members of the so-called “White Helmets” (a Western-backed NGO operation across militant controlled areas in Syria) and a full track of dressed mannequins.

The low quality propaganda move has led to an outrage in the social media.

SF downloaded the video in case if it’s deleted in Twitter:

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  • kraaiiii

    there are looting a clothing store

  • Wideyed

    …hahaha… can’t stop laughing… some time ago I thought the WH should aspire for the Nobel price of deception, but now I think they should go for the Nobel price of total stupidity…. hand in hand with US and GB lead by Mr Observatory…. I am sure that ass has made a good sum by providing the media what it wanted, so may be he is not that stupid after all…. just forget about ethics and justice…..