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Fresh Jihadists’ Attempts to Lift Aleppo Siege Failed


Local sources report that the fresh jihadists’ attempts to break the Syrian army defenses in southwestern Aleppo and lift the siege from the militant-controlled areas of the city have completely failed. No significant changes have been observed on the ground despite minor gains of the joint jihadi forces.

Pro-government sources argue that the Syrian army killed and wounded over 40 jihadists and destroyed 2 battle tanks and 3 vehicles equiped with machine guns in the recent clashes.

The map below represents the modern military situation in southwestern Aleppo.

Fresh Jihadists' Attempts to Lift Aleppo Siege Failed

Click to see the full-size map



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  • Veritas Vincit

    It is no coincidence that as soon as progress is being made against militant groups, western powers call for a cessation of fighting (under ‘humanitarian’ pretexts). This tactic has been repeatedly applied.

    It is important to finish the job. Any cessation of offensive operations will only allow militants (masquerading as ‘moderate’ or otherwise) to regroup and rearm, prolonging the conflict (the intention of the anti-Assad bloc).

  • Seth Rutledge

    doesn’t look like a kettle to me, is he encirclement north of the map border?

    • Catfish

      Yes, it continues north of the map border. The map is just showing a close up view of the last area to be encircled.