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Fresh Combat Footage: Tens Vehicles Of Saudi-backed Forces Destroyed In Yemen


On March 22, the Houthis media wing released a 3-minuate video showing the destruction of 20 vehicles of Saudi-backed forces on the front of Sirwah in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

All the vehicles in the video were destroyed with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) in the last two weeks. Some of the vehicles can be seen carrying many Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters, who were killed and injured in these attacks.

The Houthis’ tank hunters used Soviet-made Konkurs and Metis ATGMs in these attacks. Both missiles are guided by semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS). While the Konkurs has a range of up to 4km, the Metis can only hit targets within a 1km reduce.

According to the Saudi-led coalition claims, the Houthis are receiving these guided missiles from Iran. Several ATGM shipments were indeed busted by the coalition over the last four years. However, there is no evidence that confirm the missiles used in these new attacks were supplied by Iran.

The Houthis’ extinctive use of ATGMs on the front of Sirwah has allowed the group to advance rapidly and infected heavy losses on Saudi-backed forces. The Yemeni rebel group will likely adopt the same strategy on other fronts in the near future.

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  • Jesus

    Houthis turkey shoot of wahhabistan targets.

  • Sadde

    Well done again brave invincible flip flops armored warriors!

  • Thunder

    i salute your brave defensive fight holy warriors of Yemen!!!

  • Andrei

    Here no bravery is..
    To be happy killing other humans like you simply puts you lower than Animals..
    So sad, I totally understand that is a war but you shouldn’t be happy killing other humans you actually you should be saddened that actually we reach 21first century an we still killing each other like 200 years ago. “””It is valid for both sides of the conflict”””
    It could be your sons or brothers of fathers..
    May God have mercy on their souls

    • Sinbad2

      “May God have mercy on their souls”

      And yours, and mine.

      Who starts these wars? mostly the FUKUS countries.
      Who funds these wars? you and I from our taxes.
      Who elects the politicians? that’s right, we do.

      Ultimately we are responsible, because we simply cannot be bothered to stop our governments.

    • goingbrokes

      Who’s happy? The Houthi are defending their country against people who came to kill them. They have 100% legitimate cause to take them out.

    • Andrei, Sunni wahhabits ( so follower of Wahhabism ) are not humans, your argument is invalid.

  • Robert Mullin

    That video was… Surprisingly hard to watch. I’m all for Yemen defending it’s country from foreign aggression but damn. Seeing sizeable groups of people get blown away by ATGMs made me wince. Ah well, chalk it up to living a sheltered life.

  • hvaiallverden

    That, scums are war fare, real war fare, and others, the images the western backed scums never bother to show, you, is how bad it was for over 80 000 children, yeah, and all you can do is blame the people fighting an invading enemy, mercs from lord knows where, and a large part of this are Africans, even south-americans, etc, backed by the NATO ( the North Atlantic Terror Org ) British/ISISIraeli/Frenc specs are crawling all over the war, Norway is making an killing in this war by selling weapon/s etc, to drones, all duse to an reason where the west claim credibility thru an election that was an sham so bad you have to be an total idiot not to see it, an Saudi-bitch, in an election where there was only one partisipant, yeah, the Saudi-bitch, noody else, nice huh, when you can have it all, and then the people started to fight back.
    In the mean time, the so called Al-CIAeda aka whatever, is in central Yemen, and then we have the UAE-rat packs, etc.

    The Houtins dont have to show mercy, since no mercy is been either shown nor given, the fight is legitimate even to God, its an mans duty to fight, not because of hate of the enemy, but because of the love of those behind.
    The Houtis have my hart and soul with them, and may the Lord bless and protect their fight against the devils spawns.
    The truth is, you make it happen, people dont care, its more fuz about riddicilos nonsensical bollocks, than 80 000 Yemen children, died, the numbers affected thru helth and stress is mind numbing, and yet it continues, day after day, and all I read is an weird propaganda based upon total ignorance about the whys of this war.
    Yemen is like Palestina, an real time show off, just how rotten the west are, and the Saudi-Barbarians and their minions.
    I blame them for every thing, every god dammed thing, from the start to the present.
    May they burn in hell.
    Blessed by the peacemakers.


    • Gregory Casey

      I agree with every word uttered by you. May the Wahhabi Salafist Saudi & Emirati Plutocrats roast in Hell and may the NATO rats who are Satan’s Spawn turn and roast on spits in Hell’s Public Square for all Eternity.
      Shalom & Amen.

  • Domenic Patrone

    In seems, in order to spare tanks, Saudi Arabia used up-armored vehicles. Now they seem to be using ordinary pick up trucks to spare up-armored vehicles from destruction. Perhaps they’ll use bicycles next ??

  • Wraith

    Israeli Air Force should start airstrikes against the Houthis on behalf of Saudi Arabia. Real progress would actually be made, that would never happen though since Saudis don’t really like Israel. But if it did, the war in Yemen would be over quick, because no air force can match Israel’s

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      been a single cell you must be very grateful that breathing is an automatic function of the body other wise your kind will have die from asphyxiation.

      • Wraith

        yeah let’s degrade people because they’re zionist or pro-israel. antisemite showing his true colors

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          degrade? that you do all by your self moron, you need no help there.

          • Wraith

            ouch strong words from a weakling, you can’t argue with me so you resort to name calling and insults. Get over it. I can bicep curl your body weight you beta male twerp

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            argue about what? that you are a moron, or ?

    • Nexusfast123

      Ah…the Israeli Palestinian strategy. Dropping bombs on defenseless people.

    • Bob

      The Israeli air force is well supplied and trained – at US taxpayer’s expense – but it is actually a rather timid force. It essentially only offensively operates within the safety of far weaker adversaries’ airspace – Gaza or Lebanon – that do not operate adequate anti-air defenses. Since the Syrians received S-300 batteries the IAF has tactically resorted to hiding behind commercial aircraft as human shields when attacking Syrian targets – all whilst operating from well inside Lebanese airspace using US supplied stand-off air to surface missiles or glide bombs. These tactical ploys are hardly the stuff of military aviation legend – and actually illustrates just how casualty averse the IDF is as a whole – the fear of another Ron Arad certainly haunts them.

  • ruca

    Kushner should drive through that valley with his buddy bibi

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    finally houthis create a lot of business for american war industry with all the destruction they cause the saudi jerk offs.

  • LSNS = IQ 25

    Well Done Houtis.
    This savage blocks your ports and delivery routes.
    Your people die from disease and from starvation in dozen thousands.
    Dirty savage deserves no mercy.
    Kill them all, they kill your children through boycott. They starve ten of thousand of your children to death.
    kill them all, no prisoners.

  • Gregory Casey

    Good to see!!