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French Weapon at Work / Châtiment est inévitable!

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Dear friends, SouthFront has produced this video to support the aspiration of the French people to fight against ISIS terrorism firmly and by no means in favor of Hollandes government.

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All the Western military forces being built up around Syria supposedly to fight ISIS could turn on a dime to attacking the Assad government and Russian forces in Syria.

I would not put it past Western leaders to stab Russia in the back. In fact, the US just did it by certainly signalling the Turks to bring down a Russian plane.

Note that Turkey is not allowing Russian ships through the Bosphorus Straits, an act of war. That makes a second Turk act of war in just a few days. The US is using Turkey and willing to start WW3.

Any Mouse

I second that.


And when that happens I hope Putin is equally cool headed as he was with the Su-24 downing, even if Moscow looses ALL equipment and personell in Syria.

Even if, for only then will the Western TV audience wake up and realize that NATO/GCC/Commonwealth capitols are tricking them into WWIII.


Paris is already turned on Moscow. Paris came into this thing “turned” on Moscow.

Any Mouse

Sad thing is that Putin and every fanboy of his don’t see that.

Putin thinks Paris is in the same boat as him because of a false flag attack…

He’s an idiot.


“All the Western military forces being built up around Syria supposedly to fight ISIS could turn on a dime to attacking the Assad government and Russian forces in Syria.”

Be sure, that’s why they are there. They are not there to “fight ISIS”..I cannot imagine why anyone would believe that, given the information we have. The NATO powers, and the Gulf monarchies, led by the U.S. created the Syrian “civil war”.It would be more proper to call it the Syrian invasion. We know that NATO is aggressively encroaching upon Russia’s defensive “red line. Just to Today they announced the coming NATO occupation of Montenegro – and make no mistake, it is an occupation. Montenegro is not entering NATO, NATO is entering Montenegro, over the bitter objections of most of the people who live there – that is why the referendum on NATO membership was cancelled. Russia is un der siege, fighting a defensive war in Syria, her only Ally on the Med, and her enemies have now announced a troop buildup there.Mr Putin! This is NOT a”coalition” against ISIS.The coalition is against Russia!

William C Crain

not sure it’s entirely to trounce Russia but it has all the trappings. Viva Russia!


What is this a French war propaganda video I just watched?

Let’s remember that the ISIS militants who committed terrorist acts in Paris were well known to French intelligence and were basically allowed to operate and travel freely in and out of the country. The French authorities were warned of the attacks beforehand and even given the name of one of the attackers! Not surprising French intel would passively sit by while these renegades plotted mass murder- after all ISIS has been helpful in checking Assad and the Russians in Syria. Also it is a great pretext for the French authorities to impose police-state measures at home and ramp up their military machine abroad. 9/11 redux a-la-francés

More info: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/11/21/pers-n21.html

Joyce Howle

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Any Mouse

The problem with 20 year olds is that they get wet from vids like that, and SoutFront is no exception.

Bruno Serignat

That’s why a great part of the french people is going to vote for the National Front candidates on next sunday !

William C Crain

are National Front candidates Neo-libs or Fascists ~ i’n not up on French candidates ~ thank you.

Bruno Serignat

You know nothing about french political situation so : passez votre chemin, ça fera du bien à tout le monde !

Any Mouse

NF are nationalists and capitalists but anti-bankerists.

They love their country and get a bad rep from the establishment for going against them.

They don’t seem supremassists and therefore not fascists, like the establishment.

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