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French Troops Install Six Artillery Batteries To Provide Fire Support To Kurdish Militias In Syria – Media

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French Troops Install Six Artillery Batteries To Provide Fire Support To Kurdish Militias In Syria - Media

Illustrative image: Anadolu Agency

French troops have installed six artillery batteries to provide fire support to Kurdish militias in Syria, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported on May 20 citing local sources.

According to the report, the artillery positions are established in areas held by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The SDF is a US-backed group mostly consisting of Kurdish militais – the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ). Ankara describes the YPJ and the YPG as terrorist groups, a local branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which wages a long-time insurgency against the Turkish state.

According to reports, France has recently increased its military presence in the SDF-held area in northern Syria. French forces have even reportedly started preparations to establish a new military facility, west of Raqqah. If this is confirmed, it will be the sixth French military facility in the SDF-held area.

Anadolu Agency’s report comes just days after allegations that 20 vehicles carrying around 70 French servicemen reportedly entered the Syrian province of Hasakah from Iraq.

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Michał Hunicz

Kurds will be a boss fight for Syria. The amount of Zio-Wahabbis is so massive. We won’t wait long time until the US will send them tanks.


No not jus tanks but THAAD Systems to protect the Kurds from Iranian missiles….so they say .

leon mc pilibin

Napoleon the Zionist Turd,wants to make a name for himself,he got his marching orders from the Trump puppet.He wants a piece of the Syrian oil fields,that’s what this phoney civil war is all about.Scumbags!!!


I fear worse: that he be a zionist (i.e. that he would be taking his orders directly from the chosen ones).


I think you are right, in the end its all about oil and gas. They will never give up the idea of creating a Kurdistan with all the syrian oil fields and, if possible, with an access to the sea.

John Mason

Does look like it, what will be interesting is when Syria tells the invaders, US, France and Turkey to pack up and go home.


the only way making them leave is by killing them and dragging their naked bodies through damaskus.
check out somalia…vietnam…..just old take no prisoners war will make those zionist/jewish slaves leave.the longer they wait…the harder it will be…common sense….the invaders are building dozens of bases including airfields and recruiting thousands by way of money and power-giving.

You can call me Al

They already have on numerous occasions, maybe the question is when they back it with force or retake the Eastern oil fields ?.

You can call me Al

They may not give up the idea of a joint Kurdistan, but they are not stupid; in that they must understand that the US and indeed the hooked noses will stop backing them, when they have no more use for them as cannon fodder.

The autonomous Kurdistan in Iraq is in a much stronger position as some of the major fields are on so called “Kurdish land”, but that is the total opposite for the major fields in Syria – do the Syrian Kurds want an ongoing rebel war with the local Syrian Arabs ?… I doubt it. Just the last thing, who would they sell or transport the oil to ?.

Hide Behind

Sell same people ISIL sold oil too, Erdogans son in Turkey. Pipe to Iraq lines or Iraqi Kurdistans lines directly to refineries in Haifa Israel.

You can call me Al

Yes and, that was a different time with different forces.



Joe Dirt

The Turks are a NATO pawn, completely useless now….Turkey need kicked out of NATO and invaded fast….

Law Se

What I see is the division of Syria like Berlin 1945 or the division of Africa by European power’s 1890s…No good will come out of this….Bet Assad lines up with Turkey in order to kickout the Kurds….This whole NATIO thing is now a farce it is officially a 19th century land grab on 21st century fucking bullshit..Europeans and Americans got taste for imperialism again……Seems the first and second world wars wasnt enough to cull their herds so here again go kill each other off..


spot on thank you


half of south americans are brazilians so it will be useful to learn portuguese as well. Anyway, i think you are right about the “neo-imperialism” in USA, UK and France because there will be no good outcomes from it and, unfortunately, i think that they will push others to kill and die for them instead of killing each other this time.

Brad Isherwood

Syria was formerly under Colonial Sykes Picot agreement.
No mystery Lafarge and Macron appear after US steals Kurd North Syria and East Euphrates.
I’d wager that Putin knew Syria would be grab after Libya was busted up by NATO, ..with its state Gold stolen,oil…with Rebels announce Libyan Rothschild Central bank.comment image

Putin gets told ahead of time what US and Colonials intend for Syria.
Gets bases and arena to test MIC weapons.
Putin/Russia in Syria to block Iran/IRGC from gain too much power…
To make sure Shia Crescent does not succeed.
We are there now.
Syria Partitioned. …No Shia Crescent.
Israhell will Not** be getting Greater Israhell…even though there is Putin/Netanyahu Bromance.
Disappointment with Russia…..as Vlad and Lavrov talked endlessly about Syria Sovereignty. ….while Foreign invaders arrived to build bases.

Concrete Mike

Bro Lafarge was there from the start. They opened a new cement plant in 2010, funny thing..it barely stopped producing during entire war. In fact they could barely keep up. No wonder SAA do evacuation deals, they dont want to buy powder from these crooks to rebuild. Im glad i left that company in 2012.


Nothing against concrete, Concrete Mike, but as you know LaFarge built all those underground tunnels etc., for Qaeda, Nusra, so the French should be welcomed to Syria by the SAA with missiles onto their new artillery sites and five or ten on the LaFarge plant. Make the French feel loved for their Total masters.

Concrete Mike

I know…i hate lafarge now, dont worry I made sure their products stay the fuck out of my jobs.

They sold to both sides, while helping daesh to wreck stuff, so they sell more powder to rebuild what their pets wrecked. Its so greasy , this plant should be flattened, but if SAA attempt that it will be in open war against nato.

The pigs are making a fortune off this war…just on concrete.


NATO is a defensive alliance, but F/UK/US, is the aggressive pack, and it is open warfare against them anyway. However Daara and Idlib first, clear all the Wahhabi jihadists first, then the Hard Core who are working for Total Oil.

Brad Isherwood

Yes….ISUS never attack Lafarge Concrete plants.

US use Lafarge Concrete sites for Special forces, …..Helicopters and V 22 Ospreys.

Joe Dirt

The Sykes-Picot Agreement included Russia, U.K and France…The Triple Entente.

Joe Dirt

10 retards and counting…

Patrick Kramer Freher

1945? bull shit

Alan Foo

The entire purpose is to grab a piece of Syria and control Russia and Iran . Well of course unless Russia, Iran and Assad are together more chicken than the Houthis, they will succeed even putting THAAD missiles supposedly to counter Iran not Russia assuming Russians are kids to believe.

Well time not yet to attack …


wtf are the syrians and iranians and allies waiting for.If they are waiting for the day when french, us/zionist jew bastards say farwell to syria and pack their bags…..U ARE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND.
Its mindboggling to me…never ever has there been a war in a country were the invaders can build bases, forcefully recruit young people, without ANY WHAT SO EVER attack by the home country and its forces.
And nobody give me this bullshit of how smart putin is and alll of that…….turkey will never ever ever in a 1000 years give up afrin area, unless by force……now syria has the turks building bases and changing the population to its terms(takfiri headchoppers)…..in the east french and us military bases..last number was 25 bases already….
great work , seriously great work putin, iam sure all it takes for the french and us to leave will be a six pack of buds and a couple of kobe steaks….fuckin unbelievable
Remeber somalia…the us left after dozens of us soldiers were brutally killed and their naked bodies dragged through the streets..thats the language they understand…..so stop bs and fire dozens of missles on their bases.period.

Ps. and if anybody smartass believes that the TURKS will attack nato countries(french and us troops)… hahaha start smoking some weed…aint never ever going to happen…not in a million years….

So what did syria get through the russian”plan” of giving afrin to the turks is a foreign nation, with a well equipt army, also nato member, with a psychpathic president who HATES assad and the SAA, INSTEAD of a kurdish enclave, with no army, no president, no nato member, which after liberating other parts of syria, could have been (just as the turks needed 2 weeks) liberated in 2 weeks.
Now afrin is lost foreever.period.Stop thinking hollywood movie fairytales.


hello stardust(light) or whatever, I see a new name and the same old bulsh*t.


who r u ? a monkey?a jew bastard?a saudi bastard?or good old retarded american?

I see your name and the same old bullshit.??????
..how about trying some debate instead of being a mokey, try debating me….so if you dont share my views…please tell me monkey..

tell me monkey???


maybe i should come to your house…rape your mom, your sister, chop the heads off of your father and brother… and you will do what????monkey….
if somebody comes in ones home…and starts raping and killing…there is just one thing to do

ask hezbollah……..or maybe they should make a deal with putin, ey monkey..and give south lebanon to the turks.

fuckin monkey

You can call me Al

Actually, I thought it was close, but not close enough to make that assumption…..until I saw it’s relies to you below.

It isn’t too bright, is it ?


I must have hit a nerve. One may conclude that only the hooked noses use such language and only the terrorists are able to do what ” it” says. Pity, we share this world with semi-humans.


Six Kalibrs should sort those out.

You can call me Al

Isn’t that what the Russian ship on route is carrying (due to dock in Syria in a few days) ?.


Siiiix? Then kalibr is weak.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have 6 sites or didn’t you know that seems you know less than you pretend to know.


but not i 6 km distance.

John Mason

Turkey is surely taking their time in destroying the Kurds. Wonder what the holdup is. Probably a deal made with the US/French and pretending to fight the Kurds while stealing Syrian land, just a thought.


France’s Total oil has been in Iraq since the 20’s.

You can call me Al

Good, but this is Syria.


Who do you think the represent ?

You can call me Al

Their shareholders.

Samantha Green

Macron knows how to defend ABORTION RIGHTS!

Concrete Mike

Jonnyy cohen 2.0!!!

Dušan Mirić

Aggressors! Invaders! Murderers!


Isn’t that the french who said that Syrians were invaders ???? XD.
Isn’t that Americans who want to stop ILLEGAL invasion ???? XD.

That’s why I don’t like to talk with the westereners. They are like sunnis. They see one thing and tell the opposite.

It’s like LePen father who was a colonialist in his young age and then became an anti-immigration when it’s about France !!!


Now, I think you understand why ISIS was making “terrorist attacks” in France, USA, …. or maybe the french and american government were making these attacks so that they can build military bases in Syria just like French needed “terrorists” in Mali to create military bases in Mali.


The west is funny. They say they want to help and then they stay. Imagine I help you building your house and then, I stay in the house !!! XD.

Or rather, I destroy your house and then I come to “help you” by occupying your house !!! XD.

Hide Behind

Got to think beyond oil!
Examples : in Iraq today almost every food item, has french and Israeli brands, steel, concrete, wood, electricity to electrical generation is foreign managed and even dinnerware is made outside of Iraq by Euro, Israeli, and there is no real Iraq sovereign bank, and even in their pseudo one it has foreign bank representative managers.
All infrastructure rebuilding, along with military equipment (including food for soldiers) and new oil drilling facilities, is paid for by Corrupt Quisling government, with kickbacks and Sovereign Royalty fees going into hands of the few.
Power is not always out in open or advertized.
Take Americans, 20 billions a year embassy (Green Zone). All foreign interest clear any and all contracts in Iraq, only with US permission from that embassy.
What we call Green Zone or an “Embassy” is in reality the Government of Iraq.
Through that embassy lucrative deals are forced upon Iraq nation and it’s people, right on down to Iraq’s lowest wage earners who have to compete against US allies imported labor.
Genocide by US and Euros is almost complete.
The surviving intelligencia went out of country to work as cheap high tech labor, leaving Iraq with little or no engineers, or manufacturing sectors trained craftsmen or of supervisory skills. US and Euros left little middle aged men alive, many fled during war, dropping age spread from 1r,,,, skip,, to 50+ of poor dumb as rock males left.
Oil is but a means to power, rather to keep power within concentrated the Eurocentrics of Northern Hemisphere hands.
The new Syrian/ Kurdistan will be under same foreign ownership of all its lives when things settle down.
The best slaves are those who do not know they are slaves.


At least, someone finally understand something. You are from the elite of this stupid human species. I’m glad to finally meet a real human !! XD.

Joe Dirt

Illuminati conspiracy theories….


Like Russia and the US, France prefers the solution where these factions don’t annihilate each other. Think about it, the only thing that stopped Turkey from charging on Kurdish Manbij and Raqqa was the US presence.

Joe Dirt

It wouldn’t look good attacking your own ally…


That and nukes.


French troops have installed six artillery batteries to provide fire support to Kurdish militias in Syria….. Only The French Faggots don’t know yet they Ended up in Bhutan….

Luke Mendes, Mobaim

Well Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan with other countries like Yemen will unite and NATO is boom out. And the fight will be taken to europe and USA im sure. When the rest of the world learns of the Nuclear Hoax they will attack the agressors sooner and more coordinated than isis CIA MI6 or mossad put together.
The war will be funded by China and Russia. The shift in global strength is inevitable. USA is bankrupt expect more misery, sadly i feel for the big hearted Americans but the corrupt within should be taken care of first then USA will be truly free. The Patriots must start a campaign already.


Time for the Iraqi airforce to send them home in zip lock bags.

Jeth Roderet

We all know history. France will soon surrender.


WTF have FRENCH Foreign Legionnaires lost there?
IT’s clear that MACRON works for ISRAEL, that wants to protect its YPG commanded by BARZANI, the MOSSAD-asset

zika slika

Pride gay parade … under construction…Frenchy

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