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French Special Forces Helicopter Spotted Over Northeastern Syria (Video)

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French Special Forces Helicopter Spotted Over Northeastern Syria (Video)

Kenzo Tribouillard, AFP | French soldiers

On February 6, a French military helicopter believed to be carrying special forces operators was spotted over Syria’s northeastern region.

The helicopter, an Airbus H225M, was filmed near the town of al-Dashisha in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside. According to the Rojava Media Center, which shared the footage, the helicopter came from Iraq and was escorted by another helicopter of the US-led coalition.

The H225M is a long-range tactical transport military helicopter capable of undertaking various mission roles including combat search and rescue, aeromedical transport, logistic support and shipboard maritime operations.

At least 18 H225M helicopters are in service with both the French Air Force and Army, which are known to be active in northeastern Syria.

French special forces maintained several posts in northeastern Syria, especially in areas held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Aleppo and northern Raqqa. In October of 2019, French troops left these areas along with American forces.

The SDF is currently conducting a large-scale operation against ISIS cells in southeastern Deir Ezzor. A tunnel used by the terrorist group’s cells was uncovered in al-Dshishah earlier today.

The H225M helicopter was likely transporting French special forces operators or intelligence officers. Paris remains one of the main backers of the SDF.


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Fog of War

The party’s warming up. BTW, who invited the Frogs into Syria ?


We Frogs come for oil & gas, anything left?

Jens Holm

He not even know what his next meal might be.

Fog of War

Hopefully the Syrians acquire a taste for frog legs.

Concrete Mike

LaFarge construction materials.


“LaFarage construction materials”

Is that information concrete?

(Ba-dum-tssssss. I’ll be here all week
2 shows on Saturday)


Frankly, the froggies are just asskissing fragoots, nothing to worry about.

Jens Holm

Dont You have internet???

Fog of War

No, I post here telepathically.

Jens Holm

You must be from some obey religion. People from there never learn to learn to take initiative and ask and ask.

I allow me to look nup even its hard – and learn. My head can be used as a computer, when I die.

If You are on the elvel Youbshow bright here, it might be fir porridge.

Fog of War

Dear Jens please get off the Heroin, look whats its doing to your communication skills. We beg you.

Jens Holm

Its as I write. So many here write just like You right here. It says nothing.


Napoleons cursed and democratic pretenders:


Frog’s been central to terrorist Ziocorporate globalism’s schemes around the globe, as you must know. Now that France has been shitholised with terrorists and migrants and the sheep live under the plandemic, they can focus on their “international commitments” to Ziocorporate terrorism.

Still, first things first, Putin wants Gazprom to extend its pipelines all the way to Paris, so business and partnership with Rothschild employee Macron aren’t likely to be affected.

Fog of War

” Still, first things first, Putin wants Gazprom to extend its pipelines all the way to Paris, so business and partnership with Rothschild employee Macron aren’t likely to be affected. ”

Isnt that special ?

Jens Holm

Rotchilds are a big family and all over the world.

In Exile

Listen champ the fact checkers said Rothschild’s fortune is largely exagerrated and they are just a family of humanitarians and we both know Goldberg and his fact checker pals never ever lie.


down it down it and see what macaroni has to say

Jens Holm

Last time they took in artillery until USA had their own. France are very good transporters for modern warfare.


You finally get it! A sober comment at last. Haven’t reached enough Hasbara points to get your crack fix today? Anyway, without France, ISIS wouldn’t have had it as easy to nearly overrun Syria and Iraq. France was always excellent transporting support to terrorists in the region.

Jens Holm

I have told many times here the engagement in Syria is no Nato thing. Its UK, France and USA.

A short while USA asked for help and got it by fx F18s from Australia and Daniosh F16s.

So I didnt finally get it….


To bad everything you say is a lie.


The Imperial arrogance of those bastards is unbelievable,FFS start shooting the bastards down.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia should start transporting SOF’s into Northern Mali to help train freedom fighters there.


Macron likes to pretend France still has business in Syria. The globalist prick just can’t mind his own business.

Joakim Normen

Great, another one of their helicopters will soon “crash” then :)

Harry Smith

More western support for Kurds – bigger gap between Turkey and the West. If sultan can’t broke apart from NATO, then he will be pushed outside of it by Allah to stop Turks being kafirs.

Peter Jennings

I’m sure that Syria’s oil will come in very handy. Although the price will increase once the SDF ditch their pretense and drop the ‘Syrian’ portion from their name.

Perhaps the NDF would be more appropriate? or maybe the Oil Liberation Front?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

They were supposed to move in after the US pulled out as I remember.

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