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JULY 2022

French Senior Military Officer Arrested Over Spying For Russia

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French Senior Military Officer Arrested Over Spying For Russia

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On August 30th, French Defense Minister Florence Parly said that a French senior military officer had been arrested under investigation for “serious security breaches.”

“What I can confirm is that a senior officer is facing legal proceedings for a security breach,” Parly said.

“We have implemented all the necessary safeguards,” Parly said.

According to Europe 1 radio this referred to French lieutenant colonel based in Italy and stationed with NATO is suspected of having transmitted sensitive documents to the Russian secret services.

The name of the officer is undisclosed.

A Europe 1 radio unnamed judicial source confirmed that a senior officer had been indicted on charges involving “intelligence with a foreign power that undermines the fundamental interests of the nation.”

He is being prosecuted for “delivering information to a foreign power” as well as “collecting information harming the fundamental interests of the nation with a view to delivering them to a foreign power” and “compromising the secrecy of national defence”, the source said.

The military official was arrested by DGSI intelligence service as he was about to leave for Italy at the end of his holidays in France and is being held at a prison in Paris.

Finally, according to yet another unnamed source, the official speaks Russian and was seen in Italy with a man identified as an agent of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence service.

The arrest comes a week after US authorities arrested a former Special Forces officer for sharing his unit’s activities with Russian intelligence.

According to prosecutors, the Green Beret serviceman, who had been stationed in Germany and Azerbaijan, “thought that the United States was too dominant in the world and needed to be cut down to size.”

In June, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said a cyberattack on the Bundestag that resulted in sensitive information being siphoned off the network was part of Russia’s “strategy of hybrid warfare including cyber disorientation and fact manipulation.”


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Give him some tea before he starts speaking

cechas vodobenikov

que sera sera—vod tak


was Doris Day also Ruski Spion?


sure but before that she reemerged as a virgin (see groucho marx)


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Attention seeking bitch alert!


Cheap Iranian bots that are LICKING TURK ASS and BETRAYING ASSAD and back stabbing Russia!


and then you have the disjointed states of A’s credo and also the jews illegally occupying palestine’s ‘kill kill kill for peace’


Well the French government are traitors to the interests of the French people, so why not. I don’t blame him for trying to undermine Atlantism.

Tommy Jensen

There is lack of frog resources in France. If I were French which I am not, but if I were, I would also blame the French Government and ask for foreign help to freedom.


French are traditional whores and easy to buy.


I would never spy for a foreign Country,if i was not happy with the policy of my Goverrnment i would resign and continue the fight.


You can’t speak for another person Maybe by being in NATO command he has seen some sick things happening that have changed him radically. We humans are much more fragile than we tend to believe in our vanity

Tommy Jensen

We can call everything anything.

The traitor clause is personified by the displaced dwarf in the film Sparta. He wants to join the admirable men, but is rightfully dismissed as being in the way in a tough battle. He gets hateful, betray his fellowmen and native land, and cause his own many thousands death, but he gets his 30 shekel and a strong position at his new lord. This is treachery and rightfull condemned to death by law.

Then you have the rightfull cause personified by Snowden, Manny, where you for moral and ethical reasons do whistleblow important information about a sick group of you own, info which can prevent many thousand/million peoples unjustified death. This is morally rightful to do so, but being a messinger is a dangerous job and risks jail.

Both can in principle be called spy in the legal or military system.


another Dreyfus affair in the making. when it doesn’t go according to plan better find a scapegoat quickly. time will tell.

Lux et Veritas

NATO is dead alliance of queers, weirdos, opportunists and now rudderless as the main criminal US implodes.

johnny rotten

It’s the latest trend in the West, suddenly discovering Russian spies in your ranks, lies in Western countries have the conductor, all this synchrony is more than suspicious.

Servet Köseoğlu

well not a surprise..god knows which issue russia wants to steal again..turboprop uav engine,sensors,optics maybe MULTİ-FUNCTİON RADARS WİTH 3D..


Don’t insult intellect ye deplorable dumb facist punk,russian radar allready spotted kweer f35s! jealoust are they cursed bte thy cursed of they cursed,where is your solid evidence punk!


France trying to bignote their eugeddon,more fkn well like it!

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