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French Presidential Election 2017: Nothing Succeeds Like Success. Macron “Selected”. Billionaires and Bankers Rejoice

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Written by Diana Johnstone; Originally appeared at Global Research

There is great rejoicing tonight in places accustomed to rejoicing. The best champagne must be flowing in places that have plenty of it, chez Bernard Arnault, for example, first fortune in France (eleventh in the world), owner among so much else of the newspapers Parisien, Aujourd’hui France and Echos, all fervent supporters of Emmanuel Macron. The glasses should be clinking also wherever the peripatetic billionaire Patrick Drahi finds himself, born in Morocco, double French-Israeli nationality, resident of Switzerland, owner of a vast media and telecom empire, including the epitome of post-May ’68 turncoatism, the tabloid Libération, which ran a headline calling on voters to cast their ballots for Macron a day after the public campaign was legally over.

The list is long of billionaires, bankers and establishment figures who have a right to rejoice at the extraordinary success of a candidate who got elected President of the French Republic on the claim to be “an outsider”, whereas nobody in history has ever been so unanimously supported by all the insiders you can name.

French Presidential Election 2017: Nothing Succeeds Like Success. Macron “Selected”. Billionaires and Bankers Rejoice

There should also be satisfaction in the embassies of all the countries whose governments openly interfered in the French election – the U.S. of course, but also Germany, Belgium, Italy and Canada, among others, who earnestly exhorted the French to make the right choice: Macron, of course. All these champions of Western democracy can all join in gloating over the nonexistent but failed interference of Russia – for which there is no evidence, but part of the fun of a NATOland election these days is to accuse the Russians of meddling.

As for the French, abstention was nearly record-breaking, as much of the left could not vote for the self-proclaimed enemy of labor law but dared not vote for the opposition candidate, Marine Le Pen, because one just cannot vote for someone who was labeled “extreme right” or even “fascist” by an incredible campaign of denigration, even though she displayed no visible symptom of fascism and her program was favorable to lower income people and to world peace. Words count in France, where the terror of being accused of sharing World War II guilt is overwhelming.

French Presidential Election 2017: Nothing Succeeds Like Success. Macron “Selected”. Billionaires and Bankers Rejoice

Surveys indicate that as much as 40% of Macron voters chose him solely to “block” the alleged danger of voting for Marine Le Pen.

Others on the left voted for Macron vowing publicly that they will “fight him” once he is elected. Fat chance.

There may be street demonstrations in coming months, but that will have little impact on Macron’s promise to tear up French labor law by decree and free labor and management to fight it out between themselves, at a time when management is powerful thanks to delocalizations and labor is disorganized and enfeebled by the various effects of globalization.

As Jean Bricmont put it, outgoing French President François Hollande deserves a Nobel Prize for political manipulation.

At a time when he and his government were so unpopular that everyone was looking forward to the election as a chance to get rid of them, Hollande, with zealous assistance from of the major media, leading banks and oligarchs of various stripes, succeeded in promoting his little-known economic advisor into the candidate of “change”, neither left nor right, a totally fresh, new political star – supported by all the old politicians that the public wanted to get rid of.

This is quite an amazing demonstration of the power of “communications” in contemporary society, a triumph for the advertising industry, mainstream media and the billionaires who own all of that.

France was perceived as a potential weak link in the globalization project of eliminating national sovereignty in favor of the worldwide reign of capital. Thanks to an extraordinary effort, this danger has been averted. At least for now.

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Ezwat Binsalah

Sf pls stop supporting rightwing bs-talkers. Look at Trump , we supported him and look how worse things got in Syria.

I live in the Eu i prefer Eu union above anything else rightnow. Ofcourse Eu has its errors , but there is no better choice at the moment.


EU? No, thanks. Nations need to become sovereign again. We did not sign up for a federal European state (United States of Europe) where member states can only engage in faux democracy. And look, let’s not beat around the bush; Merkel is at the helm of this project and is driving it into the ground through uncontrolled immigration and forcing member states to remain part of an economic union that is detrimental to many European countries. Just see how difficult they are making it for Britain to exit.

Pavel Pavlovich

EU souveraine = Charlemagnes Empire.
Eu now = vassal of US-Empire.
France, Germany and other developed nations
would do better to unite and become one
political force, but now they are just pathetic.


I think they should become sovereign nation states who work together. I personally don’t want a federal government that is in charge of multiple countries. Each country has a right to determine what happens in their country themselves. Right now, that is not the case. The EU has incredible amounts of political power over it’s member states.

I certainly agree that, right now, EU member states are pathetic :(

Pavel Pavlovich

Really? You prefer “souvereign” independant states over one big Empire?
Because of what, DEMOCRACY? Even as a (original) Russian I would prefer a stronger, and “truer” EU (even when the fuel for their economy and the reason for their living standard is exploitaton – and not bcs I am myself a bad person).

Also, it would present a perfect opportunity to improve the historically tremulous relationship on a cultural level with France, Italy etc. (I am German citizen).


I am German myself, but live in Ireland. And yes, I would much prefer European states to be independent sovereign states that *work together*. Currently, we are NOT working together, the EU has huge political power and determines lots of aspects of a country’s legislation, laws, regulation, budget, etc. That’s not “working together” — that’s a federal state that’s taking control of it’s member states.
You seem to think that if was the case that, if European countries were independent nation states, that, all of a sudden, European states would descend into chaos and simply hate each other.
*Nobody* in Europe wants that, everyone will still want unity and harmony. All I’m saying is that to get unity and harmony, you don’t need one centralised federal state that determines every countries economic and political processes. In fact, we can already see that that is not working and is causing harm to many EU member states.


With Jews you lose, France is a Judo-Masonic run country, has been for much of its existence since the French revolution.


Yeah, creep do define to us infidels about what the f….. is an “right-winged” bs-talkers, if you can.
Racism, well, as long you can hate white people its OK, and Muslims, huh, but dont say a word about the rapefugees, no, no, but hate the Russians, drool something about Russian Hacking, witch of course is never backed by anything other than an bras fart.
To me, any right-winged one, is an controlled opposition figure, period, that why you will never see me or read anything in sites that is what you think it is, because I know the truth, they are controlled opposition, like the Dutch deuce bag called Wilders.

Trump is an scumbag, period, and an liar, we all know that by now, why regret, I dont do it at all, in fact, like the rat the stupid French people elected, an bankers whore, it will become obvious to an people, like the even dumber Wankees, that this creeps are their enemy, the enemy’s of man.
Ask B. Levy, you little “non rasitic” little creep about what they are doing, with “democratizing the shait” out of African lands, the man whom is behind the rapefugee invasion, and wars in Africa, and of course He is an Joooooo, this is the policy of the present, and will be the policy of the future, the pack of drooling idiots made that happened, but to the apologize for hoping for change, I will never, ever do that. because its NOT us that is the problem, its the Bankers world that is the problem, boy, and the scums they throw some an hand full of silver coins and shining toys.
I know one thing as I tell the right-winged ones when I can, tell me, the basic difference between Right-winged ones and an Communist, if you can.
Both wants total control, and both wants the Gov and Corps to rule the land, aka corporatism witch is the perfect blend of both, since the practical differences is minimal, if any.
But I ges your PC-infested pathetic excuse of an brain-cell have melted.
EU have done what, compare it to what, since we dont have anything to compare it with for 50 years, other than non-EU states whom is still living, whataboutthat, boy, EU is, even I was looking forward in the 80s, but since then what have happened, look to the PIIGSA and tell me, how come country’s like Greece whom didnt have this economic issues, until the landed inside the stinking rotten and corrupt EU, and the same Banks, Goldman Sucks made the present crash an reality an decade ago, and how have EU improved their stand since, boy.
But the answer to this is from the “establishments/right-winged” the pensioners fault, of course.
And nothing else, right.

I dont know what level of knowledge and truth you creeps have, boy, about the present EU, and what happened, since Brexit, witch was the establishments last mistake, they will never do that again, and yesterday “election” proves that.

If you are going to have anything called credibility about whys and hows, you have to specifiy them, not just throw out ignorant rants, just because you believe the bonkers MSM.
In a sense, my synphaty goes to the youths, because you simply lost it, and it will never come back if there isnt anything less than an bloody revolution.
Economic insecurity is another fear porn image pimped hard this days, and then again, ask any Spaniard about what could possibly be worse that what its there as we speak, Portugal.
They use everything, twist everything and since people in-general are stupid what do you expect, when “experts” whom have missed everything for years, whines about effects of whatever Le Pen was intended to implement, like the Brexit, the “experts” wasn’t even close, and the reason is simple, they lie about everything all the time, and stupid people like you dont see it, and most even refuse to acknowledge it and thereby see it, nobody is more blind than those that refuses to see.
The revolution will come, but not for some years since things do take time.

its difficult to keep comments short this days, when the ignorance is massive.
All wars are bankers wars, and right now they got an new lap dancing whore to play with.
Thats an fact.

But, hey, I am just an Russian St.Petersburg Troll, right, wankee.



At limit the EU citizeship it’s sovereign itself. The idea behind the Le Pen election was to defi the elite even those elected. But the CSA and the media had literally betrayed the French people so enslaving on the EU nations will continue except if the French will wake up on June. But this is just a nice dream…
French people are fearing (in order):
1) self image (themselves) because of jewish propaganda
2) their security because of islamic propaganda
3) their whealth because of american propaganda
As you see nobody fears lost of freedom !
These propaganda effects are used almost by the DGSE and it’s partners (like GRU, MI6, DIA, etc) by example) in order to control and ensalve EU populations because of their spartiate model of the wolrd.
Under the ellection pressure the French peoples are constantly push to choose a certain type of deal between theses 3 fears, mostly they are push to drop their whealth for their good image and security. And they obey… I’m sorry but french are highly weak and are dying.
Now let’s see what kind of deal cadidates were offered:
Mme Marine LE PEN : Security and Whealth
M. Jean-Luc MÉLENCHON : Self image and Whealth
M. Nicolas DUPONT-AIGNAN : Security and Whealth
M. Jean LASSALLE : Security and Whealth
M. Jacques CHEMINADE : Security and Whealth
M. François ASSELINEAU : Self image and Security

M. Philippe POUTOU Whealth
Mme Nathalie ARTHAUD Security and Whealth

M. Benoît HAMON : Self Image and Whealth
M. François FILLON : Security
M. Emmanuel MACRON : Self image and Security

So, by these elections the french people shows that they are still able to by Self image instead of whealth.
On the other hand La Peine (sorry, Le Pen) volontary lost this election in order to avoid the parliament hostility this will allow the sovereign movements to gain lager momentum in 2012, beacause as you all see french people are loosing self image apetite : MÉLENCHON gains 3 000 000 voices in 5 years, and Le Pen about 1 000 000.
Don’t forget that Le Pen is fascist but sometimes communist and fascist are alliyng… against Poland (? just a dirty joke).

Let’s see what happens next…

Robert Ferrin

What a joke France has turned out to be cutting off their nose to spite their face, and will in the end get just what they deserve higher un-employment and higher taxes with less benefits..

Real Anti-Racist Action

The globalist Rothschild banker wins, and the anti-war Nationalist looses.
The French people have fully made themselves enemies of all peoples around the world this day.
Every French person is an eminent threat to all human groups, they prop up Zionism around the world.

Free man

You are the most stupid racist I have ever encountered.
How could all the French, Jews, Sunnis, Americans (and I am sure there are others) be evil / enemies of humanity / anti-Christ (as you call them)?
You’re pathetic.


And why would they be Zionists?! I keep seeing people (from both the left and the right) throwing this term around and accusing people of being such, but how does that even make any sense?! Especially when both sides are accusing each other of being Zionists?!?!


Article délibérément malveillant, malfaisant, soutenant Marine Le Pen qui n’est qu’une raciste haineuse, ça pue la désinformation, normal, ce site est russe.

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