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French Leadership Fails To Admit It’s Doing Anything Wrong: A Summary

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French Leadership Fails To Admit It's Doing Anything Wrong: A Summary

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In recent weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as other French officials have lost no time on blaming most (if not all) of France’s problems on various reasons.

These include, but are not limited to: Islamists, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Russian journalists, French pogromists, the post-colonial past.

Notably, a misguided policy of “rescuing” terrorists and these same “former terrorists” organizing “terror attacks” remains unmentioned.

The questionable leadership that led to months of protests in 2019, is also unmentioned.

Regardless, below are some of the complaints by French official in the weeks leading up to November 23rd.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has demanded that Pakistani Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari stop comparing the French President to the Nazis.

The French authorities called the Pakistani official’s statements that Macron’s actions towards Muslims in France resembled what the Nazis did with Jews “shocking” and “offensive”.

The French Foreign Ministry strongly condemned such comparisons and called on Pakistan to immediately “correct” the statements of its minister.

This covered the “Pakistan” above.

Now, for the “Russia” and “Turkey”.

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned, as he put it, “the strategy pursued by Russia and Turkey to incite anti-French sentiment in Africa.” The French leader said this in an interview with the Jeune Afrique newspaper.

According to Macron, “a strategy is at work, sometimes led by African leaders, but primarily by foreign powers such as Russia or Turkey, which are playing on post-colonial resentment.”

“We shouldn’t be naive. Many of those who make the video, who are present in the French-language media, are sponsored by Russia or Turkey.”

The pesky “Russian journalists” next. Not so much French, as French journalists working for “the enemy” – RT.

French police during a demonstration in Paris against the law “On global security”, which prohibits filming police officers, threatened to bring RT France journalist Mériem Laribi to justice.

Police in Paris threatened to bring RT France journalist to justice

After the crowd began to disperse from the Trocadero square, the journalist RT France witnessed the arrest of a woman. The journalist showed her “press” ID, while she did not take pictures.

Then she began filming from a decent distance, without interfering with the work of the police, but a policeman approached her and threatened to bring to justice.

“If you do not leave within 30 seconds, you will be arrested, that is the order,” he said.

Macron wanting to counter “extremism” as the premiere issue of France.

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed to the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) within 15 days to adopt a charter of republican values, including a strict separation of religion from the state and school, specially prepared by the government in the framework of curbing Islamic extremism.

Muslim leaders in France have agreed to establish a National Council of Imams, whose members will receive official accreditation to preach. In the event of a violation of the terms, this accreditation may be revoked.

The charter says Islam is a religion, not a political movement. It also prohibits any foreign interference in the activities of Muslim communities.

On November 18th, at the Elysee Palace, President Macron and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen met with eight CFCM leaders.

“Two principles will be written in black and white [in the charter]: renunciation of politicized Islam and any foreign interference,” a government source told Le Parisien after the meeting.

The meeting also agreed on the formation of the National Council of Imams.

President Macron also announced new measures to tackle what he calls Islamic separatism in France. These will include, among others:

  1. Restrictions on homeschooling and harsher penalties for those who intimidate government officials under the guise of religion;
  2. Assigning an ID number to each child to make sure they are attending school. Homeschooling, currently allowed in France, will be banned from next school year. Parents will face punishment up to six months in prison and heavy fines for violation;
  3. The prohibition on the dissemination of personal data in a way that allows strangers to find a person and harm him.

“We must protect our children from the clutches of the Islamists,” Gerald Darmanin commented on the new bill to Le Figaro on Wednesday. The bill will be discussed at a meeting of the French cabinet on December 9th.

This also appears somewhat in line with Pakistan’s accusation that Macron is treating Muslims similarly to how a Nazi treated Jews back in the day. He stopped short of some sort of marking, mostly cause an ID number is more than enough. Needless to say who else used such a system.

The “pogromists” – a word made popular by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

It is fashionable to have pogromists now, and counter them effectively.

In Paris, a rally held at the National Assembly building on Boulevard Saint-Germain then led to violent clashes, the police used tear gas and water cannons, more than thirty people were detained, 10 were injured.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen then condemned the actions of the “pogromists”, accusing them of exerting “unacceptable pressure” on the deputies considering the law. “We live in a democracy, parliamentarians cannot act under pressure,” the minister said.

At the same time, “deep concern” about the new law has already been expressed by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, to which French human rights activists have applied. Claire Edon, the chief ombudsman of France (Défenseur des droits), also spoke out against the adoption of a measure banning the dissemination of images of law enforcement officers, urging not to accept Article 24. declare that they will keep this measure.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs assured that she was only called to “protect the police and gendarmes” (who in recent years have increasingly become victims of attacks), but “in no case” to limit the right to freedom of speech.

And this came nearly 4 months after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko proposed to mediate the situation between Macron and the Muslims and solve the issue.

After all, “the last dictator” in Europe can’t know anything in order to peacefully coexist with Muslims. And what the French government is doing appears to be working swimmingly.


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Zionism = EVIL

This little Goldman Sachs employee JewCUNT Macron married to his grandmother (to hide his gay status) has turned the less than banana republic France into a moronic joke. The economy is battered, there is social unrest all over and now COVID is running rampant. The froggies are even dumber than the Americunts.

Jens Holm



Frankly speaking, Macron has been a disaster for France at both domestic and international levels.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. Macron is elected because no one else dared to renew by reforms. By protection they were less and less produtive compared to the others, they were with.

You expect fast miracles but it about systems and all over, where they are too much in the past. None can just make that work. And Yes, there will loosers to make winners. REforms often are like that. Thats bad.

But no sountry should pay a lot to people doing absolutly nopthing and fx muslim women not even allowed to do a descent job.

So its very much bortth ways and try to make as few reel loosers and create more jobs or making the companies making more stuf and tax.

GDP says You are ompletly wrong. GDP dont cover licing standards, but for France they are number 23 in the world by making 45.000 dollars each all the lazy bums and the rest. There are 193 countries in the world.

So what do You compar with??? Algeria 11.000 Marocco 8000 Tunis 10000 Nigeria 5.000 Mali 2.400 or what ???

Turkey 27000 Iran 12.000 India 6300 China 17.000 Russia 27.000 or Pakistan 5.200

You just make evil critisme. There is no disaster but some succesfull news activities as well as non succesfull ones.

Concrete Mike

What you call reforms, we call raping the middle.and lower class so the rich get richer.

These reforms will not return manufacturing jobs home! These reforms will not stimilate research and development, they are financial reforms , to socialize the losses and privatize profits.

Anyone who stands for people like that is a fool!

Jens Holm

Parts of that is highly correct. France cant continue to spend more money then they produce and just print more of them. So it lower the expenses, where it spend it and thats welfare for free for the poor.

Its not much not given anymore but its a lot if You add all those people up in franc. France has to decline its living standards.

I cant just say, that higher income has to to be taxed more. They make their jobs by work and dont make the minus.

“These reforms will not return manufacturing jobs home! These reforms will not stimilate research and development, they are financial reforms , to socialize the losses and privatize profits”

Can be partly true, but France has so much protection against EU of many kinds, so investmenrs almost are impossible. When we come witrh normal product we are met by all kinds of delayes and restrictions and we make fusions with each other, which improve productibity and also makes jobs.

So its very much about making an investment climate for the ones outisde, so the market makes ancient jobs go away and create copletly new ones.

And people are not fools and Makron is not a socialist. He makes open kapitalistic reforms instead of protectionisme instead. EU has adviced and even demanded France to try to be more like us(the old EU), where it was – WAS.

Its no defence for rich ones, but when they are taxed harder, they take less chances in making activity and dont look for innovation and chances. They dont.

Those are the ones making the jobs, where most people of my kind work, if You are not a socalworker or something like that.

So I only respect small corners of the yellow wests and Makron do at least some corrections.

Jens Holm

France by Macron keep their sekularisme accoerding their sekularisme. That goes for muslims too.

People not respecting that are enemies of the state and should not be there or in jail.

Even killing people, because they dont have the strange versions, where none has to debate, what they do and needed changes is far out, where I live.

The extra restrictions is forced by Turks and Erdogan as well. We see the difference from France and my country, where we areand were blamed by morons like him for not controlling the press.

The main idea for parlamentarisme is “Parle”. Thats talk and decide about things and very few are tabu and holy. Thats sekularisme in its best, where Christians and Jews also are below Our laws decided and accepted by the people living there – and just as in my country.

Here we fx also say, that old men should not decide, what women should do. Thats doing well. When we educate them in the same way we do with men, they are just as clever as men and its for Young men too. Your restrictions has no use and You hardly can feed Your populations unless the Wahabits with their oil give You donuts. Old men too often live in the past and prefare horses for cars and letters for mail.

…AND we learn children from birth to make more mature decissions in trust as well. They are not kept stuipid by people, where most of them not even has been able to read, whats “written in Islam”.

The no picture is not in Islam. Descent dressing is not better faith. In its best its a try for protecting vomen and children(alos boys) against men, which not are raqised to behave themself.

Raised in Islam and faith is inside heads jsut as faith for ther religions. Sometimes its more like muslims hide their women to protect them, so Allah donty see them too.

One thing is muslims handcuff themself with stupid restrictions based on some strange signs somewhere in Arabistan(or actually it was in Syria), but another is, this is Our culture, which You don respect.

…And Macron is public elected. Most incommers and born muslims are from countires, where they cant choose their leaders and many cant even go back, because Islam systems and the mad economy versions makes none.

Thats the difference from here in West. We also has added n inhabitants, but we can create jobs. So many muslims dont understand, that the French traditions are semilar to Sunni. You has to learn to sing as the birds You are with. And You have the French Sharia as well, where things like religion are number two, because we have something better.

We could not feed those many muslims doing notrhing if We followed Your stupidities. So make those stupidities in othe countries – Pakistan included. Where is Islam taking well caqre of its citicens??? Well copy them or integrate if You want to be here. We didnt ask You to come here and even ISIS sell us the oil we need.

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