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French General Asks: Who Gets Profit From Skripal Case?


On March 20, the “French Army Support Association” published an article of former French General Dominique Delawerde over the Salisbury case. The

Dominique Delawerde – a former officer in the French military from 1959 to 2005 and a graduate of the prestigious military academy of Saint-CyrDominique Delawarde served 8 years abroad including 3 years in the United States. After commanding military units of the Légion étrangère and Mountain Rangers, Delawarde was also assigned to intelligence affairs at a national staff level.French General Asks: Who Gets Profit From Skripal Case?

The text below is an abridged translation of the article to English:

Initially, British researchers stated that the Russian ex-spy Scripal was poisoned in the UK by “Novichok” nerve agent.

This nerve agent became well-known to the audience due to the claims of the Russian military ex-chemist Vil Mirzayanov in 1990s. He published a book «State Secrets» in the USA in 2007, where he provided a few chemical formulas to prove his statements. If this fact is proved, it means “Novichok” is not only originally Russian and can be produced by anyone.

Nobody examined these formulas and OPCW in its 2013 report, summed up that there was no necessary information to announce that “Novichok” even exists.

In 2016, the chef of British Laboratory of Chemical Warfare Agents Doctor Robin Black wrote a science research, in which it was stated “facts of agent presence are almost absent and its composition remains unknown”.

It means that in the Scripal poisoning case, British researchers could identify the agent, which composition was unknown for its own laboratory specializing in this sphere.

Firstly, it could be an unclear case. The hectic media behavior subordinated everything. British politicians with the help of media launched a blame campaign against Russia for “this attack against Britain” and expelled 23 Russian diplomats, but they refused to show the agent’s samples. What for this security?

“If they [Russia] had wanted to take Skripal down, the Russian special services would have done it properly, at the appropriate time and the body would never have been recovered,” adds General Delawarde. In sum, the Skripal case could be a “manipulation attempt” and if ridicule killed, British Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson would no longer belong to this world”, Domonique Delawarde concludes.

Russian trace disappears in this situation: no motive, a bad time for execution, a bad workout.

By contrast, we can’t eliminate the case that it could even be maphia’s attempt (it is rather violent at present in Europe).

Considering, the media and politician’s anti-Russian attitude we have become a manipulation object. Thus, tensions between the EU and Russia are increasing. The anti-Russian sanctions could grow up until a military contraction.

What states could have reasons to act in a such way?

First suspected is Israel. Numerous visits Netanyahu aimed to let go Syria and Iran haven’t persuaded Putin. So, it was needed to increase pressure on Russia. Due to a big expat and “sleeping spies”, Israel has a big influence and capabilities in the worldwide.

The USA also have their reasons for Russia to take the responsibility. Two great world powers at the international scene stand against. The alliance of Russia and Iran, good relations between Turkey and Russia lead to the American loss of control in the Middle East. The U. S. want to block the approach between Russia and the EU and the construction of the gas pipeline “North Stream 2”.

The UK could do that in own interests or in the interests of some other country. The Israeli ambassador in London has powerful links and influences within British media. In addition, the UK is a loyal American ally and it couldn’t refuse to help.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May uses the Skripal poisoning to increase pressure on Russia. So, it is impossible to exclude the British involvement in this case.

 What is the consequence?

New anti-Russian sanctions will be interposed that will increase the hole between Russia and us, but it will satisfy the USA. The anti-Russian attitude of our political elite will spread in the international community.

The EU will “fire in its leg” realizing the loss of its position in a great state. The USA legislation in the worldwide will enhance the influence.

We will lose Theresa May, Foreign Secretary Boris Jonson and Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Wiliamson. I hope, in the near future the French authorities will follow the British one, as they also are quite influenced by fakes.



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