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French Forces To Establish Military Base In Western Raqqah – Media

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French forces deployed in Syria in the framework of operations of the US-led coalition are reportedly preparing to expand its military infrastructure in the country and to establsih a new base in western Raqqah.

Farsnews reports (source):

French military plan to set up a security base in Western Raqqa that is under the control of the US-backed militias, a militant-affiliated news website reported on Saturday.

Smart news reported that the French Forces paid a visit to Kandal Field in Western Raqqa in Northeastern Syria that is under the control of Washington-backed militias.

It further said that the French forces left their base in the town of Manbij in Northern Aleppo to set up a security base in western Raqqa, adding that almost 140 militias will go under intelligence- security trainings under the French forces’ supervision.

Meantime, other reports said the French are running talks with ISIL in Eastern Syria.

The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website quoted militant-affiliated sources as disclosing that the talks between the French forces and the ISIL meant to reach an agreement for the release of 5,000 captives in ISIL’s jails, adding that the French forces, in return, would insure the ISIL terrorists’ safe evacuation from the villages and towns of Hajin, Albu Hassan, al-Sha’afa, al-Shouseh and al-Baqouz in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

Based on the agreement, the ISIL would be relocated to Abu Hamezeh and Tal al-Shayer regions in Southeastern Hasaka near the border with Iraq.

Also, both sides agreed to continue talks over the release of 620 women and children who are family members of ISIL militants that are in the Kurdish fighters’ custody.


According to Turkish sources, the French military already have at least 5 facilities in the northern part of of the war-torn country. All these facilities are establsihed in the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The SDF is a coalition of US “partner forces” dominated and de-facto controlled by Kurdish militias.

French Forces To Establish Military Base In Western Raqqah - Media

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If the reports about a new French facility in western Raqqah are confirmed, Paris will have 6 facilities in the country.

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Fact is any Tom Dick and Harry country in the world can set up bases in Syria . …. no complaint from Assad anyway. So it is free game.

Wait until it is too late when those coalition forces build up enough forces to kick out Russia or even Iran not to say SAA….

Wait and see.

Brother Ma

Maybe. Yet i want to shit on the heads of the “Coalition”invaders to be fought and exterminated by all patriot Syrians and i am not even Syrian!

Tom Tom

they got permission from U.S.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Hey the US are uninvited and on the list of GTFO as is other uninvited guests like Turkey and Israel is, since many have overstayed their welcome.


What permission? They are russians western partners. This is permission.

Ruskies had always weakness for french.


As long as even single Israeli terrorist, ISIS and SDF exist in this world then forget about peace in this world. Second those that support Israeli terrorists, ISIS and SDF will die soon.

As long as even single US, UK and French army soldier present outside US, UK and French border then forget about peace in this world. Second these soldiers will not survive for longer anymore.

Brother Ma

France has just put a target on its back for every loyal Syrian to shoot to kill. Pity ! I actually like France . Yet I expected it .Macron ,that Wall St Zio-Interest candidate would do anything his zioyankistani masters would tell him ; even to the detriment of France!


blablabla……you guys talk about surviving ? look at the shitholes you are living in …Lebanon, Gaza, Syria, Russia etc…..look at your dirt poor countries….your life expectancy…..your economies…there is nothing of value….just hate, violence and despair….who controls the world ? who ??? the West controls the world and if it wants to it can destroy every little piece of you…just look at Russia …its war budget is roughly $66bn….Germany’s (even so they are spending only 1,5% of GDP) spends $44bn…..in the end you are fighting with sticks

Brother Ma

You assume too much cheerleader. Who said i live in a shithole country?figures mean shit! france had the best defence force on paper in both world wars and has been fucked in weeks and defeated. The Us has never won a war on its own yet!

Time to do your homework before you come talking here.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well 90% of all budgets get eaten up by corruption in the Majority of NATO countries so now you know where this money goes. Russia did away with corruption and look at how well they do with the money and deliver the goods at the same time. US needs 800+ Billion to maintain all their bases all over the world, now how much does that leave in the long run for other things. Training costs money more new military equipment costs even more with the corrupt procurement system.

Remember when Dickhead and his buddies stole missiles from Annapolis it was too easy, cakewalk time, it made a nice explosion too!! Really bet they didn’t like it at USNHQ Anapolis when it happened at the time knew operation was to steal them but not to fire one off. I know it wasn’t supposed to be done like that but when base security sucks that bad , you do what you have to do.

Just think how much is actually stolen from US Bases everywhere think of replacement costs when that happens.


US and UK in WW1 and WW2 directly invaded other countries but now US and UK use their spies to assassinate the patriotic politicians of countries and control the governments by their own puppets. US and UK needs more military bases around Russia and China to surrender them.


It seems the French are trying to ease the burden of the US presence in Syria, and it might provide the nucleus for a multinational force to replace American forces.

Brother Ma

Yep. Uncle Sam wants to win the Syrian war down to the last French soldier! Haha!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Blow it up before they even can, do not allow them to keep doing this.


”The Syrian government forces detained 20 Toyota SUVs with Iraqi license plates carrying 60 French military specialists ‘on board’. They simply got lost in Hasakah province on their way to the positions of Syrian Democratic Forces. ”


Dr. Pro Liv

ha ha ha I love it! Frogs are lost !* ” sniper rifles, thermal scans and other special military equipment ” all that will be VERY useful to SAA !


the Syrians in Hasakah should better watch not to get their ass whipped by allied forces and the Kurds around them…..I doubt very much that they will be able to steal the vehicles and equipment….just forget it

Dr. Pro Liv

And WHY on earth would that not be possible?! SAA would get killed if they go on the other side and these here can’t have even their weapons confiscated as prisoners of war?!? WHY?! They have no right to go armed in the SAA war zone… People get firing squad for that by court-martial in every war zone for spying and diversion for something like that. Specially if not in regular uniform’s Fuck the Jihad Toyota’s…snipers and Special Ops equipment are real deal ! Are you Frog? I see your new account veloCRAPTOR is that you? Or you are just regular paid BOT?

Tom Tom

Just forget the CIA/Mossad plan of using Sadam’s Ba’athist military leadership to forge a new Sunni nation out of western Iraq and eastern Syria in Raqqa to serve as a bulwark between the Iranians and the Israeli’s/Saudis. Just forget it.


Some call it Karma….I call them French Fucktards….French Foreign Elistists Special Forces Got Lost…Bwahahaha… they probably held their GPS upside down…wtf…and those guys want a War? Bwahahaha…they can’t even find the way to their encampment… end up as a P.O.W. Because You Got Lost….wot a cuntz


South front who are terrorists PKK? PKK defeat Isis terrorists In the middle east. Struggle against them to save all citizens of Syrian and other regions. Also save Europe USA too, indirectly. Im sure if there wouldn’t be PKK YpG heroes u silly and all silly people would be bombed in ur homes by Isis terrorists. Pls correct this tittle and delete terrorist word. We Kurds are heroes of Middle East and we struggle for human rights. Bijî Kurdistan bijî YPG…


Lol calm down donkey. The picture is from a Turkish website that’s why it says “PKK terrorists”. But commies are trash anyway.

Gavin Allen

Ah yes, PKK are “commies”.. right? LOL.

neil barron

Obviously you never heard them speak in videos of the greatness of their ideals. Commrade Gavin.

Gavin Allen

PKK are heroes, you’re right. But Turks only know how to accuse the rest of the World of their own ludicrous crimes. It’s a cultural thing. Don’t take it personally.


mdr false so SAA and allies and russia and iran defeat isis and no pkk propaganda westmen pkk= sdf = usa=israel= djhadist fsa and hts = isis !!! kurds separatists pro israel!! shut up american zionist!!


Kurds are thiefs of ME.

Promitheas Apollonious

even when you say something right, you sound very wrong, why is that?


It’s just a natural talent of his. Kinda like shit stinks.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes it appears so.

Brother Ma

Bullshit! You had my support whilst you were fighting Turco militia and Isis to free all Syria from invaders. Yet like jackals you betrayed the country that gave you sanctuary from those Turcos.so now you lost my support. May every other loyal Syrian hunt you all down and hang you from the lamposts. Your women and children i would send back to Turcoland where you all belong. After all Turkey are US allies like you. Begone from here dogs!

Oh.. i am not even Syrian!

Ariel Cohen

You chose the wrong horse in the race. By aligning and subjecting yourselves to the Zionazi-US agenda in the ME, you have infuriated Turkey, Iran, Syria, the Iraqi people and Russia. Do you think your benefactors will still be around to protect you when things start to get really rough? Just like they did with South Vietnam, Lebanon and Iraq, the Americans will pull out when they start to suffer intolerable losses and then what are you going to do? You will end up losing more of the land you now claim as your own and many of your people will die needlessly as your giant neighbors seek revenge . .


No you are a bit wrong… Kurds started as Could-Be-Heroes by fighting ISIS in Iraq & Syria… but then the Kurds Betrayed everyone by Helping the United States & IsraHell by adopting their Headchopper Mercenaries in this phoney SDF…‘cause Kurds Dreamed of a Greater Kurdistan with lots of Oil. This is how the Kurds became Traitors…and Saviours of ISIS & All Other Headchoppers… no more being Heroes for them Kurds…they should have chosen better Friends



gays froggies news base withing importance!!!


Mmmh…Not all French eat frogs and not all French are gays, you could get mislead buddy.:)… But indeed, French do not have nothing to mess in Syria


From me french citizen: France go home! .


Well, this should ensure neither pro-government nor pro-Kurdish forces get any bright ideas in that area … The deal allegedly being discussed between the French and ISIL isn’t outside the realm of possibility, but someone should make sure the French know NOT TO NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

Joe Dokes

Daesh is holding 5000 Kurdish civilians hostage. If the price of their freedom is letting them run away it is small.


I understand, but there have been cases where prisoner exchanges only encouraged terror cells to kidnap. It’s always a source of controversy, such as in Israel right now the official policy is that they will negotiate with any terrorist supporter as long as they don’t have blood on their hands. I think it best to simply stall ISIL with negotiations while preparing a rescue operation.

Joe Dokes

You can’t rescue 5000 people spread over several villages without getting hundreds of them killed. The place they are moving to is much more isolated and easier to attack later.


Barking poodle MIcron is trying to (re)create french colonial empire lol. Pathetic buttlicker.

France is not a colonial power any more, they are a colony now.

Joe Dokes

Colony of what? All of the Muslims live well away from the cities in poverty stricken banlieues with no power and no rights. They are treated as refugees.

Ariel Cohen

A colony of the Anglo-Zionazi world empire…where have you been?

Joe Dokes

Reality… France is no friend of Zionists.

Ariel Cohen

France is a hotbed of Zionist activity and control. They don’t always support the actual Zionist occupiers in every decision, but they are solidly in the pocket of the international Zionist JWO . .

Brad Isherwood

Some form of Colonial Sykes Picot where Syria/Assad legally is not respected . UN enforcing none of the UNSCRS ordering Israel to leave stolen Syrian Golan.

Putin may have saved Assad…yet it’s more likely Putin knew the Former Colonials with US would go in and take Syria apart . Putin knew this going in – in 2015. It’s a form of collusion. No one having pipelines accross Syria is Winning for Putin. Putin also is not warm to Iran/IRGC Shia Crescent which is not a real political whatever in Syria. Putin and Netanyahu did cut deals on Syria. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/01/05/theres-a-battle-in-iran-over-the-islamic-revolutionary-guards-corps-business-empire/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.eeb18e386216

Internal Iranian political/Money fight ……IRGC reduced presence in Syria now. Syria Partitioned. .. Iran told to go home.


See you, therefore i dont like putin. And i wrote more then one year ago, that putin follows the amrican plan B, which will split syrian into 3-4 parts. putin is liar, russia is shit, not friend. this was also in with soviets in warsaw pact.

Brad Isherwood

A poster on RI listed off the cost plus reasons why Putin/Russia not contended fully for Syria Sovereignty. Iran’s trickster Offshore banking Mullahs manage Syrian conflict similar,as Iran limited what IRGC could do in Syria…well…Mullahs and Putin. The Cost of babysit/build up the ruined Kurd/Arab East Euphrates. .. It’s like no one wants to face the cost of occupy North Korea. Putin’s paid off Rothschilds/IMF Debt…. had some economic progress vs the old crony crimeski system. Russia Military has made huge progress. …really has the big stick now . The Collusion and compromise with Globalist and Atlanticist is disturbing.

Looks like this horse is maybe spent. Appointing Medviduck for another Term was another punch in the head to everyone who voted for Putin.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Russian Ministry corrected that statement all uninvited troops go home and you know clearly who they are as they excluded Hezbollah and Iran but not Turkey or other NATO countries.Partution can’t be done as both US and France are also signatory guarantors of Resolution 2254 so now they are in a catch 22 violate UN resolutions or quash Kurdistan hopes easy choice support UN resolution and quash the Kurds when they no longer benefit them.

Dušan Mirić

Aggressors! Invaders! Murderers!


Boy you know you pissed off the wrong guy when you get ordered to Syria.


There is encouraging precedent: the Vietnamese beat both the French and the Americans. Of course, Ho Chi Minh didn’t lose his head in rosy dreams of partnership, and instead got on with killing off the invaders in sufficient quantity.

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