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Free Syrian Army Tanks Shell Syrian Army Positions In Daraa (Video)

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On May 27, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) operations room in southern Syria known as “al-Bunyan al-Marsous” announced that a battle tank of the FSA shelled a key position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the district of Sajnah in the southern part of Daraa city.

In response to the attack, the SAA artillery shelled several positions of the FSA in the southern part of Daraa city, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The source said that no civilians were injured as a result of the SAA shelling.

Over the last three days, the FSA shelled several positions of the SAA in Daraa city and in the western al- Suwayda countryside. The FSA even shelled a convoy of the SAA north of Daraa on May 24.

Syrian pro-government activists believe that these limited attacks are aimed at deterring the SAA and its allies, who are planning to launch a large scale military operation in southern Syria soon. The operation will not only target the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sahm (HTS), but also the US-backed FSA, according to the activists.

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Tudor Miron

Very well. They were offered a chance but rats choose to die. They will. Here’s a great piece from Anna news – those guys were risking their lives to show the world the facts on the ground. https://youtu.be/NO16K8eLe-w


Wish ANNA had English subtitles, R&U video put them out later on with english added sometimes.

Tudor Miron

It’s a fresh video. May be they will release one with subtitles later.


That FSA tank is cleaverly disguised as an old rusty metal box.


This is good camouflage ! Nobody will target it because it looks like rusted out wreck. :)

Joe Dirt

Hey Carl! See that there building? It’s still standing, blow that shit up!


That should read “the” tank of the FSA….. the last one left.


Very worrying situation developing in Daraa, as Yanki/Zionist Cabal move to protect ISIS & al Qaeda. http://www.moonofalabma.org/2018/05/syria-us-moves-to-protect-al-queda-and-isis-in-daraa.html Yanki/Zionist/Skum have threatened grave consequences if SAA and its allies move to “destabilise” the never agreed upon ‘de-escalation zone’. Will Russia help enforce UNSC 2249 and 2254 and risk confrontation with Yanki/Zionist/Cabal who want to protect their trained and paid headchopping brigades????


Daraa must be left until ISIS at Deir Ezzor pocket be eliminated totally since its very likely that Israel gives support and protection to her terrorists at the border with Syria-Libano, and this will be a very bloody fight with Israel. I do not think Russia will do more what it has done so far (nothing with respect to Israel attacks).

Icarus Tanović

What a piece of garbage, that tank. Some says that they “painted” ? thing for camouflage reasons. As SAA guys are retarded ones. One thing is clear and obvious: This is a piece of wreckage.


This Free Syrian Army is made by Israel which is consists of Israeli migrants terrorists and is not represent Syrian nation. So this FSA is Israeli gang and is not like Turkish FSA.


In Daraa the Russian defense minister take care of SAA, Tiger forces and Russian forces. That is why the Daraa area is under strict surveillance by Russian aerospace forces to tackle with any surface and air cruise or ballistic missile on time. Israeli migrants uses Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese air for attacks.

So the Daraa area is now completely sealed by the Russian aerospace forces for huge military operation in Daraa Golan Hights.


Isn’t this “Free Syrian BS” now a TURKEY-asset? Somewhere here iby Southfront s a post with “Turkey deploys Free Syrian Army -military Po9lice” And here FSA-tanks shell the Syria REAL Army. And the Russians stay and look, not to anger Erdogan. This Erdogan starts to behave like Bibi Netanyahu..

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