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Free Syrian Army Negotiates “Peace Initiative” With Israel?

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Free Syrian Army Negotiates "Peace Initiative" With Israel?

A rebel fighter of the Southern Front of the Free Syrian Army gestures while standing with his fellow fighter near their weapons at the front line in the north-west countryside of Deraa, March 3, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer

Officials of the so-called Southern Front, the largest of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in southern Syria, denied that they have authorized a Syrian opposition activist Essam Zeitoun to negotiate with Israel on their behalf in order to reach a peace agreement.

The Southern Front said that it is against any negotiations with Israel, and against any proposal that may legislate Israel’s control of the Syrian Golan Heights.

The opposition activist Essam Zeitoun visited Israel last year and participated in a political conference there. Zeitoun announced several days ago a peace initiative between the Syrian opposition and the Israeli government, which includes five items:

  1. Recognition of the State of Israel within the borders of June 4, 1967.
  2. Separate the issue of the Syrian people from other regional issues.
  3. Recognition of all relevant UN resolutions.
  4. Negotiations and courts are the shortest and easiest way to return rights to their owners.
  5. To agree to the Israeli military and security control over Golan Heights within a specific time-line.

Opposition commanders in southern Syria , Major Issam al-Rayes, Abu Osama al-Julani, and Maan Abdul Salam have denied any involvement in the initiative, and several opposition sources condemned the initiative, which serves Israel’s goals. It seems that even after 6 years of the  war, the Syrians are still agreeing that Golan Heights are Syrian territory and Israel occupies them.

Several pro-government sources had previously said that Israel’s relationship in Quneitra countryside is mainly with al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and not the FSA, from which large groups had defected in 2013 and joined the National Defense Forces in Khan Arnaba due the FSA and the Al Nusra Front relationship with Israel .

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What a waste of time. Its just more Grandstanding by terror gangs who need the support of the US and the zionist thieves .

Jens Holm

As I read it, they might agree about not liking people like You.

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