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Free Syrian Army Launches Advance Against ISIS In Eastern Qalamoun


Free Syrian Army Launches Advance Against ISIS In Eastern Qalamoun


Last night, the Free Syrian Army’s Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo Forces launched an offensive against the ISIS terrorist group in the eastern part of the Qalamoun Mountains in the Rif Dimashq province.

The Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo Forces seized several points in the al-Afai Mountain and clashes are still ongoing in the area.

The Martyr Ahmad al-Abdo Forces is a militant group affilated with the Free Syrian Army’s Southern Front, a militant coalition which operates in southern Syria.




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  • Kim Jong

    Terrorists against terrorists.

  • VGA

    They got backstabbed when attacking Daraa, the absolute scumbags. Now fight against ISIS and get rid of the Israel-supported beheaders at least. Do something good for Syria one fucking time in your pathetic lives.

    • Thegr8rambino

      lmao i love it

    • Kirov

      let those rats kill each other at least

  • Spunkyhunk

    Why are FSA and ISIS still allowed to be in Qalamoun at all? This is a small area sandwiched between Syrian government-controlled territory and Hizballah-controlled Eastern Lebanon – why is this pocket still not being cleaned out after all this time?

    • Toni Liu

      Those fsa and isis just hide behind sunni population in lebanon when they got crushed, but if syria elite forces leave the area and left ndf forces guarded area, they attack again and regain control again, and repeat until syria and lebanon agreed to tighten their border