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Free Syrian Army Further Advances Against ISIS In Syrian Desert

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Free Syrian Army Further Advances Against ISIS In Syrian Desert

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Ussoud Al-Shatkiah [one of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups backed by the US] captured the Al-Alyaniyah area, east of the “abandoned military base” in the Syrian Desert, according to pro-militant sources.

ISIS launched an offensive from Al-Alyaniyah on the Al-Tanf crossing on April 8, although they killed a high number of FSA  militants, the attack failed after US forces joined the battle.

The Syrian army is currently in control of the Western Kassarat area and the al-Seen airbase. The government countrol area reaches Al-Dumeir and Al-Otaiba airbases.

The SAA has already launched an operation to seize control of the Palmyra-Al-Seen highway to prevent the FSA fighters from breaking the siege on Jaish Al Islam militants in Eastern Qalamun developing the advance further in the Syrian Desert.

According a FSA source (link), in the coming weeks Syria will witness a start of the widely expected military operation supported by US-led coalition forces and a direct participation of some Jordanian and US forces. The operation will aim to capture the Syrian Desert all the long to the strategic town of Al-Bukamal at the Iraqi-Syrian border.

These forces will reportedly work on destroying the Al-Khalid Army, a part of ISIS in the western Daraa countryside. The source argued that the US-led coalition will provide an air support to FSA forces in the Syrian Desert. FSA groups that will particiapte in the operation are the Army of Al-Asha’er, Ussoud Al-Shatkiah Army, and Maghawir Al-Thawra Army .

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SAA must reach Iraq border before FSA, hooe that Russia will do something

Bill Wilson

That could take years, considering their snail-paced advances in that region.


right aftterwards Syrian and or Eussians ,Iraqi and or Iranians should send swarm of cruise missles and or bomb em back to Jordan


Make the tops of US arab terrorist coalition tanks pop off like a cork


FSA not moderate
these are not the SAA defector
pint the green and black red

Solomon Krupacek

after 1 year of my permanent critics the SAA began to think


too late, morons!


And what should they have done better?

Solomon Krupacek

took road 90 after first victory in palmyra. the withrowal of army could happened via road 90 and not the same with to quayratayn.


I like the idea of FSA and ISUS fighting for worthless desert terrain.
Do you think that weak FSA can take Busari crossroads and hold it?
SAA airstrikes will say otherwise.

Jens Holm

It might not be as wortless as You think. There are 2 good long roads as well as almost direct contact to saudi and jordan for supply.


Damn that arab in front looks badass LOL, like an arab rambo hahaha. So dark skinned these, they dont look syrian at all!


This sounds like the hype of the NSA, supposedly the new liberators.

Turned out to be a group of islamists, US lacking in support during operations and they were wiped out by IS.

They also had Jordan and UK support. Will the US ever learn?

They have a sound tactical base in the SDF and should forget the rest as their position in the south and east is too weak and in the north the FSA is just another name for Jihadi Islamists.


were do they get food in a destoyed country?


The country is not completely destroyed so they still grow their own food, however most of the food aid packages to the newly liberated areas are provide by the Russians.


i was refering to the militants – terorists…were do they get food all this time?


It would be the second time they try to conquer Al-Bukamal from Tanf. The previous time it was a disaster.

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