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Free Syrian Army Establishes Operation Room To Capture Manbij From US-backed SDF (Video)

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On December 24, Free Syrian Army (FSA) units from the city of Manbij in northern Aleppo announced in an official statement that they had formed an operation room to capture Manbij from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Free Syrian Army Establishes Operation Room To Capture Manbij From US-backed SDF (Video)

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Only three days later, several FSA units conducted a hit and run attack against the SDF around Manbij, according to Syrian opposition sources. The FSA managed to kill several fighters of the SDF and captured four others during the attack.

Local sources from Manbij said that most civilians inside the city are currently against the SDF, especially that the Kurdish-dominated forces are determined to force the locals to join their units under to a new local law adopted few weeks ago by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political wing of the SDF.

The FSA may continue to conduct hit and run attacks against the SDF around Manbij in the upcoming days. However, it’s very unlikely that Turkey will allow the FSA to launch a real military operation to capture the city that remains under a direct protection of the US-led coalition.

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TFSA has to do something to stop bleeding defectors from their ranks into SDF/MMC. The last say 1.5 month some 400 and their families.

Without Turkey to support them, TFSA would have been wiped out long ago.


SDF are paying better. (USA taxpayers’ money lol)


In fact, as you should have known, YPG and YPJ do not pay at all (maybe with an exception when an YPG member is having a family so support?).

As for the other components of SDF, I have no knowledge at all on whether they pay or not.

Jim Martin

The Turkish regime keeps sending up “trial balloons” about attacking SDF areas to gauge the reaction of the Americans and Russians

Now they are setting up a “operations room”. Why not set up a room in their parents basement to watch TV, movies and video games and figure out if their parents or Erdogan will provide the snacks?

One foolish comment after the other for people who have no business messing with one of the very few places in Syria that actually work. To them I say “go home, mind your own business. The locals do not want you there either messing up the works


Never go full retard

Moussa Saab

They strike again!

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