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Free Syrian Army Disbands 180 Fighters Previously Deployed In Al-Tanaf Area – Report


Free Syrian Army Disbands 180 Fighters Previously Deployed In Al-Tanaf Area - Report


On November 18, the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group, Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra, disbanded 180 of its fighters who had been serving in the US-led coalition garrison in the area of al-Tanaf, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, the pro-Syrian opposition news website Enab Baladi has reported.

First lieutenant Abu al-Atheer al-Khabouri, spokesman for Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra, told Enab Baladi that the fighters were disbanded due to their misbehavior. Al-Khaburi said that all the fighters handed over their weapons and received 2,000$ before leaving al-Tanaf towards the Rukban refugee camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Some Syrian opposition activists said that the Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra decision is a part of the ongoing preparations to hand over the al-Tanaf base to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) within a deal between the US and Russia.

However, the pro-opposition Hammurabi’s Justice News claimed that a source from the US-led coalition had told it that the decision was taken “due to the successes against ISIS in southern Syria”. The source also said that the decision is part of the US-led coalition effort to make the FSA “more professional & agile as the security situation changes”.

The US-led coalition base in al-Tanf lost all of its strategic value after the SAA and its allies reached al-Bukamal city on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Due to this, there is a chance that the US-led coalition might be considering to close down the base in the near future.



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  • Vince Dhimos

    Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra (Revolutionary Commandos) was once called the Free Syrian Army (Jaysh Suriyah al-Jadid) until they were discredited by involving themselves in brutal activity. Only the name has changed, but the US initially pretended they were brand new and spotless. It was this group that tipped off the US to the presence of Syrian-Iranian troops near Al-Tanf, which were then shot up by the glorious USAF. But all these disgusting actions chip away at what is left of US prestige.

    • Brother Ma

      Its a joke how often these cutthroats change their names on the advice of their zioyanqui public relations advisers.

      Im still laughing and angry that a few weeks ago their leader was given a haircut and shave and dressed in a suit and he gave a press conference and released a press statement. Fucking insects!

  • alex spov

    An all out real civil war In israHELL against zionists , not a staged proxy foreigners-terrorists’s from overseas abroad civil war , a real civil war against zionists in israHELL to liberate arab Palestine from zionists’s occupation is immenent underway !

  • Serious

    Poor sunnis. They like more money than their religion or countries. And they don’t understand why they are defeated everywhere.

    Very weak people.

    And USA is cynically using their stupidity to advance their agenda.

    • Vince Dhimos

      The Iraqi PMU is a very good group, will integrated, with Sunnis, Shia, Christians and Yazidis. Lebanon is a fairly even mix of Sunni, Shia and Christian. Like the old Syria under the Assads, there is a high degree of harmony there. Most Sunnis are peace loving. Almost all Indonesians are Sunni. We never hear about them because they hardly cause any trouble.

  • Serious

    2000 dollars to disband. XD.

    No will, no conviction, no goals.

    • SG

      They’re probably in just a hurry to leave, they’ve had enough and don’t believe in what they were fighting for. $2,000 USD will probably cover their travel expenses + meals and comfortable hotel booking.

      • Serious

        They have fought for nothing just the destruction of their country. I expect nothing from humans but everyday I see that they can dig deeper into shit.

    • testera

      Actually, stayin’ alive with $2000 is a greatest goal that anyone there has achived.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      Not sure if they had an option. . .

  • Ivanus59

    Indeed the only purpose of that terrorist-held area around Al Tanf is to keep Syria and Iraq separated, but after Deir Ezzor – Al Bukamal – Baghdad highway is secured, then Al Tanf will be completely useless.

  • Tudor Miron

    This actually looks like redeployment of this moderate headchoppers elsewhere.

    • Brother Ma

      You are right.wasnt refugee camp rukban just over border in jordan and wasnt jordan army shooting up these c@nts to get them out of jordan ,as they wanted good relations with syria again?

  • Axis of Resistance

    Hammurabi’s (((Justice))) News

    People actually take that account seriously?

  • Thegr8rambino


  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    The US is in Syria Illegally.

    That makes ALL US troops there Illegal Combatants. . .

    Syria has full International Legal rights to drive them out or Kill them.

    • alejoeisabel

      There is no such thing as “illegal combatants”. It makes them invaders, plain and simple.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        Most “Invaders” are also Illegal Combatants.

        Like in Iraq, the US has:
        1) not been invited in by the Syrian Government
        2) not about to be attacked by Syria
        3) not had a UN resolution authorising them to attack or invade Syria

        These three make any US troops in Syria Illegally. . .

        If they are troops, they are Combatants. . .

        Therefore, the people that the US has sent to invade Syria are “Illegal Combatants”.

        The US Soldiers only way out of the mess is to Refuse to Obey the blatantly Illegal US Military orders to be in Syria and remove themselves from Syria immediately.

    • Brother Ma

      Us shits on international rights and law. That is the problem.

    • Vince Dhimos

      Unfortunately, the US has always been in a position to define international law. The motto: might makes right. But there is a new sheriff in the Middle East now and the economic balance is also shifting. If China manages to persuade KSA to accept yuan for its oil, the USD will drop like a stone along with US power.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        Lets hope that a truely Multi Polar world will remove the US Terrorism from around the world.

        I keep on imagining what could happen in the world if the Trillion dollars spent on arms each year was invested in Solar energy, building infrastructure and making peoples lives better.

        It is a Massively wasted resource.

  • alejoeisabel

    Soon, Syria can recover the stolen Syrian Golan Heights. The SAA can just march through its own territory illegally occupied by Zionist Israel.