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Free Syrian Army Commanders Visit Washington – Reports

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Free Syrian Army Commanders Visit Washington - Reports

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Syrian opposition outlets revealed on January 6 that several commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are currently in the US capital, Washington, to meet with US officials. The visit was not officially announced by the US or any FSA group.

Head of the Political Office of the Mu’tasim Brigade, Mustapha Sejeri, told the Syrian pro-oppositions news outlet ANA Press that the visit is aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the FSA and the US.

Sejeri also revealed that fighting “the Iranian influence in Syria” was the main topic during the meeting between the two sides. The Mu’tasim Brigade official also stressed that the FSA is ready to fight Iran in Syria with support from the USA.

Moreover, Sejeri said that other points were discussed with the American side including foiling the upcoming National Syrian National Dialogue Conference that will be held in the Russian city of Sochi on January 29. The two sides also discussed the outcomes of Geneva Talks, according to Sejeri.

Via Twitter, Sejeri revealed more details and claimed that the FSA and the US also discussed countering the influence of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in eastern Syria. Sejeri’s statement was a shock to many Kurdish activists as the Kurdish dominated force is the main ally of the US in Syria.

“God willing, our presence in Washington will not only be a reason to end the control of your terrorist militias [SDF] on our regions, but will also be the beginning of the end of the Iranian presence on our soil, and the failure of the treachery conference in Sochi,” Sejeri tweeted in response to a Kurdish activist who criticized the FSA commanders’ visit to Washington.

The FSA visit to the US was criticized by many Syrian Kurdish activists, with some even accusing Washington of betraying the Kurds because the US never invited any SDF officials to Washington.

Meanwhile, Syrian pro-government activists viewed the visit as another attempt by Washington to destabilize the situation in Syria and reignite the war that slowed down after the de-facto defeat of ISIS.

The visit was the first since the war broke out in Syria in 2011. However, many US official including Senator John McCain and former US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford had met with FSA commanders inside Syria on several occasions.

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Well seems like Iraq and Iran freedom fighters that later on gets residence in USA. Nothing new.


FSA are Sunni jihadists , so no Iranian , but maybe Iraqi .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Leaders of the FSA are generally foreigners so there shouldn’t be any visa problems.

Samuli Suominen

FSA is State-Sponsored (by US, Israel, and radical Sunni states like Turkey and KSA) Terrorist Organization They are NOT freedom fighters, as they are radical Sunni Extremists, mostly following Wahhabism, Salafism Freedom fighters DO NOT kill everyone that don’t agree with their views

Cheryl Brandon

Frauds Serving America.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The euphemistic term for terrorist is “Freedom Fighter” MEK were the ones whom attacked the US embassy in Tehran , just like Al Qaeda/Israel attacked the Twin Towers and blew them up, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, they are friends. So in order to be a friend of the US you need to attack them and terrorize and kill it’s citizens, sounds about right.

Cheryl Brandon

The JEWS/CIA/Mossad/Bush/Military and FBI committed the crime against Americans, just to start off the attack on Arab peoples in the Middles East.3,000 American died to give them a filmsy excuse to destroy whole countries.


I like it how syrian citizens are not allowed inside USA but FSA commanders fly to Washington no problems


At this moment all Muslim states face many serious challenges from Trump and his terrorist organizations. Trump will provide full support to any terrorist organization that stand against any Muslim government in the Middle East to kill nation and destroy state defenses and economy. Therefore, I see that Israel, ISIS, HTS (Al-Qaeda), FSA and SDF/YPG organizations support Trump terror agenda and they are true Terrorists. Palestine, Yemen, Syria and Iraq etc are in serious trouble now. Only the all Muslim states unity can save them from their common enemy that is Trump.

Cheryl Brandon

Indeed; Syria/Iraq and Iran woke up to this fact a long time ago?

Cheryl Brandon

They only allow terrorists/ their hired henchmen; Normall law abidding people are not allowed.


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Theresa Stroud

Stupid! They have come to nogotiate peace, not annihilate us.


SDF is a USA puppet. They went to USA to receive orders and indications how to proceed to keep north part of Syria as SDF territory.


In USA? I thought the war is in syria… FSA commanders are a much bigger threat to “You” than peaceful citizens from the banned countries


well Kurds are divided now!


It would be best for FSA, SDF, sunnis and shias to open their eyes and see who their common enemy truly is, manipulating and playing them against each other. The US has no other aim than pointless war and killing, after which they will attack both the weakened SDF and FSA. As long as war is in Syria, all is well in Washington.

Samuli Suominen

Indeed. Even if it’s not US’s first inclination, after US’s pro-Israel lobby gets their say in the matter, it will be exactly like that, they couldn’t care less about the people in states surrounding Israel, they only care about if they are their allies (like Jordan and Egypt), and if not (like Lebanon and Syria), spread max amount of havoc as long as they can so the state needs extremely long time to recover and meanwhile, it won’t be a threat to Israel It’s very cold calculating math

Cheryl Brandon

The Frauds Serving America is still in cloud cuckooland!

Samuel Boas

I am getting a flashback here, Reagen with the Taliban leaders.

Alejandro Bonifacio

it looks like if the mexican narco leaders visit washington, nothing has changed

Langaniso Mhlobo

USA is busy with division of Syrians and destabilizing of Syria.Creating new terrorist proxies to infiltrate Iran and sabotage.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This just shows the Kurds who is trying to look out for them,but Kurds may think and know less they all but blindly believe the US, even when they sold out the Kurds to Saddam, then again to Maliki. Many among the SDF know the value of the Kurds to the US,which is very little.The US knows the UN would never see them as a legitimate entity in the region as it would have to be predominantly Arab to prevent any issues. These things the US knew well before hand and just needed a blanket to hide their intentions and continue their actions illegally in Syria without too much uproar from the UN. The US must thank this blanket as they are going to use it in an coup attempt in Turkey , while expending the Kurds lives there and cleaning up afterwards.

Bohuslav Vorel

There are three real players in Syria – Assad, Erdogan and Ilham Ehmed. You are underweighting syrian apoists.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You think the Kurds are in these regions where they are protesting, problems occurred in the region of the SDF and the ISIS were released to by the YPG and they started arresting Syrian Arabs because the US base was attacked. This was expected of actions by the Russians but never really happened but did happen with the US as this is how they are everywhere in the world with their bases. Those type of actions endure people to them very well and without the US ,the Apoists are without any help.

I did take into account all of them and see the only one with support is Assad the last is what you call an also ran,Erdogan just lacks the credibility aand could lose Turkey in the coming chaos and he will need friends against these Apoists supporters in the coming times.


Putin’s SERVILE attitude to the USA (witness Russia’s recent actions in the UN backing almost every American action) emboldens Trump’s puppet masters. So of course they feel free to fly terror leaders from Syria to meet senior American politicians, generals and other elites.

Go watch the little seen Tom Cruise movie “American Made”. It covers a similar project around the time of Ronald Reagan that used terrorists and criminals to target South American nations that dared to have people-power governments.

Putin’s terminal weakness is causing another round of mega-extreme sanctions to hit Russia later this year. So bad is the terror in Russia, a major Russian bank has already stated it won’t do business with Russian state defence industry companies. And gutless Putin has done NOTHING over Britain’s MI6 project to boot Russia officially out of the Winter Olympics.

An Empire Power that refuses to act like an Empire Power will be bullied by other Empire Powers without mercy. Yet China so desperately wants to partner with a strong forceful Russia on the world stage. But Putin won’t allow Russia to rise to such a partnership. So the USA dominates the globe.

Russia tries to fool itself into thinking Trump is ‘good’ for them- yet Putin allowed newly elected Trump to be co-opted by the zionists and made into a Clinton-lite. Trump is being given the full-on Reagan treatment, with the mocking and discussion about his mental health. We now know why they did this with Reagan- who got TWO terms, remember, and was a people’s president like Trump.

Ronnie Reagan was sold a simplistic view of world affairs by his handlers, resulting in the ‘star wars’ weapon programs. The recent FAKE protests in Iran (that cost so many of the West’s intelligence assets) were staged to likewise backup a simplistic view for Trump’s benefit.

Yeah, Trump sees how things are in Syria- big deal, that play is over in its major form. Now Syria is another opportunity to stick needles in Russia’s side, cos weak Putin won’t bite the bullet and throw the Americans out. So Trump is told to rejoice in small scale cancerous anti-Russian activity there- killing a Russian or two each week. Standard Cold War cr-p.

The real problem, as always, is zionist controlled Putin, and Putin’s refusal to put on his big-boy pants and properly lead an EMPIRE POWER. America thusly remians unchallenged, and thusly free-wheels across the planet. Even a non-malicious America under these circumsatnces would be a growing menace. But the Deep State is wholly evil and exploits Putin’s many flaws to the max.


Al Awsat is reporting US is getting ready to formally recognise Northern Syria federal state within Syria, pouring money into reconstruction there.

Furthermore, it has been long known that US would like SDF strengthened by some FSA groups joining SDF and relocating to their former bases in Raqqah and DeZ.

They refused earlier and SDF unlikely to hand anything over to them now. They stick with allied arabs from that region and with individual FSA fighters that defected by the hundreds to them. But maybe one or two FSA groups from Idlib will go to SDF once SAA nears.

Eskandar Black

Is that so, US is going to recognize a state in Syria, LOL. Where US is present illegally? A federal state of northern Syria to mean the Kurdish entity? or the al Qaeda jihadist nest of vipers in the north west? Is this just one of your jihadist fantasies? I think so.


If you had read my comment in its entirety, you would have noticed I refer to an article in Al Awsat.

It would be like Russia vs the Moldovan break away statelet where a Ru unit has been stationed, South Ossetia and Abchazia. UAE is or has been building a naval base in the unrecognised Somaliland. And more to be found. So not a first indeed.

Eskandar Black

Its possible, I guess, anything is possible. But I think first Assad take idlib, kill what is left of your friends, then assad take afrin and manbij, and kill disloyal terrorists pretending to be oppressed groups to engineer new fake countries.

Igor Dano

hey got airlift directly from battle field.


Which battle field ? SDF is collaborating somehow with ISIS, and they are pretending fighting for something.

Cheryl Brandon

Fiends Serving America! America always let down Arabs/always support JEWS; They better know that from start; There will be no 1005 support from Kurds some of whom prefer to be friendly towards the elected government. The Jews and Washington are ANTI ARABs so, they expect to be stung by those Washington Neo Con JEWS once again!! hehehe

Doom Sternz

So Washington is discussing with terrorists the end of any peace talks in Syria. Nice………….

Meanwhile the war will go on and many more will perish………………..

The US is at war with Iran, they are just fighting it in Syria. Just like the US at war with Russia, they are just fighting it in Ukraine. Just like the US is going to war with China, they will just be fighting it in North Korea.


The good news was to confirm,Trump is like small child,retarded…

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