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Free Syrian Army Claims Two Russian Soldiers Were Killed In TOW Hit (VIDEO)

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Free Syrian Army Claims Two Russian Soldiers Were Killed In TOW Hit (VIDEO)

The Free Syrian Army’s Central Division claimed on Tuesday that its militants had been able to strike a group of pro-government fighters near the town of Khattab in northern Hama with a US-made TOW missile. The strike allegedly resulted in killing of 2 Russian soldiers.

The video of the TOW strike is below but it does not allow to estimate its impact. Indeed, it looks like the missile hit the barrier.

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I am so tired of hearing that “Allahu snackbar” shouting.

Aleks Black

I just think of it as viral marketing for the finest snackback in the middle east, the allahu’s snackbar, explosive marketing campaign.


The time to cleanse Earth of the muhammedan filth is near.


its not allahu snackbar correct one is Aloha snackbar,

Simon Abruzzo


william serrahn

That’s an American missile albeit sourced through the evil Saudis.

John Whitehot

total bullshit. it hit below the sand barrier, on the small hill. Moreover, the targeted men had spotted the missile (something kinda exceptional) and dived under the sandbags cover.
Once again the ragheads videos prove that they are intellectual prostitutes.


Yeah the thin jet of molten copper may have penetrated but is unlikely to have caused any injury unless someone was directly in its path, the main force of the explosion was directed back and upwards, maybe a few sore ears, haven’t seen many of the Syrian made Tow dazzlers around lately unfortunately https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1e5_1455899668&comments=1

John Whitehot

the HEAT jet penetrating the ground below a fortified position does not really do anything. The main force of the explosion is directed only forward: that’s the way this kind of weapon defeats armor (there could be some exceptions in some top attack missile where the warhead is oriented under the longitudinal axis of the weapon, but not the TOW-2s employed in Syria).

HEAT weapons disable tanks because the part of the jet that “survived” penetration expands inside the vehicle, but outside confined spaces it does little more than blasting some sand away.
HEAT warheads were developed back in WW2 because solid shots rarely caused the destruction of tanks with a single hit.

Generic historians tend to place much importance on the “penetration” aspect of the subject “gun vs armor”, and tend to overlook the subsequent, but at least as much as important aspect of destructive effect, the “stopping power”.

HEAT weapons were the solution to a problem that was brought up with the first experiences of tank vs tank combat: imagine a tactical situation where a tank successfully ambushes another, it hits it point blank only to see its AP shot going through the turret leaving nothing but a round hole, but also becoming target for retaliation as the firing revealed its presence and location to the enemy crew.

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