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Free Syrian Army Claims Downing Of Syrian Warplane And Helicopter In Damascus Desert

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Free Syrian Army Claims Downing Of Syrian Warplane And Helicopter In Damascus Desert

© Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov

According to pro-militant sources, the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) has downed a warplane and a helicopter belonging to the Syrian Armed Forces in the Badiyah area in the Syrian desert.

However, pro-militant sources have not been able to provide photos or videos of the downed warplane and helicopter. Meanwhile, pro-government sources have denied the militant claims.

The FSA has also claimed that it has counter-attacked against government forces in the Um Ramam area and nearby points. Clashes are reportedly ongoing in the area.

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Nigel Maund

Let’s see the evidence! Hope the SAA smash the FSA as they’re nothing other than US puppet – proxies. They deserve a damn good thrashing to demoralise them.


Much better then the Russian trash. Whom the russians are actully fighting and not themselves.

Assad, Iran and Hezbullah lost the war pre-Russia against the rebels. This is a fact


Well, they are kicking their butts now and pretty hard too, sparks are flying off in all directions and that’s a fact.

Justin Ryan

They were aided by the United States military, funded by Saudi Arabia and patched up by Israel!
So, were they losing, yes but when Russia came in, they started winning AGAINST Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Jordan!

Sooooo how do u like them apples?

If it wasn’t for USA and friends helping them, it wouldn’t even be close! This war would have taken them 6 months tops!


lmao if any of these you mentioned had intervened this battle would have been over. In fact it was on the other side.

The US, and the others mentioned did nothing except sending second hand weapons light except the TOW being good. Russia is directly fighting tho and that is a huge difference while the AMERICANS AND the kurds had to remove ISIS for them

Justin Ryan

US warplanes just shot down and bombed SAA!
US sent 59 cruise missiles
Israel has been bombing SAA positions
Saudi Arabia funds Mercenaries to fight with isis
FSA uses USA made TOW’s
SDF uses US made TOW’s
A-Nusra uses US made TOW’s
USA gives 900 armoured vehicles to SDF against Turkey’s wishes (the most important nato ally)
USA admitted that 1200 US Special forces on the ground
Admitted FSA trained by US special forces 5 years a go
ISIS is literally using US made military vehicles
Intel (the most important resource) is given to all sides except Russia and Syria!
Israel takes in ISIS casualties into there hospitals
Turkey was arming and trading with ISIS stolen oil and selling it!
Qatar was funding ISIS.
Turkey literally shot down a Russian jet!

And against all this, guess who is winning?

Who has taken the most land now?
Who has the most populated areas under their control?
Who has an economy that is still working?
Who is taking ground faster than anyone on Syrian land?
Who stemmed all forces even before Russia got in?

Rex Tillerson just said “Russia may have the right idea in Syria and we may have had the wrong idea”
This means “We lost, the best thing we can do is balkanise the country” but it also means NO GAS PIPES FROM QATAR which makes it all pointless!

This war is over and already won!

U know why I know this?
1. All Arab sunni nations just went against Qatar for siding with Iran!
2. Qatar and Glencore just bought 20% of Rosneft (Russian energy company)
3. Turkey and Pakistan (2 nuclear powers and one is the most powerful European NATO member) now back Qatar and Iran
4. Turkey just signed a deal ON TV with Putin (Greece signed too) to build Turkstream AND IT’S CONSTRUCTION HAS ALREADY STARTED!

This is total defeat because this war was about pipelines and energy trade routes and energy markets!

Its over!
they are just mopping up the mess now! Russian bases in Syria, Iraq and Egypt now!
Russia won!
US in 20 trillion debt and Russia still has 180 billion left over from 500 billion reserves!

Thats why I know Deir Ezoir isn’t as important as the Syrian Iraqi border!
Thats why I know that winning Deir Ezoir is just a race for resource wells!

But Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon are joined now! So if this is a win for the USA then id hate to see what a loss looks like!


Justin Ryan

The Losercomment image

The Winnercomment image

Solomon Krupacek

south stream is stopped

Justin Ryan

Turkstream sunshine!
Signed, sealed and being built right now and Co-Funded by Qatar!

Solomon Krupacek

and? the EU until now did not allow to use for transport into union.
and if you are so happy, that you are coworking with erdogan and jihadist qatar, than be happy alone and stay in isolation.

Justin Ryan

Let me educate u for free!
Are u ready?

EU disallows Bulgaria to carry Russian pipes (yet Germany says yes to Nord stream 2, Bulgaria very pissed off)

Turkey loves these pipelines and u know why?

1. Turkey has wanted EU membership for the past 50 plus years and has been rejected YET….. are THE MOST IMPORTANT N.A.T.O member! This gives Turkey leverage! Russia would have been happy to build Southstream (Plan A) But the EU fucked that up by instigating the COUP in Ukraine and changing its laws so that the Gas supplier could not own the pipes in which transits the gas within Europe! (that was a new law made just when the deal was about to be signed by Bulgaria to make way for pipes from Qatar WHICH ARNT HAPPENING ANYMORE!)

2. The USA was planning to cut Turkey out of the proposed qatar pipeline that was to run through Syria! But American plan B was to run the pipes through the Kurdish region which gives the Kurds leverage over Turkey!

3. Southern Europe NEEDS GAS badly! Where are they going to get it from? Sure they may have wanted to diversify their supply so they are less dependant on Russia but now, Russia has more than doubled their supply to Europe and have also signed with China and Japan!
So there is a new Nord stream 2 (which is why Germany said no to further sanctions against Russia)
Qatar lost this proxy war but invested 20% into Rosneft (the russian supplier) and allied with iran to sell their shared gas to China and india!

So what does this all mean??

Russia doubles gas to Germany!
Russia gains new market in Southern Europe!
Russia KEEPS middle Europe gas routes through Ukraine
Russia gains new market in China
Russia gains new market in Japan
The whole plan to block Russian pipes in Ukraine in order to steal this market away has failed!
and along the road, Russia took back Crimea!

Why do i like this!
Why would i want to live in a world where there is only one superpower who’s goal is global hegemony!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

A bipolar world means there are lines u cant cross! This means super powers foreign policies have to be tamed! No more regime change, fake war on terrorism in order to steal oil!

Thats why i support Russia! Turkey just joined the side that was winning so i dont care about turkey or qatar! I just thank Russia and Syria for standing up to this CUNT nation USA and Israel!

Solomon Krupacek

you wrote too much words for nothing. i wrote only about soth stream and blu stream. you confirmed my words. thanks!

Solomon Krupacek
Justin Ryan

Shut Your FOOKIN Mouth!
US didnt help…. my ass!
ISIS is CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others
Al-Nusra is CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others
FSA is CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others
SDF are helped by CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others

SAA did quite well, but when Russia came in to help (very limited help if i may say so)….. the map started to get VERY FUCKIN RED INDEED!


Latest news…..

Qatar buys into Rosneft (Turkstream gas pipeline)
Qatar Allies with Iran (saw the writing on the wall)
Turkey allies with Iran, Syria and Russia and Qatar
Pakistan allies with Qatar (2 nuclear nations allied with Qatar)
Turkey signed deal with Russia and turkstream construction started! (more gas to Europe)
Assad still President
French President “We dont require Syrian Regime Change”
Germany says they will not push additional sanctions against Russia that are against their interest!
Germany and Russia agree to build Nord Stream 2 (Even more gas to Europe)
Rex Tillerson “Maybe Russia had the right idea and we had the wrong idea”

All the SAA had to do was resist! And Resistance is victory!

Russia came in and BOOM! Middle east is theirs!
Bases in Syria, Egypt and Iraq!
Russia is welcomed as liberators with smiles and handshakes!
America spat on as they slowly leave!

Job done!
How u like them apples?

Justin Ryan

Please explain to me IN DETAIL how much it hurts to watch this video?

(this video is brought to u buy the 7 years resistance of the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian military)


Nigel Maund

Hard luck bird brain your useless US proxies are getitng their arses kicked. I hope utterly destroyed soon.


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Nigel Maund

SF should delete this nonsense as its totally irrelevant and just advertiseing for cash. I shall take this to SF to have this deleted.


Israel should be screwed up deep inside in Israel to retreat them from Golan Heights and from whole Palestinian land.


Yay!…. You got one plane… wow…

You still got like 500 left to go… dumbasses…

Alex Black

It is not impossible, but I am skeptical.


Most news releases by US backed FSA trash are usually pure propaganda BS.

Bill Wilson

LOL! Probably were two junkers sent to support the SAA’s surprise offensive into abandoned desert and crashed when their controls froze.



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