Free Syrian Army and Jabath al-Nusra merge to fight the Syrian army in Aleppo



It is reported in Twitter by Qalaat Al Mudiq that in a Syrian city of Tall Rifat Jabath al-Nusra terrorists are fighting along with so called Free Syrian Army against the Syrian Arab Army and their allies in northern Aleppo.

A video was also published in youtube where Jabath an-Nusra terrorists are fighting along with so called moderate rebels Free Syrian Army.

Nevertheless, the Arab country is currently observing an agreement for the cessation of hostilities which entered into force on February 27. The agreement stipulates the cessation of all military hostilities in Syria, except for the operations against ISIS terrorist group and al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front militants.

The agreement was negotiated by Russia and the United States. Many suggest that Washington is among the main supporters of terrorists fighting against the Syrian government forces.


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