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Free French Army, Yellow Helmets, French ‘Bana al-Abed’ And Bellingdaw


Free French Army, Yellow Helmets, French 'Bana al-Abed' And Bellingdaw

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The Western propaganda over the war in Syria, Yemen, “Russian aggression,” appears to be backfiring, after the apparent advent of numerous satirical and parody Twitter accounts mimiking MSM-style approaches to cover what they call “the French Civil War”.

For example, a Twitter account that present itself as belonging to a seven-year-old girl living in Paris called Benoîte Abedoux was recently banned from the social media giant.

Free French Army, Yellow Helmets, French 'Bana al-Abed' And Bellingdaw

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The presumed child called for “airstrikes on France,” due to authorities’ violent crackdown on the yellow vest protesters. An obvious satire of Bana Alabed, whose accounted allegedly belongs to a 9-year-old girl from Aleppo, essentially praising NATO’s narrative in Syria.

The account was active for a week and a half on December 10th and tweeted more than 300 times, received thousands of followers and posted mostly memes, messages and pictures all extreme mockeries of the Western propaganda narrative.

The primary target of the account was French President Emmanuel Macron, against whose leadership the yellow vest protests are on-going every Saturday.

“Since the last bidet in #Paris was bombed by #Macron, we’re literally just left with Eau de Toilette.

Toilet water.#MacronMustGo #ToiletKiller pic.twitter.com/HNKBXpO3vA

— Benoîte Abedoux (@abedoux) December 8, 2018”

The account also sarcastically presents Macron’s double standards in claiming that “Assad must go” due to the Syrian leader’s response to the effective invasion of his country by violent jihadi extremists, many of which French, but sees no issue for French authorities to employ brutal measures against the French protesters.

Tweets suggest Macron possesses weapons of mass destruction, is deploying chemical weapons against civilians, and has ordered bombing campaigns on major metropolitan centers.

The alleged seven-year-old also frequently refers to the “Free French Army” which is being trained in Syria in order to help France liberate itself from Macron and the “Yellow Helmets” distributing medical support to injured citizens, and calls for Russian President Vladimir Putin to support the “moderate rebels” in their quest to remove the President from power.

Following the ban, the account was remade.

Macron’s “chemical” attack was unsuccessful in stopping the “seven-year-old girl.”

Similarly, an account called “Banan Alabedi” is the alleged account of “Just a 9-year-old who considers every Yemeni defending their country as Houthi.” The account largely comments on Saudi Arabia and praises their conduct in Yemen and condemns any attempts to limit arms sales to the Kingdom.

Furthermore, it praised Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for sending 500 Saudi royal falconers to help against the “evil Houthi.”

The account also saw support from your average, adult-aged users:

Another parody account that appeared is “Bellingdaw.” And similarly, to Bellingcat is an “open-source investigation,” but of the “Civil War in France.”

The account calls out to all of the “armchair experts” who are reporting on the situation in Syria, Yemen, etc.

These accounts are beginning to get banned and censored, they are unmentioned in MSM, presumably because their claims appear as wild and unreal as the claims by Bellingcat and co.

Partisangirl  gave a good overview of the situation in her tweet:

The Twitter accounts are an obvious parody. However, many do not see the joke. “PropOrNot,” which according to independent researchers was established by the Atlantic Council, lost no time to blame “Putin & Friends” for all of the fake accounts.

Some MSM journalists and think tanks are furious because the newly appeared network of satirical and parody Twitter accounts is an example of the doublethink approach employed by the MSM and Western diplomats in their actions towards Syria, Iran and other countries declared “enemies of the democratic world”.

Furthermore, while the protests in France show no promise of stopping. organizations linked to NATO, the Ukraine, and the West as a whole have concluded that Russia plays a hand in organizing them. If the situation develops, all Yellow West protestors will soon be decalred Russian agents.

Free French Army, Yellow Helmets, French 'Bana al-Abed' And Bellingdaw

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