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France’s President Says He Wants To Build “New Syria” With U.S.


On April 22, France’s President Emmanuel Macron said during an interview with Fox News TV that France, the US and their allies should stay in Syria after the defeat of ISIS in order to build what he called “a new Syria.”

“We will have to build the new Syria afterward, and that’s why I think the U.S. hold is very important,” Macron said answering to a question on the US decision to withdraw from Syria.

The French President added that the US and its allies, including France, should also counter the influence of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and Iran. Macron even suggested that Russia and Turkey should play a role in his plans for “a new Syria.”

“The day we will finish this war against ISIS, if we leave, definitely and totally, even from a political point of view, we will leave the floor to the Iranian regime, Bashar al-Assad and his guys … The U.S., France, our allies, all the countries of the region, even Russia and Turkey, will have a very important role to play in order to create this new Syria,” Macron said.

Macron claimed on April 15 that he convinced US President Donald Trump that US troops should stay in the war-torn country a long term. The White House denied Macron’s claims on the same day and said the US is still planning to withdraw its troops from Syria as quickly as possible, just as Trump had promised before.

However, the White House’s statement is far away from the reality because the US military is de-facto bulding new military facilities in the country.

Some Syrian activists veiwed Macron’s plan for “a new Syria” is a replica of what France tried to achieve during its occupation of Syria from 1923 to 1946 and doubted that such an outdated plan could succeed.



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  • Miguel Redondo

    What the hell this guy is smoking?

    • rudy

      No need, it’s his Oedipuscomplex towards his former schoolteacher in witch he/ she fell in love, he”s a skirthanger !

    • FlorianGeyer

      American Bullshit I suspect Miguel.

    • Rob

      In Europe and in US it is so easy to obtain educatioal degrees. That is why these guys have no leadership capabilities. They can only do corruptions and can create trouble in the world.

      • so

        If you’re rich and you can pay for them. I think its more a question of inbreeding.

      • Siegfried

        Small correction, if I may:
        “In Europe and in US it is so easy to
        obtain educational degrees.” ….. as a pYg with political connections or
        with father an Oriental Billionaire Satrap ( Burma, Saudis in Oxford)
        The rest of the students have to work hard for their degrees ;)

  • peter

    Killers as USA , U.K. and France , cant to build new Syria !! These people live on the Mars !

    • JPH

      F.UK.US-coalition it is called.

  • Dušan Mirić

    To interpret a Russian official, Lavrov I think: As much as I know he is not a Syrian citizen.

  • Joe

    So France want to go to war with Assad and his allies?

    SAA will beat it flat , guaranteed

    • so

      When’s the last time the French have seen hard core combat like the Syrians?
      Maybe the French should stay home and take care of their own country instead of destroying it
      by creating more refugees.

  • jerry hamilton

    This confirms it. The west has gone totally mad.

    • so

      No. Our leaders have gone mad and WE are going to have to clean up their mess.
      How morons like this get elected into office is beyond me. My guess is massive election fraud.

      • Merijn

        66.6% of the Votes is what Macroni got….
        Voting is Bullshit…Just Like the Puppets you can chose…

        • Siegfried

          Macron didn’t win, the results have been rigged, because Marine Le Pen has won and the ZION- Mafia (the Kosher-Nostra) around the Rothschild-Connection couldn’t afford to lose FRANCE in the hands of a “feminine kind of the Hungarian Viktor Orban”.
          Now really WHO TF votes a baby-nobody IN FRANCE ?? Maybe the French have other sins, but for sure NOT one of voting hazardous.
          It was like “Yesterday they had no idea who that small greenhorn..is, never heard of him …. and suddenly 3/4 vote for him” :))

          The US “DIEBOLD” voting-machines did their job ( The Diebold -Family is a close FRIEND of the old CIA-scvmbag George-BUSH- SR )

          • Merijn

            This is happening in all Western So called Democracies…it’s a Big Laugh.. we have been Fooled for at least 70 Years…

          • christianblood

            You are absolutely right, Merijn!

          • Siegfried

            “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years…
            It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.
            The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
            – David Rockefeller, in an address given to Catherine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post and other media luminaries in attendance in Baden, Germany at the June 1991 annual meeting of the world elite Bilderberg Group.
            ––June 5, 1991, Bilderberger meeting in Baden Baden, Germany (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton)www.mega.nu/ampp/bilderberg.html. [Main source: Dr. Dennis Cuddy, A Chronological History of the New World Order (source)

          • Merijn

            Thanks…Bilderberg is a Hotel in Holland where their first Official meeting was 1954…Our Prince Lockheed Martin Bernhard Von Lippe-Biesterfeld was the Chairman…why would that be…?

        • helelooo

          Macron got about 25% at the first tour of the elections only.
          He then got about 60% at the 2nd tour because the other one was from the far-right party (Marine Le Pen).
          Not many people in France support him – me included.

      • jerry hamilton

        I think mainly the zionist media.
        They always heavily influence the sheeple majority.

        • Siegfried

          “Mainly the Zionist Media”..
          Well …that would be 99.99% :))))

      • TiredOfBsToo

        “How morons like this get elected…”

        It’s called propaganda though the main stream media to the ignorant masses who never were educated in school that there is more than one side to an issue and who never question their government unless it pertains to sex.

        • so

          I think its more like having to work to death to maybe have enough money to support yourself or your family. After that the only thing you have time for is the CIA sponsored news.
          School education isn’t necessarily a good thing now its just teaching propaganda to the test. I thought school was bad when I was a kid!

          • TiredOfBsToo

            “I think its more like having to work to death to maybe have enough money to support yourself or your family.”

            That too. Still, there’s no excuse for not taking 10 minutes to exit the propaganda realm from time to time. Kids just aren’t taught how to think for themselves. When I was in school, I was taught that if you want to find out what’s going on in your own country, you get the news from the other side that your country is busy demonizing. ’twas very good instruction indeed!

          • so

            You were lucky. The NY times was the propaganda of choice at my high school. And then to NYC on a trip where I found the Village Voice,
            Alexander Cockburn and James Ridgeway. The lights turned on.
            Until you have to justify your existence.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            “You were lucky.”

            Well that was before they started trying to clean house of any teachers, professors that didn’t tow the Deep State line. In my ’30s, I had a professor that taught that education was it’s own reward and not just for getting a job. Yeah, I guess I’ve been lucky somewhat, but my awakening actually occurred in ‘Nam when the government posted a list of music that I shouldn’t listen to. Curiosity got the better of me, listened to one of them and thought, ‘damn that’s good’. Before too long, I’d enjoyed all of them. So I learned about the US government’s inability to tell the truth long ago. Today, the bought and paid for main (lame) stream media condemns all truth tellers be it journalists, professors, teachers etc. So the simplest way for people to wake up is just like I did, check out one, then the next. The US and it’s vassals provide the solution to their own pollution of the print and air waves.

            Not sure what you meant about “..justify your existence.”

        • christianblood

          Schools are part of the problem because they are completely taken over by ultra liberal globalists!

      • John Mason

        You will have the opportunity to say NO when the government calls on you to go to war. Wonder how many will have the courage to say NO?

        • Siegfried

          “Somebody once said: “Imagine the Elites started a war … and nobody goes there to fight” :))


          • Merijn

            Imagine The Elites Starting a War…and them is the Ones losing it…

        • Siegfried

          Well … Herman Goering explained how it works, and it’s a scam that functions in EVERY SYSTEM, no matter if Commies, NAZIs, Right/ Left-wing, Kingdom or Republic:

          • John Mason

            Won’t work here, we know how to say NO.

          • PJ London

            Sure and flocks of pigs are circling the Capitol as we speak.

            A new HuffPost/YouGov survey shows that 51 percent of Americans back Trump’s recent action in Syria, while 32 percent oppose. Another 17 percent said they were uncertain.
            With 83 percent, an overwhelming majority of Trump supporters agree with the president’s military action, just 11 percent disagree.
            Of course the UK is different.

            As of 4.30pm today (Tuesday), 22,300 people had voted in the online poll with 55 percent saying they supported the airstrikes.

            2 Million of us marched against Blair in 2003, fat lot of good that did.

          • John Mason

            I am an Australian, big difference. Like comparing chalk to cheese.

          • PJ London

            Never said ‘no’ yet. When UK or US call, off you all run. From Gallipoli to Syria and everything in between, you have never found a war you won’t join up on.
            So the bloke in the street may not much like it, but the ponces in Canberra will sign up in seconds, and off you will all trundle.

          • John Mason

            It is called an agreement between nations, most likely something that you are not aware of. As for saying ‘NO’, we are good at it that is why we are independent as a people. Your comment seems to apply the the Brits a rather weak and dysfunctional nation.
            Average bloke in the street going off to war for Queen and Country was once the case, not no more, no one care about the Queen and her parasitic family.

          • PJ London

            Which is why you are bombing the Syrian children.
            ‘no one care about the Queen and her parasitic family.’
            Which is why everyone turned out for Charlie and his Sheila last month. Crikey, even Bindi went to meet him.

        • so

          Its a hard thing to be a non violent martyr. Ultimately, like all of life, this is a spiritual issue. Like Jesus. To face death and have faith that it is not the end. The final question?

          • John Mason

            It is called making a choice and standing up for what you consider right and prepared to suffer the consequences. Nothing to do with religion or faith, a lot to do with being killed for some one else ambitions and greed,

        • jerry hamilton

          All those who are prepared to go to jail. Like me.
          There you have it. If you are not prepared to murder…….

      • christianblood

        No, not a “massive election fraud” but the whole Western society is under the spell of ISIS-ed Hollywood!

        • Siegfried

          … and it’s an AGENDA stretched already over a CENTURY.
          Just invest 10 minutes and everything comes out of the fog, the Zionist NWO-Maintream-Media uses to blow to cover the p(Y)ggery

    • TiredOfBsToo

      Not gone…., just no longer hiding it.

      • jerry hamilton

        True. I’m not sure when not hiding it became an issue but they don’t even try to hide their evil ways any more.
        Look at the Clinton’s. They are living proof that corruption works.

        • TiredOfBsToo

          “They are living proof that corruption works.”

          Congratulations….. You’ve hit on the true meaning of exceptionalism in the US government.

    • Vitex

      There is no west

      • jerry hamilton

        There most certainly is a West. It is very evil. Avoid it.

    • Bru

      I don’t think they are mad: they just obey their evil masters.

  • Vince Dhimos

    This is what Macron can expect if he leaves French troops in Syrian terroritory https://vimeo.com/263728681

  • Scarooni Recruit

    Did someone tell this idiot Macron the colonial days are over.

    • Siegfried

      His Master Rothschild tells him what to do, the dog just barks and bites what the Master says him to bite.

    • HighLord Gaz

      Micron seems to think that because France helped destroy Syria that they should be involved with rebuilding it. That is a lot like a rapist being involved in the rehabilitation of his victims..

      • jerry hamilton

        France should indeed help rebuilding Syria as should America.
        Mr. Assad. Please give them the bill.

      • Trovak

        Do not forget france’s involvment in Libya.
        A study worth.

    • mishi mishi

      to be fair, every Frenchman thinks the colonial days are still here. I think it comes from having a small penis. They need to exert some sort of power over someone

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Spot on. Macro is a little midget with big delusions.

        • V S

          and who needed to marry a grandma for protection.

      • Le Ruse

        Not any Frenchmen, very few Frenchmen & most of them,are frenchmen like Soros is Hungarian, Berezovsky was Russian, ect,. ect..
        & this piece of crap sitting at the Elysee Palace is a hasbara gopher for the Dung Beetle Bloodline …

    • Zionism = EVIL

      This little Goldman Sachs mouse Macron is delusional. As if tiny France that even failed to launch dud missiles can influence events on the ground in Syria and as if Syrians, Iranians, Hezbollah and Russia will allow such a pipe dream.

      • DarkEyes

        Don’t forget, he got the French Legionaires. He can send wherever he likes, like Napoleon.
        Macron will find his nemesis, just be patience.
        His french napoleaonetic arrogance will speed up his downfall.

        He got his first reprimand from Russia.

    • Lupus

      Its time Russia and Iran built a new France

      • Siegfried

        LOL ! ( WOW! That was hard! :))))

      • V S

        I agree!!!!!!!

    • Bru

      Unfortunately there is still one colonial country and , unfortunately again, the most influential country in the world: the zionist regime.

    • Nod

      Except they are far from over m8.

      “”We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran” –General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia .
      “That is the phenomenon of the US. Since 1945 they’ve destroyed 73 countries and were directly involved in the deaths of 26 million people. It is a horror show. It just must stop!”
      John Shipton, journalist and executive officer of Wiki Leaks.

      • Nod

        “Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.” Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer.

    • V S

      I thought exactly like this too.

  • rudy

    Nobody asked his opinion, nobody in France except the CRIF the equivalent group of AIPAC in the US is supporting his weird thinking !

  • Kandinski

    We have saying: What granny want, granny dreamed of.

  • Ciccio Serry

    No, Macron is building the western’s autodestruction. Our politicians are so foolish…

  • To put the toyboy in context – he appeared recently in the European parliament decorating about the future EU with unified budget etc… basically the guy loves to listen to himself talking.
    The real question is – knowing his tendency with woman – Will he fall in love with fat ass merkel ?

  • TheSecular

    Is Macron asking for More Terror Attacks in France? or is just me?
    and When I think he means of Building a “New Syria”. I think he’s referring to the US-Coalition held areas in eastern Syria.
    and still believes that Assad will one day go. But we all know in Reality that the Syrian President will stay and has majority of the syrian people behind him regardless if he is a dictator or not.
    And why Focus on Syria when France is going through a political divide and the Immigrants that Hollande bought in are beginning to Turn France into Syria itself.
    If France wants to make a positive difference in Syria. All they have to do is Withdraw all their Troops send them home and help rebuild the country from the ashes.
    He’s lucky that he’s even president because Le Pen’s National Front was growing and I believe that the next time they have elections.
    The National Front might finally prevail because his approval ratings are declining and the French People will finally grow out of Patience for This Man.

    Macron, May or maybe Trump might become the Next Victim of the Assad must go Curse.

    • Floyd Hazzard

      The plan was never for Assad to go, that was the diversion. The plan was to carve out a Kurdistan/Kurdish State from portions of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran, and Russia is supporting it despite all the make-believe and fake shadow boxing.

      • TheSecular

        3/4 (Iraq,Turkey and Iran have so far Failed). and I think Syria might fail itself due to Turkey’s Resistance to its plan and its only a matter of time before the arabs in SDF areas resist themselves.

        • Floyd Hazzard

          Nope, Syria had been the success because Russia allowed them to occupy the whole rastern bank. Now who’s going to move them? From there they will fund and train insurgencies on all those countries and occupy sections just as they did in Syria. The main thing was denying then the foothold.

          • viktor ziv

            I suppose 7 years is enough for SAA to turn into elite soldiers to kick Macrons ass. Vietcong (Dien Pien Phu) took lees experience to do the same.

          • Siegfried

            Sorry in Syria it isn’t a BUSH-FIGHT. It’s open-range, the perfect “battlefield” for a technological superior army, with air-force and satellite -surveillance like the USA have. There’s no place to hide, if you don’t have an EARLY Warn System , a reliable SAM-net ( S-300 seem to be too old already and S-400 gets… SAUDI-ARABIA, instead of Syria and IRAN .. (?????!!) or/and your own “hunters” to take them down..
            IF PUTIN doesn’t do it, the SAA cannot.

          • viktor ziv

            Agree with You regarding EWS. Detection&tracking comes first, missile old or new will do the trick after. Kindly remember S-125 shooting down F-117 in 1999 over ex-Yugoslavia. Without foot on the ground no army can win, and SAA has veteran boots now. If we take a look at SAA fighting six years ago and today, we can see immense improvement. I hope Russians will continue providing detection&tracking to SAA.

          • Siegfried

            ” … because Russia allowed them to occupy the whole eastern bank.”

            Looks like by ALEPPO – 2016, that stops & goes, more a kind of TRADE like the KGBist did in Eastern-Germany, as he bought and sold spies.
            “Give Assad for Ukraine fifty/fifty, Crimea recognized as mine, no NATO in the Baltics”.. John Kerry either didn’t understand OR he had no “green-light” from his Masters ( The REAL Owners of the NWO-pigsty)

            Kremlin seems very “British”: ” Russia has no friends, has no enemies, Russia has only interests”.

            And BTW, Putin is FLIRTING a lot with the Zion-Pack. Israel may bomb what it wants in Syria and it’s never mentioned as aggressor there.

            And ALL that UK-France-USA-“TROIKA” is in fact a bunch of “hit-men” for ISRAEL. All they do is for Bibiland..
            But PUTIN swims in that twilight-zone between being a Nationalist-Russian and Rothschilds’ asset. A lot of his “Entourage” are Russki-J€ws with double-citizenship that aren’t better than Yeltsin’s Oligarchs.

            A dangerous play..

          • Siegfried

            MOSSAD’s Kurds. BARZANI is Israel#s lapdog there.

          • Joe Dirt

            Sykes–Picot Agreement

      • Merijn

        The Plan was actually to take the whole World…Country by Country…Rape & Pillage, send in the Contractors to Rebuild create Debt and install their Puppet Regimes… implement the World Bank..Rule as an Emperor over the Whole World…

    • Merijn

      All the Terror Attacks in Paris, London, U.S. Germany & some other Countries were nothing more then Operation Gladio…to get the Crowds Cheering for War against the Middle East

  • Attrition47

    Insolent Vichy bastard.

  • qveenz

    Mascaron boy, just keep s..ing the Rotschild’s old impotent d..k you are just talking too much and Rotschild grandee is not happy.


    I guess US and France are already done building the “NEW LYBIA” ?

    • Siegfried

      Yeah… Looks great, doesn’t it? ;).. (SIC!)

      • so

        And freedom for all!

  • Anastasis

    ‘A New Syria” for Macron is a Syria without Assad, where he will act freely for his own interests, Teresa’s May and Tramp’s interests. He is a neo-luminous political carnival, striking with missiles and then he declares cooperation with a new president who he does not know.

  • Rakean Jaya

    He should help a destroyed Libya first, as for Syria, no body invite or asking him.

    • Joe Dirt

      Sykes–Picot Agreement – the spoils of war.

  • Thomas Steffen

    somehow cute

  • Floyd Hazzard

    People should see Macron, Trudeau, Merkel etc for the George Soros backed globalists that they are. These people want to destroy borders and hand the planet to the 1% to rule as a global government as the unelected European hierachy and the US deep state so that they can oppress and enslave all of humanity and choose who gets to live and who gets to be determined as human seeds to be weeded out in the mould of Hillary Clinton and get idol, while consolidating all the resources of earth unto themselves. They are evil to the very core and as such are enemies of humanity and humans.

    • wTallaksen


  • Ivanus59

    The only contribution he could make for Syria now is to die asap and have his corpse used as a fertilizer for some liberated Syrian farm. If he did that, that’d be great (oh and bring as much of his friends as possible too, ty).
    Instead the french whore soldiers/mercenaries he sends to Syria will have to fill that role.

  • Dagnir

    The only question I want to ask him is: “Who gave you the permission?”

  • Spit

    Its easy to destroy France, Simply Dump Cement into the Sewers, the Poor Blacks and Muslims will flood the streets of the Rich.

    France wants to Partition Syria? What goes around comes around.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Just like they helped build Iraq,Afghanistan Libya,Yemen etc etc,Who do this idiot think he is,Napoleon?

  • hagihag

    Let’s talk about France:

    1. Give back Lorraine Alsace to Germany. Where it belongs to.
    2. Give the Bretons atonomy.
    3. Give the Corsicans atonomy. Better, their own state.
    4. Give the Provencals atonomy.

    Then we can talk about Syria.

    • novychelovek

      and atone …?

  • JPH

    Cochon Macron who the hell do you think you are?
    Get rid of your god-complex.

  • Merijn

    Son of Satan…I hope your Pathetic Life will Soon Come to an End….Mister Emanuelle Rothschild Jupiter Macroni the XIV…Just get a Heart Attack and Die Bitch…your Granny Cougar Wife will soon find a New Sucker to Marry….the Establishment is becoming Delusional…Great! Showing the Sickness inside their heads to the rest of the World

  • viktor ziv

    Macron must focus to improve life of French citizens first.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Yes, that’s right. Make France independent first. Who do you think you are, Cia baby? De Gauile?

      • Sinbad2

        He thinks he’s Napoleon.

    • so

      Macrons hoping for a premo spot in the 1% bunkers. All I can see for him and his friends are
      lamp posts.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    Thus spoke the neocolonialist little Rothschild whore.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Maybe Syria is more independent than France and doesn’t want France ‘and it’s allies’ to build a single stables in Syria.

    • Siegfried

      ” Maybe Syria is more independent than France ”
      It is , but for how long, if the Russian dance tango with the New-World Order- scvmbags? :(
      It looks more like Russia wants back to the G8 RAPTORS exclusive Club, Putin wants to be one of them (Or maybe ONLY to gain MORE TIME before a confrontation, for the Russian Industry to develop the rest of the futuristic weapons ?? In this case I’m wrong and the KGB-snake is subtle, clever)
      And IF THEY ACCEPT Russia back among them.. well That was it with Syria and IRAN.

      Didn’t ask yourself sometimes hoh TF does it happen that Syria & IRAN get S-300 ( already copied and analyzed by NATO because CYPRUS has them ..). ……. but SAUDI-ARABIA gets S-400 ?????
      Syria needs at least Sukhoi 30 MK, to get down that Israeli F-15 and F-16 and S-400 to get down the F-22 and F-35 Stealth. With MiG-21 and 23 or 5-6 MiG-29, that a lost “tournament”.. Saddam had a lot of MiG-29 and did nothing.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    He wanted a “new Syria” in 2012 with suni islamic terrorist ruling Syria as they did in Libia where war and caos are installed there!

    • Siegfried

      Part of the Rockefeller Foundation Agenda, put in a long-term plan by the PENTAGON since 2oo1:

      • jerry hamilton

        Everyone should watch this, it is short and very informative.

  • outer_rl

    Macron should apply for the job of Iraqi information minister.

  • Paul James

    I think he is doing this so the world realizes how sick these parasites really are! https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/administrator/index.php?option=com_content&view=articles

  • Paul James

    The thing that gives me hope is reading the comments on this board – nobody believes this insanity any more ….

  • Monte George Jr

    Here’s a better idea; lets invade France, oust the current regime, and build a New France!

    • Joe Dirt

      Those dirty Muslims are trying to invade France (and Europe) by claiming to be a “refugee”. The world is about to witness a new series of Crusades. Assad will not be in power much longer!

      • PZIVJ

        Wake up Joe Dirt.
        The west has created the refugee problem, why do you not understand this ?!

        • Joe Dirt

          I hate it when people use “the west” it just shows how ill informed you are.

          • PZIVJ

            I use “west” as shorthand writing Dirt Bag.
            Do you want me to list the counties causing death and destruction in other countries.
            #1 is USA.
            Now you happy?

          • Joe Dirt

            I get it you’re against the US.

            I never hear anyone on here shit talking Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan who sends as much money, weapons, and soldiers all over the world to kill kill kill kill.

            SF is a one sided propaganda machine to blame Europe, US, and Israel.

          • PZIVJ

            SF may be a bit tilted towards Russia.
            But it’s more believable than the crap MSM uses to brainwash their population. :D

          • Joe Dirt

            You have no rebuttal to Iran, China, Russia, and Pakistan sending money, weapons of war, soldiers, all over the world to kill…unless you choose not to believe it.

          • PZIVJ

            I am surprised that you can spell rebuttal.
            Hasta la vista :D

          • jerry hamilton

            For gods sake, block the dirt shit.

          • Joe Dirt

            Fucking pussy!

          • jerry hamilton

            I know you typed you little shit but I don’t know what you typed.
            I blocked you.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      A Free press, Medias and a real Democracy would be enough
      to expel the NATO/Zionist occupation forces grip !

      Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic

      Anglo-American Money Owners Organized World War II

      Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe

  • Sinbad2

    Macron is Napoleon’s mini me.

  • SnowCatzor

    I still can’t believe they voted for this globalist prick over Le Pen… wake up France.

    • palebluedot

      I know, such a sad day when this POS won.

  • Ariel Cohen

    Wow! A new Syria, just like these gender-fluid, intellectually handicapped zionazi devotees did to Iraq and Libya . .

  • Alex

    Stop dreaming you motherlover, you ve got no money for that :d

  • Mortal

    The West in its endtimes still thinks it can impose the classic imperialistic plan, intervene, destroy, rebuild. Too bad for them times have changed. Russia, China and regional powers will rebuild Syria. Meanwhile, the west and its allies won’t be able to capitulate on their investment in the new Middle East project. Alas, I find it hard to believe that the imperialists won’t go further in their struggle to save their investments. They won’t back down without a war, today as things stand it is the only way to change the balance of power as it is. Well, there always is the option of a revolution by the oppressed peoples of Europe and USA, but that looks highly unlikely at the moment. The hordes of sheeple don’t have the mentality required for social struggle, it’s dog eat dog, individualism is the supreme value. Hope dies last, but nevertheless, people will take the power back sooner or later.

  • Johnny Palomba

    Last time a french army won a major conflict Gaius Julius Caesar wasn’t born yet…

  • World_Eye

    Ye he can build one he can separate Paris on 2 parts and one he can call Syria 2.0. There you go. FUCKHEAD

  • John Mason

    ISIS should go to France and build a new France, same philosophy.

  • HighLord Gaz

    Micron seems to think that because France helped destroy Syria that they should be involved with rebuilding it. That is a lot like a rapist being involved in the rehabilitation of his victims….

    • yes the situation on syria exactly like a girl who been raped by foreigners and the rapist blame the girl and punish the girl for being raped ..

      the whole world know this injustice , but they are under threat not to protest formally or something bad (economic tariff or sanction) will come to their nation

  • frankly

    One honest success story and some credibility might result for F.uk.us. Just one.

  • I thought Maricon was just another typical Eurotard and grandma’s boy. Now I see he is actually a “Full Retard” psychotic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6WHBO_Qc-Q

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    France will only have the rights that the People of Syria give them. . .

    And I suspect that they will reject France being there!

  • BMWA1

    What a foolak.

  • mishi mishi

    like the French re-built Libya?

  • US State dept handed a list of what US allies have to say , and this french leader took it and run with it , acting as if it is in french interest to help US mess up syria on behalf of saudi and israeli govt..

    another embarassing gaffe after the prior gaffe from macron , de gaulle must be turning in his grave to see france become US poodle like this..

  • Xanatos

    Macron is an idiot.

  • palebluedot

    Colonialist scum. They’re all alike. They don’t even realize the absolutely racist element to all of their statements and actions.

  • Boris Kazlov

    What this SOB wants is the old Syria occupied by colonial powers.

  • Roger Snellman

    Is Macron going to re-conquer Syria by 2020, exactly 100 years since their victory in the Franco Syrian War. Maybe he should start with Lebanon. Sarcasm on my part but in reality things cannot get any worse for Lebanon and Syria. We will know they hit rock bottom when they start begging for the French Foreign Legion. And just like that a new terrorist group is born, the FLL composed of France’s illegal immigrants convicted of rape, murder, you name it.

  • Joe

    France the new superpower but needs US to come along.

    He said he wants to stay in Syria after losing The proxy war

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    This US poodle’s conceit is truly amazing. His forces, along with those of the US and UK in the FUKUS alliance will be kicked out of Syria with their tails between their legs.
    Macron. the US pretty-boy, will be lucky not to be on war-crimes charges after the strikes against Syria using a stage chemical attack.
    Leave now before you are thrown out!

  • Trovak

    Somebody tell me: How on earth did this zion-Rotschild marionette get elected?
    Almost a copy of Hollande as well…Are the french people machochistic, or is something fishy about french elections?

    • palegreendot

      I’d almost forgotten about the yipping Hollande lapdog.

      When, as an American, you’re despondent knowing that you’re square in the Belly of the Beast, it pays to see just how hideously perverse the French and British actually are.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    His mummy, err I mean wife, wants France to setup a new mini colony in Syria so oldMa’scroni’s going to do his best to give her what she wants. The Syrian people would have preferred Assad to stay but I’m sure they think oldMa’scroni’s a step up from Turdogan.
    But I haven’t noticed President Assad looking at apartments or villa’s in Russia yet so I don’t think he’s intending on moving anywhere, I have however noticed quite a lot of Russians along with their belongings moving to Syria just recently, it must be because it’s such a beautiful place to live that everyone seems to want to move there.

  • JEinCA

    Where does this little Gigolo get the stones to make such a statement? By what right do you or May or Trump have to “build anything” within the sovereign nation that is Syria? Hands off!

  • RussG

    Judging by the rioting all over France, I’d say you have problems at home that need your attention. By the way, who asked you? MYOB, squirt.

  • Lazy Gamer

    There will be much more stability if Syria survives intact. The terrorists that France supports now will have to expand sooner. That’s all they ever know, bring down countries thru terrorism. Whatever possessed NATO to support the fanatics over a secular and legitimate govt?
    The Iranian “terrorists” reasoning fails, Iran is a country. It has a home where one can deal, negotiate, etc, and attribute. Same thing with Syria.
    Terrorists are better dealt with at the root/training grounds/fanatic clerics. And that inevitably leads back also to France and western countries. America broke the finances of the French monarch. Yugoslavia proved that bombing with mercenaries can be a successful strategy, Syria shouldnt reinforce that and put a stop to it.
    The long running war against Iran must end. North Korea is proof. If you cant break them then, you wont break them now. Id rather have these countries be given an opportunity to be responsible members of the intl. community than they be isolated and forced to sell their technology.

  • Fred

    Who owns Syria? Syrians or the Rothschild’s?

  • Mo Richard

    Who will he colonize, a man who can’t build a family with kids could be able to build someone else’s country !!?? Let him come and say that shit to my face and see if I don’t smack stupidity out of the gigolo.

  • antoun

    bah macron is big narcissic politician in west! it,s blabla at obama!! destined for public french! withing importance!!

  • Titel Gogurion


  • Titel Gogurion


  • You can call me Al

    This little faggot has got the old napoleon complex and we know what happened to him.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Nursed by MERKEL.
    Married to MOMMY.
    Owned by ROTHSCHILD.
    Voted for by MORONS.

  • Don’t you just love the profound dishonesty of that statement about wanting to help the US “build” a new Syrian state?

    It is positively Orwellian.

    You build by warring. Well, Orwell did say in 1984, War is Peace.

    Does it ever occur that the Syrians might want to follow their own path? Why is it any more right to interfere in their affairs than it would be for third party to go to work on Corsica or Basque or Normandy?

    Syria’s current leader remains popular, supported by major factions, by almost all Christians who regard him as a protector of religious rights in the region, by the army which has gone through five years of hell with him? He is as legitimate as it gets.

    What we have there is Hell induced from the outside, by France along with the United States, Israel, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and, originally Turkey. Each with their own motives for picking the carcass.

    500,000 killed to “build” a new Syria? Several million refugees sent fleeing for their lives to “build” a new Syria? Some of civilization’s greatest ancient heritage destroyed to “build” a new Syria?

    Perhaps, a a new state like Libya would be the model? A place once run for the benefit of its people and which remained at peace, but which is now reduced to chaos?

    A new state like Iraq?

    A new state like Afghanistan?

    Like Egypt’s fresh-spanking new dictatorship?

    Something resembling the merits of Saudi Arabia?

    Macron has proved an even worse puke than I saw him when he was elected. He has already demonstrated himself as America’s official doormat in Europe. Even Trump doesn’t say what he is saying, and it couldn’t be more obvious whose words he is echoing.

    Those words are from that wonderful government that has now has shot thousands of unarmed Palestinians demonstrating for human dignity and rights near its border. The third massacre in not many years.

    Of course, that wonderful government wants to hold on to the Golan Heights stolen from Syria. It also wants to enlarge it with another slice of Syria. With a strong leader like Assad out of the way and Syria cut up into Balkan-like regions, the world is Israel’s oyster, so to speak.

    France used to create some great presidents, but in recent times, especially with Hollande and Macron, it has hit the very bottom of the barrel for integrity and honor and independent thinking.

  • RamboDave

    Macron says he wants to stay to “counter the influence of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and Iran.”

    But, Iran has already said that they will withdraw all of their advisers and their proxies as soon as the US and NATO and the Gulf States withdraw and stop supporting the terrorists.

    I think if Trump can sit down with Putin next month, they could easily make such a deal. And that would be the Zionists greatest fear. Therefore, they will try to sabotage any meeting between the two.

  • scott_ewing

    Why doesn’t he just ‘Fuck Off’ instead?



  • Tim Hadfield

    Macron is a globalist worm who represents all that is worst in the present world order.

  • Steve Coldrick

    He says this right after demanding their ‘prestigious Légion d’honneur trinket’ presented to President Bashar al-Assad be returned in an embarrassing temper tantrum!

  • David Robertson

    President Assad has said that only countries that have helped Syria defeat ISIS will be involved in rebuilding the country. That includes Russia, Iran and China. No doubt this is why Macron says that President Assad and Iran should be opposed in these decisions. However President Assad was elected under supervised elections and apparently enjoys the support of his people.

    Macron also implies that “they”, meaning Israel, the US and its vassals like the UK and France along with its proxies including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have defeated ISIS when it has been the Syrian Army with the aid of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah who have actually done the heavy lifting. The US et al have mainly helped the Kurds and the jihadists in their efforts to split up Syria and oust President Assad.

    The Macrons of the world will tell as many lies as they have to to carry out their agenda. Thank goodness their days are drawing to a close.