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France Warned Lebanon That Israel Could Attack Hezbollah – Report

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France Warned Lebanon That Israel Could Attack Hezbollah – Report

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France warned Lebanon that Israel could attack precision-guided rockets of Hezbollah, the London-based al-Hayat newspaper reported on April 20 citing Arab diplomatic sources.

“The French- who have so far been content as observers – inserted themselves into the Iranian line tightening around Syria and Lebanon, including Hezbollah, and joined in the escalating tone of American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,” the sources said.

According to the sources, France believes that the Lebanese government should take steps to ensure that precision-guided rocket systems will not have a presence in the country.

Last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to deliver a “crushing blow” to Hezbollah if it uses its precision rockets. Later during a speech at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, the Israeli PM claimed that Hezbollah had placed three rocket sites near the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

In response to these threats, senior Hezbollah officials stressed that the Lebanese movement will respond to any attack by Israel on Lebanon.

France’s warning appears to be a part of the ongoing US-led pressure on Iran, Hezbollah and Syria. Washington hopes that its pressure will force Teheran and its allies to shift their policies. However, this is not likely to happen.

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Isreal knows the attack Lebanon, Hezbollah will not hesitated to retaliate.


This escalation seems to be exactly what Israel is after. And they want it fast, time is ticking agains them.


They do want it and they should most be careful of what they ask for.

Guibus Guib

they absolutely want it. They have a messianic goal to fulfill, as rabbis have repeatedly said for decades.


They could seek it and beg for it, As I have observed they previous attack on Lebanon it didn’t quite goes as plan. Who knows maybe know the Lebanese army might grow some Christian guts and join they Muslim allies who defeat isreal twice,it was isreal who couldn’t take the heat and ask for peace negotiations.

Promitheas Apollonious

I want to watch this happening. A question to the zios are you farting again or should I fetch my pop corn and moonshine?


with the axis of resistance the squatters know the stakes are high so my guess is that the cowards that they are rather refrain from doing anything that might set the whole thing going – which will end with the squatters applying for green cards at the embassy of moronistan (aka usa – natural home of morons) only to find out that the supply of green cards ran out just yesterday. so even if jared kushner tries to make father in law provide them that won’t suffice since whoever would like to have millions of murdering and thieving squatters around – not moronistan anyway!


Nasrallah said that the next confrontation with the IDF will be on Israeli turf……..

Hisham Saber

And Nasrallah doesn’t bluff, nor does he not have the capabilities to punish Israel extensively.

The shape-shifting Zionist entity occupying Palestine is nearing its end.

Saso Mange

Only Arab leader which Israel respects is Nasrallah. And do not be fooled by respect, they want him dead the most and his head is payed for many times over the years.

Abdul Majeed

Israel must knows by now that the next war will be on the streets, in its school, its malls, all of its industrial centres …they should know that we have 100s of fighters already in the ground and in the ground ready for the attack from Lebanon to Gaza Hezbollah will hit you hard and without mercy …watch its global network come into play like nothing you have seen before …Hezbollah is the solution to this Zionist Question! Hezbollah will fix this mess in our world.

Hisham Saber

‘ 100’s of fighters’ ? More like tens of thousands, to a hundred, two hundred thousand. And Hezbollah has grown big , massive muscles from its experience in fighting for 8 years in Syria. The pathetic IDF stand no chance, even with their air power, which didn’t make the smallest difference in 2006.


So, MaCrony and Co, states that Lebanon should not have, nor get their hands on pressision guided missiles, yeah, why not just ask the Lebanes to castate them self, lay down and simply die, when ISISrael is attacking, please, France, what on earth is this babling, huh, this, France is simply staggering, and why on earth should ISISrael attack Lebanon, do enlighten me, for what.
Of course Litani is there, the tribes wet dream, only little left is it, Egypt is ISISraeli by their balls, Jordan may do something but soon PL5 is coming so forget them, Syria is already in 3 bits an fact, thanks to Trump, the west and Russia.
Tyrkien, well, yeah, intresting times indeed..

Again France, denying an nation the ability to defend one self, one thing is what you do against your own, with the invasion of “refugees”, and staging of coups, waging wars, suports terror groups as Al-CIAde to ISIS with their own pack of rats, the foreign legion witch I suspect is one of the driving force behind all the latest years sudden explosion of uh….. terror, mindeless killings meant to provoce and create tensions between races and religions, remeber Frence cement in Syria ISIS land, huh, factory, presto on the desert for ISIS, that is France.
They have no shame do they, but again, the vassals are in the open now, they dont even hide, and France Gov is just another Pavlovian dog pack, doing their masters bidding, simply pathetic.

There are times, even european shit heads manage to whoosh buy even Moronikas regarding the ability to confirm their peculiare trait when it comes to the syndrome I call “foot in moth” syndrom, also close related to Creuzfelt Jacops, aka swiss chees of an brain, and it is now, official Frenc politics, yup, breaking new ground.
I am in awe.


Astrid Watanabe

But you will visit France again maybe, by boat you say…..down from the North Sea, up the River Seine?


France?! The French Macron regime and its repressive security services are shooting and gassing their own civilian’s protesting against the state’s restrictive economic policies. Macron must go! Err, sound familiar?!


The terrorist state of Israel cannot butcher children of God in Lebanon due to threats from Hezbollah, Syria, Russia and Iran. Whoever created, trained and financed Israel will be burned in this world as well as in the hell. God is supper power.


Considering that the ones who created the vile Zionist state known as “Israel” worship the Devil, I am not sure that hell is such a bad place for them.

As far as who trained them goes …

The ideologies, mythologies, and geopolitical strategies of the State of Israel, down to the minutest details, are the handiwork of a handful of Britons. In particular there was Orde Wingate, a representative of the Amery and Rothschild interests in the 1930s and a top British intelligence officer in Palestine. Moshe Dayan recently said of Wingate: “I remember Orde Wingate. And I salute him. He taught me and many another Israeli soldier everything we knew.”


And their ideological controller. Wingate would often begin special training courses for the Haganah elite by expounding, “We are establishing here the foundations for the army of Zion.” His contribution extended to programming every minute detail of military strategy for the Haganah, thereby providing the entirety of Israeli military orientations from the 1948 declaration of statehood through to the present.


According to Mosley, Wingate in 1938 authored “The Jewish State — Security and Defence, Transition Period,” which is to this day “one of the most treasured Israeli documents.” Mosley labels it a “brilliant forecast” of the needs of the state, how much these needs would cost, which “strategy and tactics the Arab states would use to upset the new state,” how these could be defeated, and “what measures should be taken to mobilize and inspirit the civilian population and grid industry and agriculture to the task of keeping the international machine in motion.” So successful was this strategy outline, Mosley reported, that Wingate’s advice has been followed, almost to the phrase, by the State of Israel. … It is still a practical paper which they constantly consult.”

p.8-9: The British Spook who built ‘The Army of Zion’


The IDF is made up of rich American Australian etc Jews who join up for bragging rights when they get home. It’s a game for them, they’re not soldiers, just spoiled brats.


Russia too?! really?! against Zionist?! Give us a list of Russian Actions against Zionist after Putin came to power, 1, 2, 3, 4,…..?


In Syria and in other countries around the world the US and their baby Israel causes instability by doing terrorist activities while Russian forces eliminate these terrorists with heigest professional skills. I solute Russia.


France wants to get its bankrupt claws into the BRI and Lebanese and Iranian gas.
Like all the FUKUS countries they will back stab all others to get the filthy lucre.


To paraphrase what Nasrallah said in his latest interview:

Israelis should be happy that Hezbollah has precision guided rockets instead of unguided ones. Guided will fall within 10 meters of targets. Unguided can fall anywhere.

Lena Jones

Hahahaha the jews are petrified of hezbollah – now using infamous ‘surrender monkeys’ as messengers.

I urge israel to please start a war with Lebanon already – we ALL want to see tel aviv burned to ashes. This will be little Lebanon’s contribution to big world peace.

Domenic Patrone

The “crushing blow” spoken of would be many airstrikes aimed at nearly all of society’s infrastructure from military to civilian.

Lena Jones

Universal understanding: only cowards, or, genocidal maniacs shoot at unarmed civilians. Israel happens to be both.

Hisham Saber

In 2006, Israel enjoyed total air superiority, but they could not change the military dynamics of that 33 day war. But they did target densely populated South Beirut with internationally banned munitions. And they targeted civilian infrastructure, as this was their modus operendi for decades.

In 2006, 4500 Hezbollah troops stopped and routed 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions with 400 Merkava’s, destroying completely 44 of them. And Hezbollah was able to fire missiles to the last day.

As I remember, Israel was begging the U.S., Britain and France to push for a cease fire at the U.N. Along with traitorous Arab regimes. They were in serious trouble, as their army couldn’t handle Hezbollah.

Now Hezbollah has roughly 150,000 ballistic missiles fitted with very accurate guidance systems, thanks to the Chinese and North Koreans. All of Israel will burn in the coming conflagration.


Big question , will Syria and iraniam forces join in to help HEZBOLLAH actively .

Or Hez has to fight alone like in the past?


Until now they have been together, They are the Resistance against Zionist,

Hisham Saber

Hezbollah helped Syria, so Syria will most certainly will help Hezbollah. And Iran will most definitely help Hezbollah with its IRGC. You can count on that.


They have never had to fight alone who do you think has supplied them for many years, the Easter Bunny?
Getting others to fight for you is a tactic of America, and other assorted cowards.

Hezbollah has the support of all freedom loving people.


Israel was supposed to get some of Syria, but they didn’t, so Trump has probably given them southern Lebanon

This is also connected.

The World Bank has agreed to lend Lebanon $600 million to build a dam at Bisri, about 50 kliks from Israel.

Lebanon has said we don’t want a dam, but they don’t really have a choice.

So Lebanon will pay for a dam, to supply water to Israel.


Israel won’t get a chunk of Lebanon. They tried twice. Lucky third? Good luck.

The thieving Wold Bank rather imposed the Bisri Dam project and will provide funding if it goes through. I am actively involved in opposing it. Though we have tens of thousands of signatures against it, we need a long series of street marches to make sure it won’t happen. Problem is most Lebanese aren’t even aware of it. Aside from being unnecessary, the dam (if built) will sit on THE seismic line of the Levant.

Hisham Saber

China overlooked Israel , and is building a giant port in Lebanon instead of Israel, despite heavy lobbying by Israel. Its going to be an integral part of China’s OBR Silk Road, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are going to be a big part of the OBR too. Then, suddenly, Trump declared, at the behest of Jews, and economic war with China as retaliation.


China wants long term stability, Israel is a passing fad.

Xoli Xoli

France is apparently a peace makers in Ukraine. But again their are arming Ukraine and massing artillery, troop BTR along Russian border.Same France oppress ,gas,beatFrance protestors and again arming terrorists in Syria.The very same France were the ones which attacked Libya just minutes before UN decisions to ousted Gaddafi. Idk Amin spoken truth and make right decisions and yet were attack by France and Israel.France with Israel force to removed the book of Enoch from the bible.Blacks were first humans on earth.Followed by Adam and Eve as white people.


France is full of s…paghetti. No wait, that’s Italy.

Real Anti-Racist Action

France has been the bad guy in every single war they have been involved in over the last 400 years.

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