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France Tests Its “Zero-Tolerance” Policy On Demos Against May Day Marches

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France Tests Its "Zero-Tolerance" Policy On Demos Against May Day Marches

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On May 1st, approximately 165,000 protesters took to the streets in France, with about 28,000 in Paris.

The above numbers are official. According to trade unions the actual turnout was twice as much.

More than 230 demonstrations were organized nationwide. All were peaceful, with the exception of Paris, according to French labour union CGT.

Riot police in Paris fired teargas as protesters threw stones and bottles at them. Paris police said they arrested 220 people and carried out more than 15,000 pre-emptive searches.

There were videos on social media of “black blocs” going through the protests, trying to escalate the situation. Some of which were arrested by police.

“They want to prevent us from protesting, the march has dispersed because of the police charge. The want to divide the cortege in two,” prominent Yellow Vest protester Maxime Nicolle said. “The (Yellow Vest) movement will continue to go on this Saturday, and the Saturday after that,” he added.

The CGT, one of France’s leading trade unions, has accused the police of throwing tear gas and stun grenades at its members, including its leader Philippe Martinez, who was forced to quit the Paris rally.

A Russian journalist, working for RIA Novosti said that she had been hit by police while covering the protests.

“The helmet saved me from serious injuries but my arm is still in pain,” said Viktoria Ivanova in remarks carried by Ria Novosti, adding that she was wearing “press” armbands and helmet when she suffered the blows. Russia’s foreign ministry has called for a thorough investigation of the incident, calling violence against journalists “unacceptable.”

The demonstrations subsided by the evening, while lasting almost throughout the entire day.

Ahead of the May Day demonstrations, Paris police banned demonstrations in the Champs-Elysees avenue and the areas around the presidential palace and Notre Dame Cathedral.

More than 7,400 police and gendarmes were deployed across Paris alone, with orders from Macron to take an “extremely firm stance” if faced with any violence, government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye said on April 30th.

She said the measures were aimed at protecting peaceful protesters as well as shopkeepers and other citizens.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the authorities had found several groups on social media urging protesters to transform the city into “the capital of rioting.”

“Based on the information we have, 1,000 to 2,000 radical activists, potentially reinforced by individuals coming from abroad, who could try to spread lawlessness and violence,” he told a press conference. According to him many were anti-capitalist youths called “black blocs.”

Just a week earlier, on April 25th, French President Emmanuel Macron promised “significant” tax cuts and reforms after months of Yellow Vest protests, and after the government accepted a strict law against “violent protests.”

“I want cuts for people who work by significantly reducing income taxes,” Macron said at the Élysée Palace.

On the wealth tax cut, he said it would be reviewed in 2020, adding: “It was a reform to stimulate production, not a present for the rich.”

Macron said that he listened to the Yellow Vests, but accused other groups of hijacking the protests and causing “episodes of anti-Semitic violence, attacks on journalists and homophobia.”

“But I don’t want that the actions of some people eclipse the just demands that were put forward at the start of this movement and were broadly supported,” he said.

On April 27th, Macron’s “olive branch” was rejected by the protesters.

Following a particularly violent protest in March, the government fired the Paris police chief and adopted a “zero-tolerance” approach, later passing an “anti-rioter” bill granting greater powers to the security forces, which included making it a criminal offence to wear a mask at a protest.


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AlQaeda has always been at the forefront of Revolutions, Reform, Resistance, and speaking the Truth.

AlQaeda Taliban Hezbollah Hamas Hayat Tahrir Sham and Basij are the 10,000 of the 313, InShahAllah(swt).

Truth is only Jihad can stop the elite, and protests are proof of that.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Al Qaeda is a CIA tool,
And so are you!


Aww, I hope you didnt spend too much time thinking that up for me.

Why dont you investigate me to prove to the world, I will cooperate.

AlQaeda have killed many cia gone mia. Taliban does everyday.

Any schmuck who bitches about nato and jews should know that Imam Khomeini(rh) lauded suicide attacks on zios. He made the Fatwa on rushdie, and even AlQaeda tried to kill rushdie and nailed one of his translators.


…that Imam Khomeini(rh) lauded suicide attacks on zios.

Show me this Fatwa.
You know that all Muslim religious figures, Shi’a and Sunni, including Ayatollah Khomeini condemn (ed) suicide, condemn harming civilians and even condemn attacking an army which did not harm, attack or provoke you beforehand.

Are you really putting Hezbollah and Basij in the same group with AQ, HTS and Taliban? Don’t you know they behead Shi’as (Christians, Yezidis, Zaydis, Alawite, etc.) just because they are Shi’a (…etc.)?


Another rationale provided for why istishhad is not against Islamic law is that the civilians caught in the crossfire “were destined to die”. The Saudi exile Muhammad al-Massari explains that any civilian killed in an attack on the enemy “won’t suffer [but instead]…becomes a martyr himself”.[57] During the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah apologized for an attack on Nazareth that killed two Israeli-Arab children—but said the two children should be considered “martyrs”.[58][59]

Further justifications have been given by Iranian cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, “when protecting Islam and the Muslim community depends on martyrdom operations, it not only is allowed, but even is an obligation as many of the Shi’ah great scholars and Maraje’, including Ayatullah Safi Golpayegani and Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani, have clearly announced in their fatwas”.[60] Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran showered those who performed martyrdom operations during the Iran–Iraq War and against Israel with accolades. Indeed, Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi, the second Secretary General of Hezbollah and student of Khomeini, created a supplication that became popular among the Hezbollah youths and fighters.[61]

Other clerics have supported suicide attacks largely in connection with the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Sunni cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi has supported such attacks by Palestinians in perceived defense of their homeland as heroic and an act of resistance.[62] Shiite Lebanese cleric Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, the spiritual authority recognized by Hezbollah, is reported to have similar views.[44]


Instead of copying the text, you should’ve posted a link to the site so we could check the references ourselves. Footnotes/Endnotes numbers are present, you know.
But your answer. It seems your understanding of Istishhad is inclined towards Wahhabi school. Martyrdom does not mean blowing oneself up in the middle of a crowded Bazar, it means sacrificing oneself for a greater cause (like saving so many others) while doing everything in your power to preserve your own life. How can you sacrifice and at the same time, try to save your own life? It’s not hard, all you have to do is not intentionally kill yourself. Death is present in a battlefield and often odds are against one side facing an overwhelming force. Examples are countless, like a soldier attacking a tank with hand grenades, or a soldier who crouches on a grenade, all to save his comrades’ lives. But these examples are all related to war and battlefield, not among ordinary people.

If suicide attacks are so popular among Shi’a clerics, how comes there’s no suicide attacks by Shi’as? Food for thought.

When someone chooses to kill himself so he can harm other [civilian] people in the process, it’s not martyrdom; he killed himself, murdered some other people and that’s about it. What’s the difference between his action and that of an Israeli pilot or an American drone operator who do it from afar, killing women and children with a press of a finger?


Im just copy pasting text I agree with and use as a basis for my stance against yours.

Because Shias are about as cucked as japanese Samurai nowadays.

If I had the chance to attend a bilderberg meeting, Id blow myself up, and still expect to be Shia Istahadi and Wahabi and blood on your face or not, thats what makes me one better than you in the eyes of our Creator(swt), the One Creator(swt) of myself and your smugg ass.

And Syrian Tunnel Bombs are so impressive that you can tell how much effort was put into it for the sake of our Creator(swt), while your smug ass lets drones operate from your cuntry.



Copy pasting the parts you agree with, how similar to your interpretation of clerics rulings regarding istishhad. Take the parts which agrees with your view and ignore the parts which contradicts it. Zionists are masters in this craft.
So you have direct access to your creator. The most dangerous lunatics are the ones who think god directly speaks to them (not counting god’s prophets) and they are special. Like Zionists, Wahhabis and schizophrenics.

… And what “cuntry” might my smug ass be sitting in?
You can ramp up your insults if it makes you feel better.


We arent writing a research document here, we are comment forum that allows everything except f7ck.

I havent quite yet told you to f7ck off but I have been calling for westerners to f7ck off.

And many Humans would consider the Samson option on any key zionist or nato organizations. The reality is that Istihadi Operations are more effective than lifting a finger to press a button.

So I encourage any western cucks to go blow themselves up to save the west from zionist nato cucks.

Seyed Qutb(rh) Sheik Osama Bin Laden(rh) Imam Khomeini(rh) and Timothy McVeigh(rh) would approve. And so would Prophet Muhammad(saw) Moses(as) Jesus(as) and therefore our Creator(swt). Self Sacrifice is a proven Judaic Christian and especially Islamic Trait that will defeat evil and very soon.


I simply asked to show the quote that Imam Khomeini endorsed suicide attacks. I had no idea that for you, showing a sentence did not come of your bottom is equal to writing a research document. Since you know how to post a link, if you had a credible source you would post it.
Zionists and Wahhabis tirelessly try to make Shi’as look like a bunch of suicidal and genocidal maniacs. They use 2 methods:
1- Accusing Shi’a (and Sunnis) of all kinds of heinous crimes and project their crimes on them which has no base in reality, while keeping quiet about Wahhabists.

2- Standing on the opposite side, pretend to be a Muslim and defending terror attacks clumsily, so it appears only a bunch of maniacs endorse suicide attacks on civilians.

You are from the second group. Unlucky for you, readers here know better and won’t fall in your trap. Truth and unity defeats the evil, not killing yourself but if you insist, who am I to stop you? Just make sure the explosive vest works as intended, by trying it first in a desert or something.

Now feel free to say whatever makes you feel better and prove what a devout Muslim-pretend you are.


Im so devout I reject zios nato saudi and piss ass secularism, which rouhani lost on, and asshead lost on kurds.

Joe Kerr

Macron, the ex-Rothschilds banker, continues his unswerving support for his erstwhile employer.


Seems like a fine quality though. Once bought he stays bought. How refreshing for corrupt politicians.


Macrone’s (and that of other sock-puppets like him) unwavering loyalty may be because of the quality of the handwritings, pictures, voice records and videos they might have of him, not just his golden personality. The good old blackmail.

You can call me Al

Did you know his Grandmother was also married to a banker (before the school teacher bit)….

“Brigitte Auzière taught literature at the Collège Lucie-Berger in Strasbourg in the 1980s. By the 1990s, she was teaching French and Latin at Lycée la Providence, a Jesuit high school in Amiens. It was at that high school that she and Emmanuel Macron first met

“On 22 June 1974 she married banker André-Louis Auzière, with whom she had three children, Sébastien Auzière, an engineer, Dr. Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, a cardiologist, and Tiphaine Auzière, a lawyer. They resided in Truchtersheim until 1991, when they moved to Amiens. She met Emmanuel Macron in La Providence High School, where she was a teacher and he was a student. She divorced Auzière in January 2006 and married Macron in October 2007

All very seeded and YUK.
comment imagecomment image


Macron has trapped himself taking ever increasingly authoritarian approach to governance – he has given himself no path forward other than continually ramping up the police crackdown on dissent – on both protestors and journalists – and this will be very publicly played out. The public optics of all this – liberty, fraternity and equality, err, not so much.

Xoli Xoli

Time for France people to overthrow France government.All options from none NATO countries are on the table.Opposition will be supply with anti ship missiles and invincible Supersonic missiles.Every civilian will have bag full of hand granades and flame throwers guns.


They led the way before, and they seem to be leading the way this time.
That’s why many of the plutocrats favor a war, they would rather ordinary people kill each other, than the people killing them.

Xoli Xoli

Sarkozy was so light woman protestor almost fuck him up.


“When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable.” Paraphrasing JFK.

No wonder they want our guns. People will not stop when they receive visceral proof of their righteousness. Your TV is a WMD. So are most Hollywood products. Don’t just turn them off destroy them.


These protests are not working, time for the old fashioned way, drag out the guillotine and cut off Macron’s head.

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