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France: Supermarket Hostage-Taker Claims Allegiance To ISIS. Casualties Reported

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France: Supermarket Hostage-Taker Claims Allegiance To ISIS. Casualties Reported

A photo from the scene. Source: https://twitter.com/LPatriote92/status/977141920160976896

UPDATE: The attacker has been killed.

A police operation is underway in the southern French city of Trèbes due to a shooting followed by a hostage-taking incident in the city’s supermarket.

The hostage-taker has claimed allegiance to ISIS, AFP quoted the prosecutor’s office as saying.

According to the preliminary details of the investigation, a man “entered the supermarket Super U around 11:15 a.m. and shots were heard,” AFP quoted a source close to the case.

According to conflicting reports, up to three people may have been killed in the incident.

“The circumstances of the incident allow us to consider it a terrorist attack. The hostage situation is ongoing. The operation is not over,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said, according to the BFMTV broadcaster.

La Dépêche du midi released a report claiming that the attacker had been already killed. However, this report remains unconfirmed.

The operation is ongoing.

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Correct title should be “Serial arsonist’s house on fire”…And if the guy is eventually caught sporting an AK, does Macron get to blame it on Putin…

El Diablo

Macron doesn’t have a real plan ^^ Like Merkel.


He have plans which is following his scripts


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False flag. Next.


The ISIS terrorist killed one person in Carcassonne, then later he killed two more in the supermarket in Trèbes. He also wounded 16 persons with gun shots. He was shot dead by the police.


Who tells that ?


Rupert Murdoch. You believe that joker?


At the same time a high-ranking French EU diplomatic civil servant has testified that Syria had informed France several times that the French Lafargue cement company was supporting and financing terrorist groups in Syria, incl. Al Qaeda and ISIS. So the French foreign ministry cannot longer pretend they didn’t know about the Lafargue business of supporting terrorism. A French citizen group has called again for Fabius, the minister of foreign affairs at the time and infamously famous for the statement “The Al Nosra Front is doing a terrific job in Syria” to be sued by the French state (I don’t see this happen, he has too much support in an influential lobby). Now this politics of destroying Syria by supporting countless terrorist groups is again reaping its fruits…


Assad wanted to collaborate with the westenbers gangsters ?? XD. He gets a taste of doing stupid things.

We keep repeating not to collaborate with terrorists but it seems to hard to understand despite 1 billions proofs. I don’t know.


Do you mean Fabius and Hollande (former French Secretary of state and president respectively), not Assad?


No. Assad collaborate with the western gangstaers. Now, it is his turn. Gadafi tols every arab leader that the west will go after them one by one.

Concrete Mike

I worked for Lafafge back then, i didnt know we were that involved. I even remember the safety bulletins that came out of that plant during nusra management.

This is serious shit; when the WORLD’S largest construction material supplier openly supports terror, with goverment approval. How did it get to this?


Keep the sheep under control.


These attacks follow a pattern:

Lone Wolf Dies (or is reported to die) Found to have affiliations that fit the narrative (“ISIS” “assault-style automatic weapons” “neo-nazi”) No-one saw it coming (which means the intelligence service organized it) Crisis actors (I think most politicians are crisis actors of a sort)…..

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