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JUNE 2021

France Joins Syria Fight: Goals And Consequences

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Written by Peter Korzun; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

French President Emmanuel Macron kept his word. On April 1-2, French troops moved into northern Syria. This is the first time France deployed substantial forces there to turn Paris into a new actor actively involved in the war. The troops advanced toward Manbij and Remelin to join American allies and did it hastily.

The move was made at the time Ankara warned about the plans to control this territory with Russia, Turkey and Iran working together to define Syria’s future. It significantly changes the situation and makes ask questions about the goals pursued by the US and France and the prospects for war and peace in the conflict-torn country. Summing up the recent events leads to the conclusion that the US and France have a hidden agenda to expand the conflict, wreak havoc and stymie the Russia-led peace efforts.

The news about French deployment came just before the April 4 Russia-Turkey-Iran summit in Ankara stated the goal to “speed up their efforts to ensure calm on the ground” in Syria. On April 3, US President Donald Trump said he would “decide very quickly” to remove forces from that country. The statement was made right after about 300 US Marines accompanied by armored vehicles and engineering equipment were moving toward Manbij as reinforcements to repel possible Turkish inroads. The construction of two bases in Syria’s northern Manbij region is underway.

The Marines have already launched daily patrols along the Sajur River, a tributary that feeds the Euphrates River from sources in Turkey, with observation posts built to monitor the area. This is unheard of – two leading states of the North Atlantic Alliance blocked the other NATO member’s land access to Manbij! On April 3, CNN reported that plans to send reinforcements have been discussed for several days before Trump’s remarks on leaving Syria soon.

The US also wasted no time to press Iraq into sending its 5th Army Division to Sinjar province and line the forces on the Iraqi-Syrian border to obstruct the possible advance of Turkish army from Syria into Iraq.

Obviously, the US is trying to partition Syria while creating a quasi-state on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and up to the Iraqi border. In Deir-ez-Zor, the US-led coalition resists the restoration of Syrian government institutions. It makes one think that the words about “leaving soon” may be nothing more than wishful thinking or an attempt to baffle those who are trying to predict further steps America will take.

The list of goals includes controlling the oil fields and chunks of the territory. Donald Trump wants Saudi Arabia to pay for US operations in Syria and it probably will. If the decision to leave were taken, he wouldn’t raise the question. According to the president, Saudi Arabia is interested in America staying in Syria.

That’s what the US “rocking from side to side” foreign policy is like. Rex Tillerson is fired to make the world know about it from tweets. The US wants to leave Syria but will stay if Saudi Arabia pays. Donald Trump invited the Russian leader to visit him in Washington against the background of Russia diplomats expelled and the consulate office in Seattle closed. Is it being short-sighted or far-sighted? Is this swinging back and forth a well-thought over policy or no policy at all? Is it done on purpose to keep everyone guessing with no predictions possible? You never know. Donald Trump once denounced Saudi Arabia as extremist and then sold a huge package of weapons to call the kingdom a great friend and close ally against Iran.

The Syrian forces are preparing an offensive in the Daraa – Quneira – Suweida area in the south while denuding other fronts. The territory is huge and the terrain is hard to cross. There are at least 25 heights to fire at advancing forces from. The Free Syrian Army and other rebel groups are much more numerous than the ones being defeated in Eastern Ghuta. Their defenses are strong. Unlike in other places, the rebel forces can easily get logistical support from Jordan. That’s where the US and Saudi Arabia can contribute greatly. Israel has been involved in such activities since 2015. It took roughly six months to liberate Eastern Ghuta, with an active phase to dislodge rebel fighters launched in mid-March. It’s easy to surmise that it will take at least a year, may be much more, to liberate the area in question.

A conflict is easy to provoke. The operations of Syria’s government forces aimed at cutting off supplies coming from Jordan could be presented as an act of aggression against the Hashemite Kingdom. Chemical substances could be transported from Jordan to stage another provocation used as a pretext to attack Syria.

The operation could become a war of attrition to make Syria concentrate more and more of its forces in one place at the expense of other battlefields. They will be stuck there for a considerable period of time. That’s when the US-coalition will be in good position to attack anywhere it wants using the base of Al-Tanf as a springboard. Manbij as well as the Al-Tabka air base located to the south of Raqqa are perfect places for launching an offensive to drive Syria out from Aleppo. Then the country will plunge again into an “all-against-all” fight.

The efforts applied so far by Russia, Turkey and Syria will go down the drain. This time the US will not be alone to have substantial presence on the ground. It’s hard to imagine that the French forces arrived in Syria could be anything but the start of broader NATO presence with other members of the bloc to follow the French example. Russian military personnel and NATO soldiers will be looking at each other through the sights of guns. This scenario will be fraught with a great risk of international military conflict and a real tragedy for Syrian people but those who are provoking it don’t care.

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France finally found a new war to get humiliated and surrender in – hope they have a rail car on hand…

Ariel Cohen



SAA victory is now pre-ordained.


sure not. france has the second strongest (not largest) army in nato. fance continuously fights in africa. they have perfect army, airforce and navy.

Bobby Twoshoes

“fance continuously fights in africa” (sic.). You don’t think being unable to defeat ragtag African gangs brings the strength of their armed forces into question?


all right, go there, you idiot! in africa are same strong islamist as isis in syria. isis resisted turkey, SAA, etc. only really strong armies are ablo to defeat these fanatic mercenaries. be sure, france is perfect.

Bobby Twoshoes

You went there first, hence the quote, don’t you think it’s funny how people who call other people idiots usually do so immediately before or after saying something idiotic? This baseless assertion seems to conflict with your original nonsense, please decide whether “strong” armies do or do not win wars and get back to me when you have chosen which claim to support with your truth by assertion and misrepresentation of history.


you are simply dick.

Ariel Cohen

You’re wasting your time trying to talk to this monkey Bobby. It’s like trying to discuss spherics with a member of the Flat Earth Society . .

Bubba Junior

France has not had a perfect army since the early days of Napoleon .


Bullshit. They stopped germmans during ww1, in ww2 though they lost the blitzkrieg, but there was heavy resistance and also the french navy helped in war against fascism.


French are Cocks


They might have a Cockerel on their Rugby shirt but they are Frogs in reality. You are what you eat. Lol

You can call me Al

They surrendered you total retard.



You can call me Al


Joao Alfaiate

Wasn’t the French Navy sunk by the Brits in harbor?


Only sime ships. But the rest not.


…yeah, the rest were scuttled by their own crew…

Hisham Saber

ya, a few working order ships became the Navy of Vichy France.

Hisham Saber

no, Russia stopped Germany in WW 1 AND 2. Stop with the lies.


russia lost ww1. gave huge territories to germany. germany lost ww1 in western front.

learn history.

btw., check the western borders of russia before and after ww1. and ibetween, after separate treaty with german empire.

ww1 won french soldiers.

Mo Richard

France, Fighting who in Africa? Fighting bandits is different from fighting a regular Arma.

Sebastian Vicente

France is a minor power,Turkey will not attack them, the rebels will do it. Includes IED and carbombs

Hisham Saber

One hypersonic Khinzal missile launch from a MiG- 30BM and there goes the only aircraft carrier they have.

French, U.S, U.K , Israel , Kurds vs. SAA(Tiger Forces et all), IRGC Corps. (numerous), Hezbollah ( tremendous experience now having fought in Syria for 6 years now). Iraqi popular mobilization battalions that fall under the IRGC General Soliemeni. You can throw in the Syrian NDF and auxiliaries.

My money is on Syria, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah, Russia and the silent partner to them, China.



i wish war between russia and maerica only for that reason, that such idiotslike you finelly shut up! :DDD


The thought of Macrott being humiliated in such a manner is an irresistible pleasure! -D

Ariel Cohen

Yes…a real pleasure :)

leon mc pilibin

The sneaky french were always for attacking Syria,by any means ,lies or fake chemical attacks.


The French will pay at home. Last time there, I visited a Turkish friend doing some teaching of Turkish students in some obscure town in France. The police were stationed below and the rest of the place seemed like full of various Muslims from all over. It was interesting.

Macron is another idiot politician and Europe, not all, are fools to blindly follow US foreign policy.


France still thinks its like 1915


Sad how France has descended into vassalage.

Ariel Cohen

What do you expect when they have elected a young half-wit whose balls haven’t properly descended yet . .?


His name is Motherfucker. Yuck


Mommy keeps his balls nice and safe in her purse.

Ariel Cohen

LOL … but does he have a mother?

Mo Richard

Yes, she sleeps by him all nights

Ariel Cohen


You can call me Al

He loved her so much, he married her !!.


Oh yes, Brigitte is a real honey, he still sleeps in her bed.


France has been more or less run by Judeo-Masons ever since the French revolution. The current leader is literally a Rothschild lackey (Not even hidden but publicly acknowledged)

Ariel Cohen

Well stated BL bro . . .


T2 needs the RQ 170’s drones quickly and lots of them.
Damascus as well if their going to move against Daara.
The La Fargue Cement Plant needs a cruise missile to welcome the French Invaders.


Nothing will go down the drain except for the efforts to split and partition Syria.


One firecracker per mouth is all it takes. Not much meat on the legs though.

Valery Grigoryev

It’s ridiculous and VERY French: bravely join the dominating force when the war is closer to the end, ha-ha:)
Like in 1944.


What are you talking about? Western Soviet Union was also under the total control of Nazi Germany until about 1944, but nobody questions their fight. Are you implying that the French did not fight against the Nazis until 1944? It is ridiculous to imply such things.
Also, it is worth remembering that 1) the Nazis inflicted much heavier losses against the Soviets, and 2) Soviet Union was totally dominated by the jewish bolsheviks from Revolution up until recently, NOT Russians. I am very glad that Russia is back in Russian hands now, but it is a weak historical position to make jibes about the French.
Besides, all serious military historians know that the French have an excellent record militarily, much better than most nations. Also, Germany beat everyone in WW2, repeatedly, until the fight became simply too big for any one country. It is worth remembering a few facts every now and then…


I am very glad that Russia is back in Russian hands now

BS- putin. medvedev, lavrov, jews. chief of russian central bak jew. 9 out 10 ministers jews.

9 out 10 oligarch jews. the rest: 1 armenian, 1 russian.


Hello Sol! But they are not jewish bolsheviks. Putin is a jew? Really? But he looks Aryan! I don’t have the figures myself, but 9 out of ten oligarchs being jewish is very close to the western average, so what’s your point? That we are all slaves to the jewish oligarchs? Hmmm, I think you’ve got a very good point there.


yes, they are simply thiefs and oligarchs. with same power in their hands. the normal russian people are poor guys.

You can call me Al
Hisham Saber

Ya, but the way in which the Germans made a mockery out of their stationary defenses , the Maginot Line, was born of total military incompetence, laziness, no sophistication.

Then, in southeast Asia, Vietnam, one of the poorest countries in the world at the time, devastated the French militarily. A bunch of farmers in sandals and bedsheets armed with AK-47’s and shovels, took down the French, then the U.S.


If you look at the Maginot Line as a purely military device then of course it is not very useful. Defensive structures are built in order to de-escalate tensions, because defensive structure is not offensive warfare. So Maginot Line was at least 50% political. FYI Germans built their own Siegfried Line.
Vietnam: yes they beat the French colonial setup (not really “French Military”). But the US military really made a substantial stand there, and were beaten, as you say. The total losses from the Vietnamese side were 2-3 million from the US adventure, a figure that is not mentioned so often.

Valery Grigoryev

You’re just a fool, having no knowledge about real WW2. It’s a shame to compare Soviet army with cowardly French prostitutes, who surrendered to Hitler in just one month, then carefully worked at their factories, producing weapons for Wehrmaht, eating fois-gras anf drinking vins in their cosy restaurants, and then after 4 years at last joined the Western allies in a moment when everything was already solved at the Eastern front by the Russian blood, and then they claimed they were fighting too:) Just a shame!


Your knowledge of the events in the western Europe is sadly lacking.

Valery Grigoryev

I don’t think so. I respect both the US and the UK for their great help to Russia at the time of WW2, as well as heroical Polish, which fought on several fronts from the very beginning up to the very end. But I do not respect those, who just sat in the caffee and waited for a moment when others would bring them a liberation. Respected generals de Gaulle, de Tassigni and Giraut and their few dozens of fighters, plus Normandi squadroon at the east – that’s all contribution of a “great” France to the common victory. While after that French did not forget to bite off the piece of Germany in their favor :)

John Mason

Surely Syria should have a say or don’t they?


Not according to the colonial powers, they own the world don’t you know.

John Mason

I was actually referring to Russia, Iran and Turkey who seem to have taken on the mantle of representing Syria. Would like to know what Assad an his government have to say and regarding the colonial powers, they are becoming insignificant and their time is nearly up.

Brad Isherwood

United States – 1871 …A Corporation.

When the British East India company /Corporation piled into India. …
India had no @#$# say.
When other Nations East India company’s piled in……India had no say.
The Corporations agreed to Corporate terms,
They also turned and fought against each other. ..Britian and France had Army battles in
The Corporation known as the United States has like 20 years no war/conflict since 1776.
It’s a Corporate Racket….as General Smedley Butler published.
France being part of Colonial Sykes Picot is going to By Gawd have Their cut of the Cake.
Especially after their historic French Connection Opium racket/narcotics route from decades ago was end a round by Fatullah Gulen organization and the CIA.
US Corporation and CIA pushed France out of their Indo China Narcotics racket. .taking that mostly via the Vietnam War.

France must have blown Alot of dick to get back into Syria : )

Hisham Saber

bro, international law, is no longer respected by the west, Israel.


Emmanuel Macron is such a little shabbos goy.


Macron is a globalist and this is what you get when you elect a globalist leader – globalist foreign policy, interventions abroad, military in the service of global corporations, and military controlled at least partially from abroad (NATO + Tel Aviv).

Feudalism Victory

Need more time to see where this goes. Hard to see how positions so far inland can be sustained against joint turkish and iranian opposition.

Bluff? Who has the balls to call?

John Brown

Let us hope thh racist supremacist global Jewish slave confederate empire commits more forces to lose trillions in Syria as they are all bankrupt. In the very short term its bad for Syria but better for the world adn Syria in the medium to long term. No way NATO or USSA slaves of Israel can afford a long term commitment. The Jewish federal reserve dollar can now collapse any day with the petro Yaun against it, When that happens it over, thats why racist jews are in such a frenzy like the Skirpal fake news case

Hisham Saber

that about sums it up pal,

Their miserable Talmud and Kabala preach to them of their world domination, with their God ‘ruling with an iron fist’.

They are in a tizzy as to why, how and what went awry with their plans when they were so close.

I believe its divine providence that brought along Russia, Putin , China , Xi. Also, Khamenei of Iran and Nasrallah of Hezbollah. Its not a good time to be a Jew, even if you have billions, fake money anyways.

R PLobo

The French being dropped in is a way out for the US. In order to avoid direct conflict with Russia the US has fronted the French zionist forces. Unlike the US the French have a very weak position in the ME. Dien Bien Phu repeats.

Eskandar Black

I am going to enjoy watching the FSA bloody the french. this way i can remind them of the time they turned off the lights for the moderates, and laugh.

Richard M

Little Maricon moves toy soldiers on the game board while Grandma minds the family business! :D


Division shmivision… France simply doesn’t want to leave Syria all to the Russians. Russia is keen on keeping Syrian unity for one reason: To prevent a pipeline being built from Qatar to Europe. Europe (here: France) is keen on being less dependent on one source for its energy. Russia’s chances to prevent this: 1) Keep the conflict in Syria going. 2) Have any future Syrian government under such tight control, that it would do anything Moscow says 3) Court Turkey so as to not allow a pipeline to be built via Turkey.
Ad 1) Russia is supporting the Russian-backed SAA just enough to make gains, but stands idly by, when it comes to Turkish aggression etc. Ad 2) Support for the SAA but luke-warm support for Dr. B. Al-Asad (he is to be eventually replaced). Ad 3) Allow Turkey to shoot down plane, invade, sell weapons to Turkey, build nuclear power plant (as alternative energy source!).
An alternative would be to build a pipelin via Israel and Cyprus – Greece. Hence the recent rapprochement between the Gulf states, Israel… with talks towards Cyprus and Greece.


Your assessment of the situation is incorrect. Try again.

Mo Richard

You gave yourself all the trouble for this?

Mo Richard

Hey, France is there to protects it’s interest. They have the largest cement factory of Syria somewhere there.


A Great Omen. Frogs to leap and croak their way home in disarray. We remember Yanki and Frogi troops being blown out of Beirut and Vietnam as they will be in Syria.


Miniature French Poodles make very good American lap dogs.


army iraki blocked army turc very funny bagdad and ankara are allied!! lol otan attacked syria mdr!! its only proteged zone kurd manbij! article pure speculation pute a clic!!

Hide Behind

Do not discount French military, nor its historical brutality during its colonial period.
IT destroyed the Islamic/ Arab Nationalistic revolutionaries in Morroco and Algeria by torture assassinations, massacres of civilians and captured combattants.
If one forgets France has its own nuclear forces controlled only by them.
France regained Libyas oil fields nut more importantly it was the regain of control of trade routes into central Africa where they are presently part of BAR Is plans to divide Africa in half by a line of multi-national military installations. Francs has around 30,000 full time military men in Africa and adding more at steady pace.
France is been a partner/lackey of US in from very beginning of US invasion and occupation of both Iraq wars, and Afghanistan and Libya. They are in reality occupiers of three weak but resource wealthy African nations and Spec Ops In 8 more.
Once world went beyond swords , horses and Camels, let’s face it,rest of world’s peoples, except China since 1945, have all been no more than at whims of Euro-Centric financial needs.
And not since Cleopatras death, end of Ottoman, been an Arabic or Islamic military power able to withstand even a bunch of Italian Fascist faggots.
Living centuries old tales does not cut it in today’s reality.
Only hope for Islamic s to gain power is to leave their nations for European and US Canada, where leadership is busy screwing not just rest of world but performing genocide upon own citizens, breed like like rabbits while enriching a few Imans,, stick together by old tribal religious order, and wait for the complete demise of white citizens.
Cuz they sure as heck cannot defeat the Euro-Centric militarily
Try bribery and sexual favors, now those are powerful weapons.

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