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France & Italy Join Greece In Major Naval War Games ‘Show Of Force’ Against Turkey

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to make “no concessions” with Greece amid the rapidly escalating eastern Mediterranian gas exploration dispute, declaring Turkey will “do whatever is necessary” to secure its territorial rights in Wednesday remarks commemorating an ancient battle which saw Seljuk Turks victorious during an engagement with the Byzantine empire in the 11th century.

“We don’t have our eye on someone else’s territory, sovereignty and interests, but we will make no concessions on that which is ours,” Erdogan said, while urging that Greece must “avoid wrongs that will be the path to ruin”. He underscored “We will not compromise what is ours… We are determined to do whatever is necessary.”

This even as Macron’s France has jumped fully onboard to defend Greece and Cyprus’ cause in preventing breach of their maritime territory and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ).

France & Italy Join Greece In Major Naval War Games 'Show Of Force' Against Turkey
Joint military drills, via Ekathimerini Drills

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Lol, some alliance NATO is. This is why I always laugh whenever some Turk or NATO blowhard insists Turkey is basically untouchable because of its membership.

Turkey only has itself to blame, or more accurately, Erdogan.

johnny rotten

The turkeys, the yankees and israhell live in a distant mythological past, a past that never existed and can never happen in the future, they will soon begin to understand it, it is inevitable.


Understand what johnny?

YOU have the secret knowledge … lol


It’s Israel for you roach, you will bow down everytime you say that name.

cechas vodobenikov

Greece, Egypt, Italy adhere to the UN Law of the Sea—reference their recent agreement that regards the Mediterranean—turkeys/amerikans and their village colonies, Canada, denmark, Israel violate this law….the Israelis deny palestians the use of their adjacent sea for fishing—backward sadists

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