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France Is Ready To Deploy Troops In Syria To Solve “Kurdish-Turkish Crisis” – Media

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France Is Ready To Deploy Troops In Syria To Solve "Kurdish-Turkish Crisis" - Media


On March 29, the French Presidency office announced that France had offered to mediate between Turkey and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to put an end to the Turkish-Kurdish crisis in northern Syria.

Earlier, France’s President Emmanuel Macron held a meeting with representatives of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party and even the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). Kurdish sources said that Macron had stressed France’s support for the SDF during the meeting.

According to Reuters, Khaled Eissa, a Kurdish official based in Paris, said that Macron had promised the Kurdish delegation to send French troops to the city of Manbij to dissuade Turkey from advancing on the town.

The Turkish National Security Council warned on March 28 that Turkey will take “initiative”, if the SDF does not withdraw from the city of Manbij.

Macron’s alleged promise to deploy ground troops in Syria could be linked to an earlier statement of US President Donald Trump, in which he said that the US will led “other people” take care of the situation in Syria “very soon”.

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MD Ranix

the french revolution revisited from zio hypocrites

Promitheas Apollonious

A good excuse to put troops on the ground. I wonder if russians understand the game the west using turkey, is playing on them, or they also are in the game of splitting syria in three parts and they sold out their `allies`, in the name of politics and deception.


Russians are waiting patiently, enjoying the collapse of the zio- mafia. There is a “behind the curtains”game that we are trying to figure out.

Promitheas Apollonious

You may know what you doing,(russians), at first my friend before the game begins. After that is an effort to stay on course, but reality is defeating this effort. As you no longer the only player in this game and obviously you have underestimated a game that the stakes are very high.

And Russia make a big mistake, trying to use Turkey against NATO, the most favored child of UK. It is not accidental UK attack russia with bogus accusations at this point. Turkey owns Afrin now and the americans, hold east of Euphrates, all need now is unite the territories among them and they will. This is what I see.

Miguel Redondo

When Turkey and US cooperate , than probably the Kurds change definitely sides und go with Assad and Russia.

Promitheas Apollonious

and who will want a traitor and a whore for the highest price to be trusted to protect your back?

Kurds proved to be very ungrateful any where they went and to the countries they given them sanctuary. They always bite the hand that feeds them.

Miguel Redondo

You are right , but how long will the US stay at the Omar Oil fields without PKK alliance? Because the local arab tribes are defenitely not happy with the US there.

Promitheas Apollonious

The turkish army and their allies can take care of that.


Non of the axis powers can actually afford a long term occupation, either in dollars or body bags. Russia has made the axis powers deploy troops, and not just their pet terrorists. That is a victory in itself.

Promitheas Apollonious

from one point of view yes it is some type of victory if that was their objective. But was not. The objective was all foreign military forces to leave Syria and Syria to hold her sovereign rights over her land.

With nato armies arriving on the ground, will create a situation where new borders are drawn within Syria. So how you see it as victory when you give the ground to your enemies to become legalized in their illegal actions?


A victory for Russia, is not necessarily a victory for Syria. Russia is not aiding Syria because it is an all round good guy, saving a damsel in distress. For Russia it is about a base in the Med, and more importantly to stop the American gas pipeline. If the Americans get their pipeline built, it will be much easier for them to convince the Europeans to not buy Russian gas.

The American destabilization of Syria Ukraine Afghanistan and Myanmar, are all connected by oil and gas. These are the pipeline wars.

All wars are about money.

Tudor Miron

Your views are very shallow.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes I know.


Good day, Promitheas. The russians are answering you:


Promitheas Apollonious

Good morning to you too, my friend and that is not the answer, I am waiting from the russians. :-)


I’m sure the Russians know the game better than the axis of evil.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not disputing, that whatever I see, the russians see more my friend. But that is theory and provided the ones who see read correctly the picture and not be involved to achieve what at first they seen possible insisting against the odds. And that was to put in direct conflict, turks and americans. That will not happen so up to now what they achieved is separate Syria in 4 parts.

That they manage to destroy the structure of a mercenary army means nothing because that can be reestablished in zero time. And we seen this happening right now. Whose helped turks take over afrin? The same Assad is fighting . So russians may seen what I see but they can not do anything about it.

I also never explained the Putin declaration of victory and stopping before the war is won thus giving the chance to all else to take what they wanted in the first place before 500.000 people die and millions floating to europe. I fail to see a victory where obviously a compromise will be the solution that the day after, will be much worst than a defeat, for Syria.


First two plane loads shot down will stop the entire French dreams.

Winnie Eldrup

Who invited France – oh, it´s zionist masters.


They do not need invitation as they think they are still ruling the world.

Well ..

Acko Manah

France is useless. USA is powerful Russia is strong France is a little noisy poodle that nobody wants.

Acko Manah

France will try to get everyone out by their smell.

j. jaxson

smell bombs good idea i can smell it!!!!


Israel owns macron, he owes his entire career to Zionist banks.

You can call me Al

Where did Macron come from – from absolutely nowhere into office, he looks like Brair, he looks like Trudea, they are just NWO puppets.

Albert Pike

Jacob R.

Miguel Redondo

How will French troops arrive ? Via Turkey ? (probably not) Via Syria ? (probably not) Via Iraq ? ( don´t think that Irak would let French forces to come to help the Kurds.)


Via Jordan

Miguel Redondo

Fine …… Look at the Map


Jordan is south and Turkish contested area mostly north.


The easiest way would be Turkey but theres no way Erdogan would consent to this. So that leaves Iraq or Jordan. Jordan they have no problem with access but its too far south. Iraq looks like the way but this depends on the Iraq governments agreement.


I doubt the Syrians or Russians would attempt any shoot down of a transport when they havent even shot down aircraft bombing their forces


Now now … in times of war , if French are occupying their land , do you think Syrians are so cowardly not to shoot down those supply planes?

If it is your country , what would you do? Let them fly like cowards?

Too many fellas here just give little credit to Syrian nationalism .


Oh the US coalition only strike from position far away from the Air Defense network just like Israel. The only effective AD assets directly under Syrian control is Pantsir S1 and the obsolete at longer range S200. Both are insufficient in hitting far high flying fast aircraft.

There are never the case where US overflighting Syrian controlled territory carrying hostile action. Israel just punished recently too.


Theres nothing to stop a US transport helicopters flying out of Jordan inside the Iraq border & up the eastern Euphrates which US control the airspace.


Exactly my point. They couldn’t carry hostilities through the Syria controlled territory. All other mission like transport though will be noted.

John Whitehot

the S200 isn’t “insufficient” to hit high and fast targets – it’s more than adequate – especially if the EW and C4 networks are working and the personnel has been trained extensively.


Yes my bad. I confused its characteristic with something else.

John Whitehot

keep living in denial.

Ivan Freely

I’m going to have to agree with AJ. Russia/Syria won’t shoot down any NATO planes. Look at the US, their bases are still there, continually getting resupplied. Zero attempts to block any supplies. French troops will likely replace US troops in Northern Syria. Attacking any NATO assets will give the excuse the AAZ Empire have been looking for. The smart thing to do for Russia / Syria, is to let NATO members fight among themselves.


Fine give me an example in the last 7 years of when the US aircraft have been targeted let alone been close to shot down by SAA

John Whitehot

blah blah blah.

Assad is right where he was 7 years ago.

Obama is not. Clinton never was.

And Putin will be for some years.

Now go draw some dick in the sky.


Actually they shot down an Israeli F-16 last month…


That is their very likely route.


It’s simple if they could just use USA rides. However the credit would go largely to the USA and French troops position would only as a US Army coalition forces thus putting them not quite in a position to make a bold decision such as confronting the Turkish forces or it’s auxiliaries.

Finally the French troops effectiveness would be questionable at most and there’s a higher chances Turkish units can overruns them in humiliating way. Think about it again French troops always unprepared and morally fragile in defense position throughout history.


You obviously missed some minor skirmish called World War 1 and some insignificant engagements called the battles of the Marne and Verdun.

France has gotten a bad rep because of what happened in WW 2, but those same people who make those jokes, usually of anglo saxon origin, conveniently forget that there was a huge British army alongside the French and they got just as soundly trashed.

John Mason

Most likely through Israel/Jordan, US have bases there.

John Whitehot

and how are they going to get to mambij from there?


US transport helicopters flying out of Jordan inside the Iraq border & up the eastern Euphrates which US control the airspace.

John Mason

Camel? Make an educated guess.

John Whitehot


Miguel Redondo

OK , everybody has it clear that airlift is the only way to bring French troops to Manbij. But airlifted troops are not very strong , as they lack heavy equipment. So I don´t think that they would be very effective.

jerry hamilton

Their equipment is already there. There has been a serious build up of equipment recently thought to be American.


Look up the battle of Dien Bien Phu. The French sent their paratroopers in because of an American request. Some things never change.


Well, that’s an easy one. They will be airlifted into northern Syria. Then after the troops arrive, heavy weapons and the such will be airlifted into the region as well. You were right about the airlift, but you seem to have forgotten that heavy supplies can be airdropped or landed anywhere in the world.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The CIA has the Kurds many heavy arms. However these kind of special forces do not use tanks and such. Think of SAS.


That macorony faggot will go no where except under his nanny’s skirt.. that was just a lip service to show the world that France are no more faggots..!

Acko Manah

Dude! Why do you insult gay men by comparing them to France?


I forgot to mention that I pitty those real French men and women after I wrote down my comment and only realized after I closed the page.. my bad.. and I apologize to all the French people for my mistakes and ignorance.. it won’t happen again..! Thanks for reminding.. God bless..

Acko Manah

Yeah surely move out USA; move out Russia and Turkey: France is coming! It is funny. Little baby poodle is coming to join the grown ups

You can call me Al


Real Anti-Racist Action

Via Israel and Jordan.


Wow all the actors are coming into play to get a slice of Syria using false pretences.

Come on Syria … finish of the terrorists fast and then take on these new invaders. In Syria , they have no chance even the US to succeed not to say France as today .. air force is all they have and really still think they are powerful . Look at the Houthis … surely SAA can fight better than the Houthis as long as they do not charge with tanks and easy targets at the coalition.

Never help the kurds …

Promitheas Apollonious

Syria alone has no chance against what is coming against her. Let us hope her allies are nto by name only as things are about to get very serious now.


Of course Syria alone fighting against US allies have less chance NOT NO CHANCE.

Even if Russians or Iranians are to stand by but surely to stop attacks from outside like Israel and assuming Turkey does not help US, how is US able to defend if Syrians and Hezbollah fight hezbollah and Houthis style BUT ARMED with SAMs and manpads.

I am all ears…. if US can defeat Assad.

US is practically surrounded in Syria and even a small force of soldiers fighting like Houthis style can stop a battalion.

I am talking about fighting INSIDE SYRIA not outside . US must fly high if allowed by Russians and Syrian SAM in the first place… as manpads will make short of low flying planes. High flying planes cannot target foot soldiers only tanks . So how ?

Another thing.. so many are assuming that the Alliance with Syria by Russia and Iran is less important than relationships with Turkey . Very silly really. Both Russia and Iran will standby Assad .

Promitheas Apollonious

As you paint the image yes it can happen what you saying. In the mean time in real life, Turkey now she has what she wanted part of it any way, will join with where she always belonged and her survival depends on it and that is west.

All her economy is given to her by west and can be taken away, before you blink. And is one thing russia can not warranty unless they go to open war with NATO and that is the air space of Syria, in the scenario you suggesting.

Yemen and Syria are completely different to compare what the houthis do or what afghans for this matter. Syria alone can not defeat what is coming against her period, with out Iran – Russia and the rest of her allies really getting into it no gloves on.


How Turkey will behave after the end of the war is up for debate or war will be more likely . To say Russia and Iran will not back Assad is too shallow as the long years of relationship is far stronger than with Turkey .

So that has to wait if Turkey is going to occupy Syria and risk war that would have the Kurds to back Syria up fully is another matter.

Now why you say , Syria is different from Yemen or Afganistan? Are Syrians more cowardly (IF FACED ALONE) than the poor Houthis or Talibans? I do not think so.

Assad has the majority of Syrian people support that will never I SAY NEVER allow foreigners esp enemies to the core type to occupy their land . On top of that Assad forces are very well battle hardened vs novice US soldiers depending only on air power which as I said can be negated very easily .

Yes, Syria ALONE can defeat the US if Syria is ready for the punishments like the Israelis did to Lebanon in 2006 for lack of targets.

I do not think Syrians will care about infrastructures compared to loss of their country to a hostile power who would make unlimited trouble into the future. This is an insult to the Syrians not to say Iran said “Get out or force out” .

Funny part is I am still waiting to know how the US can defeat SAA if they fight Hez or Houthis style.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not saying they will not back him up, because of turkey, that is your saying. Turkey is not a very significant opponent or player in this game, but more of a catalyst that up to now is been used by all major players in this game.

The next step, if is decided to be taken, that means nato and russia in direct conflict. And this is what Russia is deciding right now. As far west is concerned they have no choice and been trying to provoke a war with Russia since the 90s.

Obviously you never been to wars my friend. It is not a matter to be a coward or more brave. It is a matter of collective mentality as well terrain. The houthis fighting in their mountains the Syrians in their deserts. You seen how easy Russians took out isis in the open terrain? And when you speak war and global affairs emotion does not come in. Is black and white facts, you use to judge a situation and not if one is braver than the other. Syrians proved themselves, at least the ones who did not run and did not turn against their own motherland. For that they have my full respect. But in this global game one country as Syria can not stand long against what is coming for her so is left to see what Russia does and Iran.

And no in my opinion if Syria is left alone they will lose this war as her enemies can send more mercenaries than they can kill. And a nation can fight only so much base on the limited man power they have.


AS for Russian war with Nato .. that is yet to know how Russia or even Nato want to pursue as these conflicts are showing now on ridiculous issues and excuses/blame game . Very childish indeed especially when US can decide an issue just based based on words of UK. Very childish .

When one fight in the desert or the mountains both have their ways to move around . The main point is to move around even in the deserts if one is not concentrated in tanks and armoured vehicles , that air power is negated .

From the air, it does not matter if it is mountainous or level (not all level too and not all are deserts), air power cannot target foot soldiers is what I am saying.

That leaves ground levels combat and with ATGMs it effectively replace all the tanks with better stealth too. That is why Houthis is able to sustain fighting and winning territories.

Just look and study how ISIS fought . They all love to group around in large groups and travel in convoys and attack using tanks etc .

They were clobbered by the Russians just like the Russians contractors were clobbered when they tried to fight US air power recently. Those were plain stupidity . Almost all deads were killed by US air … without ability to fight back. USA ground forces did not even faced the Russians and US is talking all bull about how great they were without knowing that a simple SAM system would have clobbered the US

I do not think also that the Syrians next around will allow old planes like A10 to even fly .

Still I do not for a second think Syrians will allow US to stay and steal their country when they are not defenceless but actually able to shame the US using simple tactics. The main US weakness is the lack of ground forces and ability to reinforce . MOst important I do not think US forces are in the mood to fight and die like the Syrians. They have to go back to their mums in US .

Promitheas Apollonious

Ok I see you never been to war to know how it likes and what you saying in theory it may sound logical to you. In the desert when you move and have fight on both terrains, it is not the same as far air power goes. But will not discuss this.

Ok somewhere you mistaking what Syria can do in a practical way and what they accept or not. I am pro-syria on this so I respect the way you feel about it but reality on the ground and I am talking military reality is not what you think it is.

As for what mood the american soldiers are they dont have a choice been paid expendable excess personnel. You think who rule america care how many of the settlers in their colonies die for them to get the results they want?


Basically I say , Assad has the capabilities to drive out the Americans not only by himself (more difficult) but with the help of the Iranians who are just too happy to engage with the Americans not to say the fed up Russians.

These Russians are being made to look like fools by the west and Russia it seems is afraid to confront them. They no doubt will like to help Assad to even the score.

No I do not agree that just because these areas are mostly deserts that Assad cannot wage Houthis style war fare vs the Americans . Anyway , Assad still have Sam to keep the US planes away or at least high up in the air that cannot target foot soldiers EVEN IN DESERTS.

Look at the Houthis videos … their advanced far apart not like those stupid ISIS all in one big group. Even SAA currently are . But then hezbollah will teach them how.


The US can funnel in new terrorists faster than Syria can kill them. This war will be decided in the boardrooms of the financiers, not the battlefield.


Not true …

US if ONE plane shot down would stop immediately.

Concrete Mike

Hmmm doea anyone else see Lafarge’s ball prints all over this?? Itz where they have a large cement plant…

yudha bdg

Now the french had became another united states’ proxy


The last French leader to stand up to the US was de Gaulle.


Hey there, as french I can tell you Macron’s words will only imply very few troops on the ground. Yet France is already almost breathless with “SANGARI” operations in Africa. In case France send troops to Manbij, the main goal would be to show presence and supposedly be dissuasive for Turkey.The only problem is that the old (Bull shit) European dream does not interest Turkey anymore, so it won’t be afraid of carrying operations against France.


Great, more IED fodder.

Mickey Dee

And I suppose the French general’s name is Napoleon?

Ivan Freely

Only if they’re heading towards Moscow.

Behold a Pale Horse

I think as time goes on it looks more and more like Turkey has switched sides and is working with Russia and Iran. At some point they will sell out their FSA proxies. Turkey’s job is to take care of the Kurdish “problem”


Tukey has really ticked off their allies, I wonder if the Germans will join in. It seems that the Turk’s initial objective at Afrin will become their only objective.


America’s french poodle running around looking for someone to bite….In this instance, looking for Asian peasants to bomb in the name of ‘humanitarian relief’.

Dissident X

As untrustworthy the sneaking. self-serving Turks are (Erdogan especially), no one is more ‘secret-agenda-focused’ than the freak Macron. This is certainly an edict from the ultra-orthodox… (socio-economic) ‘elite’. Turkey has been deceived for decades by the sniveling, manipulating western European ‘leaders’ (really doing the bidding of their masters).

I’m hoping that Turkey ‘cleans up’ the agents of the empire, and then without too much drama, returns to their own lands. Sad era for the Kurds, having become the puppet ‘instigators’ for … you know whooda.

Eskandar Black

The french proposal assumes anybody wants them in Syria. While it would be amusing to bleed the french in the middle east, its best to give them the finger and tell them to go fuck themselves, along with their aleppo, ghouta jihadists.

Feudalism Victory

France thinks its a colonial power in syria. Only fitting to let France do the heavy lifting if it thinks its so important. French military capacity is decent though but this is Turkeys backyard its a hopeless position to try to defend so it must be symbolic.


France – under Macron – invading Syria? The symbolism alone is appalling – an ex-colonial western European ruler attempting to militarily reinsert themselves, uninvited, back into a former colony – Syria. Is today’s France really this desperate to prove itself a compliant and useful US-NATO vassal?


So now France is dedicating its military to the illegal invasion of Syria. A country they have invaded many times before, and lost on every single venture.


France??? Buahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

Real Anti-Racist Action

Did You Know? The French Army Invaded Germany in 1939 first? It was called the Saar Offensive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saar_Offensive Germany was not the first country to go on the offensive on the western front of World War Two. That first attack came from France, which launched a brief and ineffective invasion of Germany in September 1939. This

That first attack came from France, which launched a brief and ineffective invasion of Germany in September 1939. This attack, intended to help kick off the Allies to join in the taking of Germany, but it became an embarrassing defeat and a harbinger of what would follow when Germany invaded France.


j. jaxson

france is froggy poppycock.

j. jaxson

actually its macaroon.

Richard M

I call him Maricon. It’s Spanish for Girly Boy!

Richard M

This is just Macron pretending to be relevant. Pretending to be able to act without Grandma’s permission. French troops only deploy against desert barbarians, never against a powerful military. Macron is posturing. At most a few token “Observers” will be sent.


This is looking like Trump really is pulling out US troops and letting the “others” do their thing, if they can, just like he did in Libya. Interesting days coming, if Erdogan marches on Manbij all will be revealed. Macron tried to mediate but in reality he just wanted to protect the ypg wich is 90 percent of the sdf.

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