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JULY 2020

France Deploys More Special Forces Troops In Syria – Report


New units of the French Special Forces were deployed in the US-led coalition base in the Syrian northeastern town of Rmelan on April 26, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported on April 27. According to the report, the new French units moved to eastern Syria from Iraq.

France Deploys More Special Forces Troops In Syria – Report

Map of French Army bases in Syria, by Anadolu Agency

Anadolu Agency also claimed that the French Special Forces are currently deployed in five military bases in the northern Syrian governorates of Raqqa and Aleppo. Local sources told the Turkish new agency that French forces are operating with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on several fronts, including the city of Manbij.

The main military base of the French Special Forces is located at the Lafarge Cement factory, more than 40km southeast of the Syrian city of Kobani, according to the Anadolu Agency. The source added that more than 70 French soldiers are currently stationed in the base which has been expanded to include an airstrip recently.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron announced during a briefing in Washington on April 25 that France will increase its military involvement in Syria to put the end in the fight against ISIS.

France has adopted a more aggressive approach towards Syria since the election of Macron. During the last three months, the French president has worked to expand the French military presence in Syria under several pretexts including fighting terrorism and countering the use of chemical weapons.



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  • jerry hamilton

    This could well end in tears. What an idiot.

    • Joe

      Well how. Assad is not complaining . He is very timid

      • jerry hamilton

        It’s not Assad I was thinking of.

      • 1691

        No, Assad is not complaining at all. He just finishes them. Only the israhellis are complaining.

      • rudy

        Corporal joe, a wait and see attitude is not the same as not complaining, a but difficult for you to understand coz a lack of US education ! To expensiv !

    • as

      Last time the French Navy frigate were hit quite badly by the EW weapon deployed by Russia as well their warplanes as at least one have to ditch their cruise missile to the sea.

    • Merijn

      Watch out for Roger Snellman, Frank Behrens, Baron Von MuleBanger, he is probably one and the same person. He’s an intelligent & thus to be considered pretty dangerous infiltrator, he’s a pretty Good Trickster, people could be Fooled by them…. just beware… I blocked the fucker..hehehe

      • jerry hamilton

        I have come across Snellman before.
        He is not so bright. I ripped him a new one.

      • as

        Smellyman not so bright as you think.

        • Merijn

          No I noticed, but all three were talking BS to me at the same time…Baron Von FrankyBehrenstein is the same person when I blocked him they both were blocked… in one push…

          • as

            That frank brehrenman is just kid. His post is just to bait response. I blocked most of these type.

          • nshah

            That’s the MF idiot I’m talking about..! He’s extremely retarded..!

          • Merijn

            Hahahaha….we pay good attention My Brother…stay sharp & vigilant… I just blocked them…they are not so good for my state of mind…😂

      • nshah

        There’s new fucking idiot currently too..!

      • Baron Von MuleBanger

        Lmfao I knew you were a part of kind of a nerdy braindead online cult. That’s even more fun now.

  • Joe

    Well Assad is not complaining . So it is okay to do so. Anyone do so in fact.

    It would be like Nato reinforcing Europe… bit by bit .

    Bye bye … if it becomes too strong and main losers would be Syria and allies.

    • rudy

      BS !

    • klove and light

      what are you smoking dude….the french forces are cannon fodder..you people have no idea of miliraty confrontation….70 or 200 or 2000 special forces are TOTALLY useless as soon as open confrontation starts between them and SAA/IRAN/RUSSIA……..its not bit by bit for nato.lol….its bit for bit for SAA and its allies.First they have to clean the area around damascus(the heart of syria),thats happening now…they will then move to clean Daraa and its surroundings….wait and see what pressure the invading forces will feel once the “smaller” but difficult fighting terrain, inner cities and towns” are freed.
      Please dont forget…there are only 2 armies in syria right now…..the turkish army……and the SAA…the sdf/YPG + special forces are not an army at all.in direct confrontation between either the turks and ypg/sdf or SAA and ypg/sdf wohld be over in 2 weeks, just like in afrin.Remember folks the bs news of sdf/ypg…..”we are going to makee hell for turks..we r going to send them babk in coffins”LOL all bs big bs.
      The reason the us/french etc.. are still in east syria..is because the forces of SAA and its allies are still busy getting rid of the terrorist scum scatherd all around in the west, thats also the politcal narrative for the nato/europe…once the bastard terrorists are gone in the west of syria…their narrative breaks down, and the reasoning becomes ever more difficult, especially in the eyes of then direct confrontation with a well armed, battle hardend army.The SAA.
      And I bet you PUTIN is singing right now ” Timeeee is on my side, yes it is”

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        he is not smoking he cant afford it and at 1 shekel per post, he need to really work for his dosage.

      • Joe

        Well tell me am I right Assad is silent like mouse while more and more countries from SA to qatar are talking about deploying?

        Yet to this day not a single word of protest…that’s chicken . He waits for Russia or Iran to complain

        Now answer this first before you guys talk bs about smoking this and that .

        • Merijn

          It is very wise of Assad to stay Silent… it is part of Decent, Rational, Intelligent behaviour when surrounded by Satanic Psychopathic Retards…Others are managing the Problems.. Assad should be concerned about his People…Handling other problems then a War, that he alone can’t influence anyway… I know they are winning…so I don’t see the problem

          • as

            He’s not silent by the way. I don’t know about this guy but if people followed the situation in Syria the Syrian government under Assad were very far from inactivity.

          • Merijn

            Joe told me he was silent….I took it for granted…perhaps a bit stupid of me… hey Joe… Assad ain’t silent… in fact he is very active…but even if he was Silent… would that have been a problem? It doesn’t necessarily mean you are doin’ nothing…

        • as

          Simply look who’s keep gaining grounds and who’s losing theirs. Last time YPG lost Afrin. Earlier this month Turkey reportedly in action in Iraq against PKK with Iraq government blessing.

    • Merijn

      These Le Cock Antisportif won’t stand a chance… their Légion étrangère du Jihadiste will be chopped up…

    • You can call me Al

      ???!!! are you for real ?.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        Better late than never . This low I.Q. of single digits they recruit and send here and some other sites, should be blocked on the first post.

  • Dušan Mirić

    ‘Oće banda.
    (Aggressors! Invaders! Murderers!)

  • Michał Hunicz

    Napoleon the 4th establishes new forts to restore control over “his” colony! What next, invasion on Russia? Or maybe retaking Canada? 😄

    • Rob

      The hands of Israeli migrants Netanyahu, Trump, May and Macron are red by the blood of Palestinians. Shame.
      Get out from Palestine and other Muslim countries……

      • Jens Holm

        If Assads want peace with israel, he could get replacements for the 500.000 dead and millions of refugees never comming back to Syria.

        After all, they once was Syrians and can be that again.

        • Pacificnorthwest

          Hey settler… Syria is coming for the Golan

    • Merijn

      Sun God of Jupiter Emmanuelle Macroni du Rothschild XVII Empereur du France et Tout le Monde… will end just like his Great Predecessor… Monsieur Joseph-Ignace Guillotin…thanks for your great invention…

      • nshah

        hehehe.. lol..!

    • Barba_Papa

      Calling him Napoleon is an insult to all the other Napoleons, as they at least wanted France to be the number one nation on Earth. Macron just wants France to be the number one US vassal. If he could Napoleon would rise from the grave to wrest control of France from this cretin and restore some honor and dignity back to that nation. Maybe he’s already trying. Probably why Macron has ordered that Napoleon’s tomb be barricaded up.

      • Jens Holm

        Macron is elected to restore a lot of for them unsolved problems in the hard way. He also has to be re-elected.

        Its has nothing to do with any Napoleon.To me EU has to be reformed, where we should decide a little more as countries and the soltuions are kept as promised.

        I kind of like Merkel, but I need more voices trying to talk and handle things for everybody. By that I welcome Macron. I see hope there.

        Hard for me to see Macron being any kind of puppy or vasal asking and working for each country shold decide more themselves.

        • Baron Von MuleBanger

          Why do you care? Aren’t you just a welfare rat over there you little kurdshit?

    • Jens Holm

      France has been there before Macron with airplanes as well as artillery. So its replacement and no change.

      We have been there too and will come back as needed.

      Make me laugh comparing with Napoleon. Its a coalision helping each other to cover inside Africa, against pirates, Libya, partly Iraq, Afghanistan and several other parts of the world.

      If its about forts, Turks has builded many in the old province of Aleppo. They might be profezionels :) But of course it could be scouting for cheep war-widows.

      • François

        ….Please forgive this stupid perverse compatriot of mine

        • Jens Holm

          I am not Allah. Now and then I wish I was.

          We are, what we are. A few days ago I kicked my scooter, because it would not start :)

          • nshah

            you fucking idiot.. you kept on mentioning Allah for no reason..! What does God/Allah gotta do with your fucking stupid statement/s..? FU bastard.. are you retarded or what..?!!

    • Justin

      people will surely disagree with me and I understand why they would. However I believe the French are now involved because they have sensed discontent fro the Trump admin to leave syria! The French are truly under globalist control and thus Zionist control! When Trump first announced leaving Syria there was a big rush to cause a false flag chemical attack! They rushed so fast that they didnt even have the chemicals to do it! It was a desperate attempt to keep the USA in the war! So yeah Trump was under pressure to attack Syria but here is where we must read between the lines! Why did Trump announce exactly what he was going to do 7 days before actually doing it? Why did he send the joint chiefs to Moscow to tell them exactly what they were going to target! Why was the attack by trump so unsuccessful both times (April 2017 and April 2018).
      I think trump is playing a double bluff! its a big call but here is what I think (keep ur friends close but ur enemies even closer). Why is suddenly Netenyahu under a criminal investigation Israel? Why is suddenly North Korea de-nuking? Why are so many politician and corporate CEO’s retiring (related). Why has Trump declared a “National emergency” via an Executive Order under the pretences of Human trafficking! Why was there a change in Saudi crown prince nomination? Why was there a massive coup amongst the Saudi princes after Trump going to KSA? Wh was Prince Al-aweed imprisoned and beaten for information? Why was Reuters the first to interview Al-weed? Who owns and runs Reuters? What extremely wealthy family sold land in Austria and Germany that they have owned for hundreds of years! They owned soooo much land and sold it so cheap very fast!

      There is a massive intel war happening within the USA right now! Im talking about Military intel services vs the 3 letter govt intel agencies!
      Military intel agencies (which there are many) Vs FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA etc etc.

      LOL I know u are. wondering what does this have to do with the French, but it really does have a lot to do with the French! Who is France controlled by? Who initially took over the Middle East? UK and France? Who put the Assad family into power?

      Besides the USA, who has the greatest ability to determine an Israeli favoured outcome in syria? Who is macron married to and what was her former career? Who did she work for?

      France is in syria because Israel fears the US is going to leave! Trump may not be the kind of American President that we have been used to for the last 33 years! This is bigger than u think!

    • Justin

      Trump knows the USA is supporting Terrorists! He s trying to end it!

      Who is number 5 in this photo?
      (why is Paul Ryan retiring as speaker of the house?)
      (why did John McCain and Hillary Clinton have foot braces on their leg at the same time?)
      (Why does John McCain suddenly have a brain tumour?)
      (Who is human Abedin and who is she related too?)
      (What connection do all of these people have with the muslim Brother hood?)

      Trump is not the enemy! The USA deep state is the enemy! Jews still have great power in the USA and Russia! What are the golden rules in war? I cant think of a few!
      “Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”
      “win their hearts and minds”
      “Divide and conquer”
      “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”!

      Trust me, Trump wants Russia to win in Syria, he just cant show that he wants this! Remember he has a “Russian Collusion” case against him right now!


      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/414f47924ecd3a60769bad267a959065bcf3caed9e8486ff459c5e258cf283a1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bf10b2c6d8db7243c2abcf0113951453f704fa8e5225bf7e375cdb55b7c6823b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccb09a3e37ccb8e64f1cda0b9f12dc6adda52a8a8f8a18a2172e3d44fbcb2a08.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e9bd0b72f627a0293b31b0a198638f44428765f92ca346c6e6d0e6559f91e04.png

      • Hardly.
        Bombing Syria under false pretences is the act of a terrorist – not someone who is trying to get rid of terrorism.

        • Justin

          What if Iran was producing nuclear weapons in syria in order to avoid the nuclear treaty they were placed under!
          Would u have a problem if u knew Iran was secretly producing nuclear weapons?
          I cant prove this yet, but I can tell u that this recent Iranian base was struck because of this reason! Not to destroy some ammunition storage facilities!
          Would u have a problem with Iran producing nukes and ICBM’s who’s tech was sold to them by North Korea?

          Note# I have always fully supported Syria and Russia in this war and have always been grateful for Iran’s help! Also I dislike the USA and Israel very much! But this is different times! The Obama Presidency was not a good one! The CIA were the scum of the earth! But I do believe that Trump is trying to clean up the mess they created! Iran did purchase nuclear tech from north Korea! I understand they want this in order to counter Israeli threats! But we cant allow nations like Iran to get them because it means Saudi Arabia will get them too!

          You know what happens after that!

          • “Would u have a problem with Iran producing nukes and ICBM’s who’s tech was sold to them by North Korea?”
            No, I would not.

            Seems to me the ONLY thing that protects a smaller country from American aggression, invasion and bombing to utter destruction is ….. drum roll …. possessing nukes.

            ONLY one country has ever used nukes on the battle field.
            It is not Iran. It is not North Korea.

            If you want a nuclear-free Middle East —- get rid of Israel’s nukes FIRST. Because don’t even try to pretend to me that Israel would not use hers if she felt the urgent need to – and that makes her having them no less dangerous than Iran, North Korea or Saudi Arabia having them. .. Or anyone else who has them.

    • Justin
    • Justin

      Straight from CIA Director to Sec Of State?
      Why was he CIA director? Did he find out some secrets that the former CIA director (Deep state operative) had? Who is John Brennan? Why was it possible for Trump to De-Nuke North Korea? KIM Jong Un was a puppet under the power of the CIA deep state! They leaked secrets to NK to then feed nuclear tech to other countries like Iran!


      Why were they all wearing foot braces last year at the same time?
      Why John mcCain suddenly has cancer?

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3eb36a49e197b87e251c30864e73442d4716a9944ec11d8010dfb514d989d502.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/171aa9d0ce2592e0e947b307382672c5b9767a2a7cd381158c23494adac496b5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/709fa3f0cd7ca8cafd9798fb38e0a1c3e92dcc71453d1d6d01b097188e3715ba.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2ea4fdef673feb3a46ec9e0fe07419ae7419c2f1341d6cb7994f90c66dfa1edc.jpg

    • Justin

      Look at the photo on this page! Do see the the Rothschilds?
      Do u see all the other powerful entities?
      do u see the list of people and corporations on the list?
      Clinton foundation, Open society foundation (George Soros), McCain institute!
      Who funds Antifa and Black lives matter?

      Trumps ending the deep state! Ending the police state! and hopefully ending the Jewish Israeli state (thats my call and my prediction)

      He is doing it via this Executive Order!

    • Justin

      History repeats itself!

      How did JFK get into power? He used the Mafia to gain funding and power and was supposed to be a puppet for the Zionist corporations and deep state entities! But when he got into power he turned on them! They killed him before he could end their power strangle upon the US!

      How did Putin get into power? Putin was former KGB (soviet intel). He was a nobody until Boris Berezovsky was told that Putin would be a good puppet to replace the embarrassing Yeltsin! Yeltsin endorsed Putin and Berezovsky who owned the Russian media marketed Putin! What did Putin do when he became President? He turned on the oligarchs who put him in power and brought Russia fromBread lines to 550 Billion in foreign reserves! Boris Berezovsky left Russia and was killed with his own silk scarf!

      President Trump was put into power by the US Military Intelligence agencies who have been trying to end the Deep state and its plan to start a controlled nuclear war amongst other nations, turn the USA into a post collapse Soviet Union! Divide the world into sections and push Globalist socialist policies where they can spy on all of us!

      Israel is a Rothschild creation via the Belfour Declaration!
      “The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The text of the declaration was published in the press on 9 November 1917.”

      Real jews believe that the return of the holy Land (Israel) will only be granted upon the arrival of the Messiah that they await! They believe Jews should NOT be in Israel as God has sent them into the world and Exiled them from Israel! If they go back there then it is against the wishes of God UNLESS THEY BELIEVE THAT THE ROTHSCHILDS ARE THE MESSIAH!


    • Justin

      Who is the US greatest “friend”? (Israel)
      Who is Americas greatest enemy? (Israel)

      Why must America and Russia always be enemies? (Chaos divide and conquer)

      Putin put into power by russian military intel agencies and fooled those who thought he would be a puppet for!

      Trump put into power by the US military intel agencies and is now destroying the deep state!

      Is Trump truly a friend of Israel? Why was Jared Kushner told to leave the white house and had his top Secret access removed? Why is Trump going against his daughters (a jew because her mother was a jew) wishes on gun control?
      Why is Netenyahu under criminal investigation in Israel?
      Why did Trump say he would leave Syria and then suddenly a desperate rush to forma FF check attack? Who attacked Syria first after that? Israel? Who did Trump reveal as the enemy?

      What is the major DEEP STATE goal? To start a war in the Middle East against Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia! Who picks up the pieces and gains the rich soil when the ashes settle?

      Greater Israel?

      U think the US military wants to keep sending its troops to die for Israeli wars for oil? thats what the deep state was for! The deep states dying! Russia is being allowed to contain Syria via Iran! But Iran must not start a war either! No wars, no nukes and no deep state!

      End goal, russia and the USA become allies!
      What was Russia before WW1?
      Multicultural! The most powerful military! the most wealth in terms land and resources! impenetrable! Free! Democratic! Good Tsars and Bad Tsars but Tsars who did not like the Rothschilds nor their plans (re: protocols of the elders of Zion) who was at the secret meeting of which these memos were created? Why was the entire Tsra family hunted down and killed by jewish Bolshevik gangs? Who was Stalin? Why did a free nation become a Communist socialist nation?

      What is happening in America now with the rise in liberal socialist ideologies?
      History repeating itself?

      Russia and America SHOULD BE ALLIES! SHOULD BE FREE!

      Stop the arms race and head for the stars! THIS IS OUR DESTINY!

      People need to wake up but also understand that America is not evil! The American Controllers are evil! Trump is TRYING to end this evil control but he must play the game!

      The Art of the Deal!

  • rudy

    THe French Government want to protect Lafarge in the hope it could work for France in the rebuild of Syria but i doubt the Syrians would agree with that especially while Lafarge collaborated wit ISIS !

    • Ronald

      Yes indeed, the economic papers are all onto the litigation (in France) against LaFarge for funding known terrorist organizations ISIS and Al Qaeda.
      Syria needs to hire a legal team in France, preferably the same lawyers, and litigate for damages.
      The LaFarge Corporation not only supplied the cement for the deep underground bunkers, but also the engineering. These bunkers have made it very costly to beat the Wahhabi mercenaries. Look at what they found under Douma. The US destroyed Raqqa with bombs because of these bunkers. Look how hard east Aleppo was to recover.
      Qatar PM said that the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have spent 132 billion dollars in the war against Syria.
      Litigate for 200 billion !

      • Jens Holm

        Those ownerships are complicated to me. No one knew how long time those very expensive possetions was under which control.

        Syria of today could effort to build a new and more modern one. Would Lafarge build one, if they were not paid for making cement for rebuilding -in stead of bunkers ?

    • Jens Holm

      Kind of funny. In the old days we used to mix cement and food to kill rats. We burried the rats, bacuse they were difficult to burn :)

  • JustPassingThrough

    the frogs want that corner of Syria along with israhell. this is an old game plan.
    it will end like their disaster in Vietnam did.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      and they get it, in graves.

    • Snaphane

      You mean Indochina/Dien bin Phu, 1953….

      • JustPassingThrough

        “The Battle of Dien Bien Phu (French: Bataille de Diên Biên Phu pronounced [bataj də djɛn bjɛn fy]; Vietnamese: Chiến dịch Điện Biên Phủ, IPA: [ɗîəˀn ɓīən fû]) was the climactic confrontation of the First Indochina War between the French Union’s French Far East Expeditionary Corps and Viet Minh communist-nationalist revolutionaries. It was, from the French view before the event, a set piece battle
        to draw out the Vietnamese and destroy them with superior firepower.
        The battle occurred between March and May 1954 and culminated in a
        comprehensive French defeat that influenced negotiations underway at Geneva among several nations over the future of Indochina.

    • Jens Holm

      You dont get anything at all. France are in our coalisition as partner.

      Semmes like have eaten frogs and they have just passing through You. Bon appetite.

      • JustPassingThrough

        having a little trouble understanding your english.
        try this site for your edification.
        it is in multiple languages.
        you will probably find yours there
        bon appetite

        • François

          Yes, don’t you think so? This “personnage” is a pity

          • JustPassingThrough

            oh well

  • leon mc pilibin

    Napoleon the TURD,will be sent packing ,,its only a matter of time.

    • Liberty57

      Body bags should be ordered now ! Beat the rush. How disgusting it was to have him here on USA Soil at a state dinner with the Trump. Look out NATO , Coalition, Neo Cons, One Worlders
      US army, marines, French, British, Saudi, Israeli, the SAA is coming after you to kill you all and finish you off and send you to hell. Courageous soldiers fighting for THEIR country, God Speed.

  • passan ghassan

    It is a disgrace by any self declared humanitarian force to disregard Kurdish rights in favor of a extremist ally. Kurds are the folcrum between Turkish Islamists and Syrian Alawites and secularists. The fight for Alawites rights is along side Kurdish rights.

  • You can call me Al

    France has adopted a more aggressive approach towards Syria since he su..cked Trump off, whilst getting a good dog pat on the head….pathetic little man.

    • as

      Post that useful French army knife again.

      • You can call me Al

        mmm help me out a little there please.

    • Jens Holm

      France has not. They have had their Rapheal there for several months and also delievered parts of the artillety at Raqqa.

  • chet380

    A publicity stunt for home consumption — Macaroon loves to see his photo on Page One.

    • You can call me Al

      But it will backfire at home; the French people are no lovers of the US, Nato etc. and never before have I seen a French leader embarrass himself so much in such a short term, I wonder what the French are thinking of it all ?.

      • as

        In USA and UK they’ve been tired of repeated false flag terrorism and no longer react as emotional as their government needs.

      • Merijn

        Here’s your answer…40% popularity ratings the Fucktard is committing Suicide….and soon he will be going down the drain…a bit of Chloride to remove the smell and the Turd is gone


        • Sinbad2

          But he has 4 more years, he knows he is only a one time politician, he’s the French version of Trump. He is just doing a job for his employer, Rothschild.

          • Jens Holm

            You wrote that in The holy Choran Yourself.

          • Merijn

            That’s gonna be some tough 4 years… that little Son of the Devil will have difficult times comin’…. He is a Fool, Putin will rip him to pieces in a Decent way….

          • jerry hamilton

            I was wondering if he was put in to be a fall guy over Syria.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        well they voted for him so I dont credit them with much depth into their thinking. beside the fact that are like some other countries in europe as uk-belgium, for example, that losing the battle to the Islamist.

        • You can call me Al

          The question is “Did they?”, he came from nowhere and became President almost overnight …..another Trudeau ?.

          You could be right on the rest, but I still think this is manipulated, but in a reverse way as to people think.

          PS Learn to place a tick up or down if people respond.

          • Jens Holm

            I dont think he came from no where. He was a result. They had no choise.

        • Jens Holm

          Macron is chosen to reform and regain France being porductive making benefit and paying loans back.

          So most foreign politics are for internal use. Agreeing something with Trump in countries should decide more themselves is a plus to me. Same things about more country independency in EU.

          Here Syria is just a dot, where the agreements are kept as usual changing only commas here and there.

          let me remind You and other that France are hit by terror many times – even it comes from North Africans. People by that support Mocron more then You respect.

          • JustPassingThrough

            “Macron is chosen to reform and regain France being porductive making benefit and paying loans back.”

            as i remember so was msr hollandaise.
            oh well, maybe next time.

            “People by that support Mocron more then You respect.”

            yes they do. i see them on the news everyday, rioting in the streets. tell me is that for him or against him?

          • Jens Holm

            Thats how it is. The old outdated rulers are in the streets and reforms will hurt many for some years.

            They are like patients in a hospitals and after that they have to change bad habits with good ones not eating too much doing nothing, being more positive for privatisations even some are from foreigners.

            Most other countries in EU see it. They have all reasons they can find to keep their markets closed for us, but also kept in ineffective old days. But they sell to us with no borders, because that what EU is meant for apart from a few things.

            We see the result where I live. Even being small we spread out our good ways of productions and private companies of ours expand. The other way around better companies then our old ones has taken over in friendly as well as hostile ways.

            Thats a friendly one sold to USA company for 280 mio. dollars because we invent in small and smart robots.


          • JustPassingThrough

            “Thats how it is. The old outdated rulers are in the streets and reforms will hurt many for some years.”

            how blasé of you. England is still trying to recover from the idiocy of the thatcherians. and the old, outdated rulers are still in business.

            just look around, there is always enough money to go to war. there is always a reason to raise taxes and not pay a fair wage. there is always enough idiocy to sanction trade with other countries to the detriment of the “little” guy.

            you don’t have to invent robots. the world is full of them and they follow idiots like msr. macaroni and mutti merkel.

            and the EU is a slow train wreck put together and maintained by old outdated rulers. get your head out of your robot and look around.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you need to remind me nothing. And france is just a puppet country as the rest in europe. As for macaroni reforming france after the image of UK/US and following like a puppy englands instructions…………

            Wake up to reality and before you do dont attempt to remind others of your low understanding of what is happening around you kid. I know every well what is happening and only ignorant in denial of fact, speak like you.

          • You can call me Al

            I blocked him along time ago, but can still smell the BS coming from him.

          • Jens Holm

            According to some scientists, Your next generations woukld be born with no ears too.

          • Jens Holm

            We are dendent in the world economy and we mainly has strong ones in that with many countries all over the world.

            We therefore much more like a muslim family structure but based on school, education, skills, hard work and paid pr hour.

            Denmark are shareholder of France and USA as well as the other way too and primary as private persons as well as extra by funds for fx pension.

            In that France in several ways are very ineffective, because it has kept too much old stuff protecting things, which should be replaced by own as well our way of improvement.

            So we are dependent. You could compare with Kuwait. Even Saddam took it, most of its activities were outside it and by that by ownership by shares and private investments were able to help for payback against Saddam.

            And we and fx them were puppets ? No, they cleverly had invested and by that could release benefits for that as well as fx selling fuel stations here, which partly were owned by others and now are owned by a canadian company.

            The advanced Russian oil and gas productionparts are owned by Shell and BP, but they are not Brittish and Dutch private owned, but also in shares.

            You have no idea about our economy. States today are much less important then they once were. Its about private ownership, where a Macron, a Miterand and others are helpers too. And why: Well the state has to pay for the ones, whch cant pay for themselves but also being an investor for all.

            Fx Education upgrade a country. You seemes to be from a part of the world, where many cant even read old arabic and many cant read anything at all.

            Muslims here can, because the incommers are learned our language and we have done our best 2 make a modern and a traditionel translation, so they now can correct, what many has learned from low and sometimes analfabetic Imams. By that its seen how low a lot of rights and not only for women are.

            Islam has kept You so much down and will keep You there blapparing that we are wrong and even blaming us to be puppets. The real copists of ancient time with low freedom is You not reforming Islam in vital things for it. Even Your Sharia is 100 years old.

            Sunni in education says its a tradition that parents and families has to make their children into, where they are, so they can have a life.

            They cant if cpism only make better hay for cars and the whole middle east hardly can produce cheep plastic buckets for own use. Thats where the puppets are.

            We have problems too, but You not even have words and language for it. A minimum change would be not to blame France and others to solve problems as they have to for some years reforming in the hard way.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            Yes ………. first I am not muslim and second as I said, maybe one day you come to terms with reality and not the illusions you have in your head.

            As for the rest… your writing here is wasting pixels and cyber space. I am sure you trying to say something, I understood nothing of what you trying to say, so when you begin to make sense within your self and clear things in your head, I be very interested to hear your point of view. Until then have a nice day.

      • Sinbad2

        He was a new sock puppet, who told voters what they wanted to hear, like Trump.
        Those who rule the western world(bankers) know their old parties are now tarnished, so they will present candidates that are not tarnished.
        Macron will complete his one term and disappear into a lavish lifestyle provided by his grateful employer, Rothschild.

        If you have ever read Marx, you will know that the debauchery will only get worse, until the people rise up and send them all to the guillotine. Then the whole process will start again.
        The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. (Thomas Jefferson)

        • Jens Holm

          Thomas Jefferson was a jew too ?

        • You can call me Al

          I absolutely agree with you. The uprising / revolution is coming (maybe in my lifetime) but I do not believe it can be stopped now even with the usual distractions.

          To me, it is becoming predictable and embarrassing to watch them try and hold on to power now.

  • BMWA1
  • Ivanus59

    After S-300 is in place, killing these rabid poodles will not be a problem. :)

  • François

    Shame on you Macron, we the french hate you, bastard

    • Jens Holm

      We the other French and most of the rest of the world loves You.

      Good old days were not as good as the leaders told. Therefore we voted You and care for the changes and not the little Francoises even they pretend to be cute.

      • François

        I think you make deep misunderstanding bud.
        Most of the French disapprove Macron, and I’m not sure most of the world love him as you say…. Except you little “Jens Holm”, feeling lonely I guess. So don’t come here to make friends

      • nshah

        Birds of the same feather flogs together.. must be faggot birds

  • John Wallace

    That’s the problem when you marry an old bag , you get tired of it an now he desires to bend over and take one for France from Trump

  • Brad Isherwood

    So…..if Assads Generals say launch an Iskander at the Lafarge Concrete plant.
    Lavrov will flail about like he was attempting to fly,

    Saying. …..”No. ….they are Partners! ”

    This isn’t Algeria. ….get the hell out ……France

    • Sinbad2

      That’s a shot from the movie “The Battle of Algiers”
      A realistic look at people fighting for their freedom.

      • Brad Isherwood

        And the Algerians gave no Quarter. ……Paris…1961.

        Assads people will have to become Insurgents now in occupied zones.
        That’s how bad things really are.
        Sorry for/to all those here who think/say Assad/Putin is Winning.

        Now it’s Insurgency. …..no Iskander slamming into the Lafarge Concrete plant or US bases.

  • Sinbad2

    The Vietnamese people generally thought that the Japanese occupiers of Vietnam were more humane than the French occupiers?

    • Japs during WW2 are the worst , as indicated by their brutal rule in south east asia. French do not rule like that in vietnam , although the french in algeria ran a brutal COIN campaign

      • Jens Holm

        Even before that taking their colonies in Africa they were known for their brutallity based on fortresses.

        When north Africa was taken from west by Montgommery and soon added more and more by USA Eisenhower being number 2 undtil Sicialia it was important to be non enemies to the Frech there even they were nazis and right wing nationalists.

        A main reason was that the French could control arabs and the inlanders(berbs mainly), but americans never could. Americans here also had to accept that the few jews there was treated bad as usual.

    • Jens Holm

      The Frech did have some support in Vietnam and therefore had to posses it mildly. But the opposition grew and majoritezed it out and later on also outgunnes them.

      The Vietnameses welcommed the japanese, which in the beginning only took harbours and coastal parts. Soon they found that even the most lowlifed japanesed saw themselves as high above all vietnamese. The japanese only treated some few vietnamses well – because they were usefull for them.

      So, I am sure the japanese was much worse for them.

      Same thing all over. Many wellcommed them in the Philipines,

  • These F/UK/US special forces are not in large numbers and they are spread all over large area. The area are majority arabs and not kurds yet the western alliance want to give the area to the small number of kurds.

    expect a real insurgency campaign brutalizing the western special ops and their kurds allies , a small number of troops cannot sustain a well supplied insurgency campaign. US with full deployment of troops during Iraq surge cannot handle the insurgency without losing many men , and they think with less men they can handle syrian insurgency ?

    • Jens Holm

      Western has never given anything like that to any kurds. The kurds has and had the only reliable structure for anything there by PYD-decentralkized-Marxisme. Hard for me to understand, You can say USA is supporting marxisme like 100%.

      USA has worked hard to incorporate and arm arabs there as well as others to out number kurds.In numbers the Kurds are a minority, but going into tribe/Sharia mode or use the Baathista one is impossible. None can make big structures.

      So they use and upperhat by well educated Kurds making the structure for all of it. Its a very good structure used by firner communistparties in many muslim countries.

      In Syria all ounder that hard top is decentralized in a structure, where everybody has 1 vote and all having an oppinion has to be heard. Thats a very big difference to Assads as well as Sharias in more or less mild versions.


      Your majorising assumptions also are incorrect in another way. People of manbij, Tabqa and Raqqa has to vote, where they want to belong and even how. People there mainly are arabs and therefore not dominated.

      For the moment SDF protect those areas(named as MMC t Manbij). But You also might see thats needed. If SAA and SyAF just take it they have no choise and all will be decided in Damaskus by Baathistas. The plundering of oil well to Assad and friends will come back as usual.

  • antoun

    macron is the little liliput! the france is dead nothing importance!!!

  • Shmeet

    for shits and giggles I would like to see the islkander blow up the cement factory.

  • Pacificnorthwest

    They will be turned into French fries


    “France’s President Emmanuel Macron announced during a briefing in Washington on April 25 that France will increase its military involvement in Syria to put the end in the fight against ISIS”…TRANSLATION…Macron deploy military forces in Syria to support their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORIST. It’s time to send the NWO GLOBALIST french soldiers in plastic back to France, NO MORE TERRITORY REPARTITION BETWEEN THE COLONIST IMPERIAL WESTEN SLAVERS.

  • Hide Behind

    Syria is a great training ground for other nations militaries to use as a training grounds.
    An easy to kill civilian militia and with civilians that cost you but price of bullets or a bomb as live fire targets that help instill esprit d’ Corp among soldiers who become body and mind battle hardened
    They are learning from most technologicaly assisted military in world, and privy to US
    crowd control and genocidal techniques of electronic warfare.
    The use of biometric I’D is now the norm in Iraq, from birth to death, and inbetween control of all buy and sell of Iraq.
    The numbers of National Special weapons and forces has been growing in all EURO, Brit Commonwealth US and as assassination squads all over the globe, and who or where better than Afghanistan, Africa Iraq and Syria peoples to practice upon.
    France long feared resurgance of German military power only to now find out it is economic power of Germany they should of feared, and lacking tech or mental skills now tie their future economic power within US Empires military conquest.
    France rightly sees the EU nations as no more than a drag upon its National ambitions, much like Russia woke up to as they then she’d bloodsucking members of Soviet Union days.
    As a lackey, yes, but all the while MACRON is taking care of the needs of France at same time.

  • I’m sure Syrians will take a particular pleasure in killing their erstwhile occupiers.