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France Deploys Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier To Eastern Mediterranean


France Deploys Charles De Gaulle Aircraft Carrier To Eastern Mediterranean

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On August 31st, France is deploying its “battle-ready” nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Citing sources of the French General Staff, French media report that the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is expected to arrive in the area soon.

The Charles de Gaulle will be accompanied by an unknown number of ships and submarines of the French Navy.

According to French media, the warship departed in full battle readiness, entirely loaded with ammunition and aircraft.

The aircraft carrier’s combat load reportedly includes a number of Rafale fighter jets, maximum-range missiles, anti-submarine arsenal, as well as advanced electronic tracking, targeting and electronic interception systems.

This is in line with a statement by French Defense Minister Florence which said that the aircraft carrier would be moving in early September.

The deployment of the French navy in the Eastern Mediterranean follows recent statements by French President Emmanuel Macron that “Turkey understands only actions.”

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan directly threatened Greece and France on Monday, saying that “they will pay a heavy price” if it attacks Turkish ships looking for oil and gas in the Mediterranean.

“Those who think they drew a red line in the Eastern Mediterranean are challenging our country’s resolute stance,” Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

On August 28th, Macron said he had adopted a “red-line policy” in the region backing Greece against Turkey over the exploration of energy resources, wrote Turkish media.

France already has one warship in the area – it sent its Mistral-class amphibious landing helicopter dock FS Tonnerre to Lebanon in mid-August to assist with the aftermath of the explosion.

It was filled with humanitarian aid, however, it is unlikely that the ship was stripped of its weapons and all of its troops and hardware.




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