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France Deployed MAMBA Air-Defense System In Jordanian Air Base (Photos)

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France Deployed MAMBA Air-Defense System In Jordanian Air Base (Photos)

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On September 1, the French Ministry of Armed Forces announced that it had deployed an air-defense detachment armed with a SAMP/T MAMBA medium-range system in a “temporary air base” in Jordan in the framework of Opération Chammal.

Launched on 19 September 2014, Opération Chammal represents France’s contribution to the US-led Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

In a statement, the French ministry said that this is the first time the MAMBA air-defense system was deployed outside French territory without clarifying in which Jordanian air base it was installed. French warplanes operate mainly from two air bases in Jordan, Prince Hassan Air Base and Muwaffaq Salti Air Base.

According to the Ministry of Armed Forces, during the deployment in Jordan the system will be operated in harsh weather conditions and tested on a daily basis.

“The aim is to test MAMBA’s interception and engagement capabilities, in complex scenarios, and to test its interoperability with allied assets,” the ministry’s statement reads.

The MAMBA system, which is armed with Aster-30 interceptors, was developed by the France-based Eurosam to counter an array of airborne threats including manned and unmanned aircraft with a range of 60 km.

The air-defense system is built around a modified version of THALES’s ARABEL multifunction fire control, X band long-range radar.

The deployment of the MAMBA system in Jordan is a sign of the growing threats facing the US and its allies in the Middle East. In a recent interview with the CNN, King Abdullah II revealed that Iranian forces attacked Jordan with drones on several occasions over the past year.


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L du Plessis

Iranian forces attacked Jordan ???


Probably propaganda from the zionist puppet.


Probably? Thought it was so clear… The Jordan zio rats appeasing their zio masters so the US throw them some more bone.

Chess Master

Usually Iran is NATO codename for Russia. I’m not saying Russia ever bothered with Jordan but…

Deng Xiaoping

NATO have literally stated they have put a missile network system across eastern Europe hard to Russian border – with intent to deter, err, Iran… People claiming to be adults have actually released these comical press statements.

Deng Xiaoping

Yeah, that statement was scant on any details or substance, so when exactly, with what devices, and to what tactical or strategic purpose would they do that?!!

Last edited 25 days ago by Deng Xiaoping

Waste of my money.


Syria shoud warn the people of Jordan that the presence off yankees, french, uk terrorists on there soil can harm or kill them. Because if they attac Syria from Jordan, there will be a retaliation in balistic missils. Ignite a collor revolution in Jordan.

Fog of War

If thats the case, why is there no retaliation for the attacks from Israhell ?


Firing baguettes is more efficient than this crap

Icarus Tanović

60 km range, and this size of vehicle? This must be some joke. Is this French clowns trying to tell SAA to back off from Darra al balad? Ain’t gonna happen.


Ellliots plans are working well even though not within time frame, Syria is no more just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Lydia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen and Lebanon which is in the process but most importantly the coming fall of Iran

Deng Xiaoping

Elliot’s plans have a stumbling block with Iran. All of the previous ME victims were in some way attempting to play nice with the west in 2000’s, and their leaders to some extent bought into host of false promises. Iran is not in this position, so it wont be led so easily into abrupt betrayal, nor is infiltration to create ethnic or sectarian division so easy – traitorous faction MEK will not be leading some magical CIA funded uprising, as has been the basic infiltrate-divide plan elsewhere. Elliot’s divide and conquer ambitions may be too self-grandiose when it comes to the realities on ground with Iran. It’s not like Iran hasn’t been given due notice, or has any illusions, about what the Neo-Con cabal’s intentions are against them!

Last edited 25 days ago by Deng Xiaoping
Stephen michael Basteed

looks like part of ireal/us plans to prevent Iranian drones from syrian airspace although 60km is a short range solution to an everchanging situation.
i would pay no heed to the iranian attack claims if these had occured israel/us would have used such an event as an opportunity to oust iranian elements from syria/lebanon, this is all for domestic consumption france or jordan must have elections coming up ,
having facilitated the carnage in syria jordan has a huge debt to repay for all those civilians slaughtered at natos behest, god willing they will face justice before long.

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