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France Could “Cozy Up” With Russia Following Nuclear Submarine Debacle: National Interest

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France Could "Cozy Up" With Russia Following Nuclear Submarine Debacle: National Interest

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France could forge closer bonds with Russia in many fields, according to MSM outlet National Interest.

The National Interest is a premier outlet for all sorts of ridiculous and biased stories based, and this one is of little surprise.

France may move towards rapprochement with Russia after the creation of a new defense partnership AUKUS and the termination of a major contract for the supply of French submarines by Australia, columnist Ali Demirdas wrote.

He also said that the UK has left Europe and is now jumping head first in the “Great Power Competition” even though it is questionable whether it even matches up to the other Great Powers.

“By leaving the European Union, London has severed the “restraining yokes,” allowing its leap into the great power competition that is rapidly heating up. For the UK, this competition entails containing the rise of any continental European power, most notably France. It appears that London is sabotaging France’s moves wherever it can. Soaring Turco-British relations, for instance, not only facilitate London’s ability to project power deep into the Caucasus and Central Asia, but also helps the British undermine France’s perceived interests that greatly contradict those of the Turks.”

In his opinion, some European countries are afraid of a hypothetical union of Moscow and Paris.

“Having already cozied up with Russia in the eastern Mediterranean, Paris should be expected to increase its intimacy with Moscow, which is more than enough to damage the foundations of NATO, raising concerns among Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, and Georgia. Given his slumping performance against his political rival, populist Marine Le Pen, who has close ties with Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron may resort to taking drastic steps in foreign policy,” Demirdas said in a very innuendo-filled explanation.

The publicist believes that French President Emmanuel Macron may resort to decisive steps in foreign policy, given his disadvantageous position now against the background of the head of the right-wing French party “National Unity” Marine Le Pen.

Demirdas also noted that the situation in Europe resembles the state of affairs before the start of World War II.

“It is not yet known whether AUKUS will provoke a broader conflict in Eurasia,” the author concluded.

Australia has partnered with the United Kingdom and the United States on the defense and security of AUKUS and announced its withdrawal from the submarine agreement with the French company NavalGroup.

The 56-billion-euro agreement, dubbed the “contract of the century”, called for the production of 12 Barracuda-class attack submarines. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called Australia’s decision to break the agreement “a stab in the back” and “undermining confidence” between the allies, after which Paris, for the first time in history, recalled ambassadors from Washington and Canberra for consultations.

In all, the National Interest wrote a compelling piece filled with emotion and fearmongering, all the while missing the point heavily. After all, France is sending its Ambassador to Washington back, so the spat isn’t as grand as it it seems to be.


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Chess Master

National Interest has many titles that would appeal the IQ and taste of people that comment here.

Bobby Twoshoes

Says the first comment here…

Chess Master

You got me, also some of their clickbait titles


Yes, National Interest is high in high-IQ,


Meanwhile in the real world, Macronistan is already suing for peace and sent its ambassador back to Warshington to beg for forgiveness.


First buy Russian gas.

Gorgeous George

Why would you bond with lowlife scumbags when you can with proud and honorable Russians?


Russians are everything except honorable

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

You spelled Americans and Israelis wrong tho.
Russia is the most honorable nation on the planet.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

France should quit NATO and join the SCO.
CIAtrolls would have a stroke…

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