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France Announces Plan To Defend UAE From Houthi Attacks

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France Announces Plan To Defend UAE From Houthi Attacks

Click to see full-size image, By the Official Twitter account of the International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve.

France will reinforce the United Arab Emirates (UAE) air defenses after a series of suicide drone and ballistic missile attacks launched from Yemen by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) on the country, French Armed Forces Minister announced on February 4.

“The United Arab Emirates was victim of serious attacks on its territory in January,” Florence Parly wrote on Twitter. “In order to show our solidarity with this friendly country, France has decided to provide military support, in particular to protect the airspace against any intrusion.”

The Houthis attacked the UAE with suicide drones and ballistic missiles on January 17, 24 and 31. Another attack carried out by a mysterious group known as the Righteous Promise Brigades in support of the Houthis targeted the Emirates on February 2.

France’s Armed Forces Ministry said that the agreement with Abu Dhabi would see operations conducted from the Al Dhafra Air Base offering refueling and surface-to-air capacities. French Rafale fighter jets based in Al Dhafra will also conduct observation missions over the country’s territory on a regular basis.

“Aircraft operations are planned … in coordination with the Emirati air forces, to detect and intercept drone strikes or cruise missiles targeting the UAE,” the ministry said.

France has close economic and political ties with the UAE. Last December, Abu Dhabi signed a $19.20 billion deal for 80 French-made Rafale fighter jets and 12 Caracal helicopters. The deal is likely one of the main motives behind Paris’ decision to defend Emirati territory.

The Houthis will likely view France move as a direct support for the Saudi-led war on Yemen. The group may soon take military action against French forces or economic assets in response to Paris support for the UAE.


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I hope the Houthis hit the Effiel Tower right after they down the Burj Khalifa


I understand this opinion

Michel LeBlanc

Hit a Lafarge cement plant, send the message to the right folks, GTFO!!


Why not also report that the reason for the attack was UAE’s direct participation in the war against Yemen? They have even occupied Soccotra, an island belonging to Yemen.

Steve Brown

Yes…. and sheikh with a gold implant up his axx built a UAE military base on the adjacent island

Lance Ripplinger

The French will wave the white flag soon enough and cry for mommy.


they did when there “special forces” landed on the beach and were captured by the Ansarahlla. Le Drian was crying to get back his toys. Why the terrorists were not executed in publlic, so the world coud see the face off the agressors ? Shame to the european countrys.


The French are going to protect them? Now they can worry.

Cuckmander Hebrew

LMAO so true. France can barely handle niggers in Mali these days…or on it’s home soil, for that matter.

Simon Ndiritu

“niggers in Mali these days” Sounds Kinda funny.

Chris Gr

Mali is allying with Turkey now.

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Simon Ndiritu

After the US was humiliated trying to protect Saudi the other September.

Peppe il Sicario

France, aka the Rothschild stooges headed by their overly gayhomo President, are going to protect the camel coons from the UAE?? Just like they did in Mali??? The Houthis have nothing to fear. The Houthis are rock hard!! Houthis rock!!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario
Simon Ndiritu

The most beneficial thing for Houthis to hit is ARAMCO, any day, followed by the UAE’s oil infrastructure.

Colonel Dolma

Macron couldn’t send any air defense to Armenia (Christian unity????)in war against Turks but send them to UAE…Macron is zio deep state shit

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