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JUNE 2021

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Challenges MSM Narrative, Continues His Campaign Against Striking Syria

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A possible US strike on Syria faces more and more criticism among the US public.

On April 9, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed the idea of striking Syria and accused “talk-show generals” and war hawk politicians in fueling the conflict.

On April 12, Carlson continued his campaign against the strike in his show pointing out a danger of conflict with Russia.

Carlson had an interview with Stephen Cohen, the US professor of Russian studies about “what is likely to happen” between Russian and the USA in this escalating conflict. The professor emphasized that he was worried as “he had never been in life”. According to Cohen, the USA and Russia are extremely close to the nuclear war:

“If Trump or somebody sends these missiles in Syria there Russian soldiers. If Russians die, if Damascus is attacked…Russia will retaliate with its excellent weapons”, Cohen said.

“Both nations [Russian and American] are lain with the nuclear weapons”

The professor said that it wouldn’t benefit any country as it was a “no-no” talk since the settlement of the conflict.

The US politician Tulsi Gabbard wrote a letter to the US President Donald Trump calling to hold back the military attack to Syria. Gabbard read her address to the Secretary of Defense James Mattis, asking to answer her claim:

“Attacking Syria will not bring their war-torn country any closer to peace. U.S. military action against Syria will simply escalate and prolong the war, resulting in more senseless death, destruction, and suffering”.

Mattis was trying to avoid certain answers stressing that, the US launching hadn’t started yet:

“I can’t answer that question. I’m not ready to speculate that that would happen”.

Speaking about the Russian response to the US attack, Mattis said that “there’s a lot of ways to respond to the chemical the violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention diplomatically, economically, militarily” could be taken according to the international law”.

More from Carlson:

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Tulsi Gabbard has more balls then rest of the Congress put together. And my respect for Tucker grows by the day…

Russie Unie

She is definitely great ! She should have the position as Lavrov inside the US government ! But zion doesn’t want, I’m afraid …


… she’ll be more than lucky to get re elected – the Neocons and Zios will spend a fortune to vote her out of Congress. I hope people in Hawaii are sensible enough to prevent it…

Richard M

I doubt they can oust her by fair means.


…and I don’t recall they ever used fair means….

Richard M

When the Corruptocracy feels threatened there are no limits to what foul means may be used.


Actually I was hoping she would run for President. She has been exposing the CIA’s fake terrorist war since its inception.


Fox news. Smoke and mirror ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Tucker Carlson voted for Obama twice and admitted it was a mistake, He comes across as a conservative he uses logic to dispel lies and isn’t a supporter of anything that endangers America and it’s people. That fucking idiot fast talking Democon is a horrific speaker and sounds like some smug little CIA shill thinking his baffling and fast talking is going to win over supporters. Love how Tucker Calls out someone and others for lying and shouldn’t surprise anyone Fox has always been like this and it is confusing to everyone.

Listen how Tucker gives a good sound lead comment on how politicians try to cover their own butts when they are failing it’s citizens! Good on Nigel can always give a plausible and suitable answer that makes more sense than what baffling double speakers do.

US-Navy Revert Shia

So trump says Saudi Arabia has to pay for troops & [USG] Protection, so AngloZionist Puppy trump sells the life’s of our sons in the US-Armed Military as Hired guns & Mercenaries-????


Welcome to the world! That’s why Americans have been dying overseas for decades.


Thank God for Tulsi–what a wonderful, honest woman. If only the warmonger, Haley had one percent of this honorable woman’s dignity, intelligence and honesty . . . not to mention Donald Duck and his Micky Mouse congress . . .

Kell McBanned

Voices of reason are beginning to shine through, the elites are crumbling before our eyes.

leon mc pilibin

This brave lady will be branded an anti semite very soon,for speaking the truth and stating the obvious,What benefits the USA by attacking Syria?Nothing,,BUT israhell benefits big time.


Fucking hell, I HATE Nigel Farage with a fiery passion bordering upon death. And when that asshole is the one who makes sense you know something is seriously wrong.


The sad reality is that Israeli money will pour into any challenger of Tulsi Gabbard. We all remember what happened to Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.


Damn what a fast talker Noah Rothman is! Completely talked garbage but it was very distracting as he talks so fast. Don’t allow him back on unless he’s going to be reasonable as it’s just a stunt to overwhelm us.


Tulsi ’20!!!

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