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Fox News Argues About 20 Syrian Jets Destroyed In Missile Strike (Updated)

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Fox News Argues About 20 Syrian Jets Destroyed In Missile Strike (Updated)

Alleged sites that were hit by US missiles Source: imagesatintl.com

The US missile strike on the Ash Sha’irat military airfield near Homs early Friday destroyed about 20 Syrian jets, Fox News reported refering to the words of some “two senior defense officials with knowledge of the strike.”

“None of the jets managed to take off and escape before U.S. missiles hit the target, the officials said, adding that all of the destroyed aircraft were jets — not helicopters. No Russian aircraft were at the Sharyat airfield,” the article reads.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media and the Pentagon didn’t release some footage of the actual impacts or aftermath.

Earlier today, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that only 23 of 59 US Tomahawk missiles fired at Ash Sha’irat military airfield had reached the target.

Sputniknews’s reached some US defense official to get the comment on the issue (source):

The Russian Defense Ministry’s assessment that only 23 of 59 US Tomahawk missiles fired at Syria’s al-Shayrat air field is not accurate, a US defense official told Sputnik on Friday.

However the official did not say how many missiles reached the Shayrat base.

“That is not correct,” the official said when asked to comment on the claim.

A video allegedly shows the Syrian Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-22 bomber taking off from the Shayrat Airbase after the US missile strike:

UPD on the Su-22 video [21:26]:

The Syrian Defense Ministry’s video from the air field:

A Russian drone video shows the moment of the US missile strike (the runway is undamaged, many bunkers and aircraft intact):

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chris chuba

The FOX news clowns also reported that the Chemical weapons stored at the air base were destroyed and then smirked, ‘how could we have destroyed chemical weapons if they weren’t supposed to be there’. Those idiots, I wish I was there to ask them how many liters of Sarin were destroyed since they seem to know what was in the air base.

Prov 19:5 A false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will not go free.

The Book also says that God’s word will not return empty and void but I don’t know. Truthful accounts are not accepted and lies go unchallenged.


Morons. Absolute propaganda.

Trustin Judeau

10 jets were damaged in this AB . The casualties I think are 6 . Faux News is again not telling truth which is normal for them . Also some of the jets werent operational . And now jets are again flying from the base – https://twitter.com/MmaGreen/status/850415982808117248

Gary Sellars

Plus the runway was not damaged. Stupid Muricanz fail again…

Douglas Houck

The US has said the runway was specifically not targeted! It was a one-time statement to President Al-Assad not to use his secret chemical weapons again!


Not 20 but 9 planes were destroyed. Now, 59 misiles of 10 M$ each makes 590 M$ to destroy 9 planes of 3 M$ each makes 27 M$. That is, USA spend about 600 M$ to get 27 M$ back…..great business !!!


Nope, 6 planes. And you can see the very first day after footage showing two jets sitting in their hangar, idling, ready to go.

I’m starting to believe that this was intentional…


Maybe they fired old BGM-109 Tomahawks models. Last update is Tomahawk Block IV with anti-jamming. The old weapons have a lower price on the market.


Even the old ones weren’t this bad in accuracy. Plus they all have GPS among other pretty accurate guidance systems.

Either someone fucked up, or this was an intentional “just piss missiles all over the place to make it look good”…

Douglas Houck

The US says all 59 Tomahawks hit exactly where they were aimed and 20-25 warplanes were destroyed. How’s that for conflicting statements?


mmm, you must not keep up on the internet very well…

The airfield wasn’t destroyed. Only 23 of 59 tomahawks landed near the airfield. Planes launched from it the very next morning. Russia said the “efficiency of the attack was poor” From the pictures it actually only looks like 5-6 missiles hit. And when they did hit, they fizzled in some cases….



Quite a few missiles landed in the middle of nowhere…

WTF is going on? These missiles have all the “latest and greatest pinpoint accuracy GPS” bullshit that goes thru a window to bomb the poor bastard as he’s sitting there eating his soup?

Or is this intentional?

Toni Liu

Missile designed to attack weak area not a strong one and maybe they give some ai to them so some coward missile flying back to sea and dive to sea with embrassment cause they dont want to be destroyed by old syrian relic missile few had balls to hit their target, other stupid enough to enter windows while people eat his soup, what a poor guy

The Bandalar

This post is amazing.

Gary Sellars

Russian jamming…

Douglas Houck

It took me a bit but here is a link from the LATimes (1992) that says it all about the accuracy of the famous Tomahawk cruise missile (~50%):

“The Tomahawks, 288 of which were fired from surface ships and submarines in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea and eastern Mediterranean Sea, hit their intended targets slightly more than half the time, according to sources with access to the classified performance data. The Navy, which has said 85% of the low-flying drones were “successful,” Thursday declined to say how many hit what they aimed for, but said a missile can be successful without striking its target.

Like the Patriot missile, which the Army acknowledged this week had not worked as well as first asserted, the F-117A and the Tomahawk were among the Gulf War’s high-technology stars. The revised view of their performance, which has not been authorized for public release by the services or the Defense Department, is at odds with the Pentagon’s nearly flawless self-portrait during the war. More than a year after the war, the Pentagon still refuses to screen publicly any video clip of a bomb or missile that missed its target.”

Not sure if Russia did anything to influence the Tomahawks.


I vaguely remember something like that, however, the syrian attack is less than dismal at 32%(?) with newer versions of the tomahawk.

Douglas Houck

Yes, it implies that something else took place (jamming of GPS, etc.), but nobody is talking.

The Russian statement of 23 was based on their “recording equipment”, whatever that means. I haven’t seen an actual counting of missile hits. Obviously, not all 59 made it to the target.


Well, according to The Man himself, I think the whole attack was half-hearted in nature: https://southfront.org/trump-explains-why-tomahawks-complittley-missed-runway-in-syrias-shayrat-airbase/

Douglas Houck

I just read the latest Sec. of State Tillerson interview. It was political theater and whatever decisions that were by the US, Turkey and Russian generals a couple of weeks ago to defeat ISIS are still in effect.

Kabuki theater, indeed.


I dunno dude, looks like the Russians didn’t get the memo however. Or maybe it’s “their part” of the play? Who the fuck knows… I would be more worried about being a korean right now given that a carrier battle group is making a unscheduled stop there. ^.^

Douglas Houck

Just for grins I read the NYTimes article on what happened: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/07/world/middleeast/american-military-pentagon.html?_r=1 In following this war its always been as if two different universes/realities are in play. Bizarre.

For US military greatness,

“Surveying the airfield, American war planners developed a list of 59 targets: aircraft, hardened plane shelters, radars, an air defense system, ammunition bunkers and petroleum storage sites. One Tomahawk cruise missile was fired at each of the 59 targets, and the Pentagon asserted that each hit its mark. An additional missile aborted after launch and fell into the Mediterranean.

One American official who spoke separately from the briefing estimated that 20 to 25 Syrian warplanes were destroyed in the attack, at 3:40 a.m. local time, four hours after President Trump’s order to go ahead was relayed to the Central Command. The runway was not a target.”

Russia says 23 missiles hit their targets, US says all 59 did. Who is correct. The videos and images would seem to support the Russian claims and further the Syrian’s claim that multiple missiles landed several km away would also support Russia’s claims.: “Another US missile fell in al-Hamrat village, killing four civilians, including a child. Moreover, seven civilians were injured as a missile struck houses in al-Manzoul village, 4 km away from al-Shairat airbase.” I believe there are pictures of cruise missile parts found outside of Latakia.

At the beginning of the article it states that the US felt Syria used the chemical weapons because they were about to lose the Hamah Military Airport. This is in total disagreement with all the maps and reporting done here at Southfront and elsewhere. The area of fighting was way to the north.

Here is the NYTimes description of what happened: “The Americans had tracked the Syrian jet as it took off from the Al Shayrat airfield and dropped a bomb in the middle of a street. The time of the chemical attack, just before 7 a.m., correlated with reports that residents were exhibiting signs of having been subjected to nerve agent. The crater from the bomb showed staining that experts associated with a shell filled with chemical agents.

American intelligence officials also suspect that an attempt might have been made to frustrate efforts to gather evidence of a chemical assault. After victims were rushed to a hospital, a small drone appeared overhead before disappearing. About five hours later, the drone returned and another airstrike hit the medical center; American officials do not know if the drone or the second strike was launched by Syria or Russia.”

A single bomb dropped in the middle of a street at 7AM on a sunny day.

CNN reported that “Survivors of a deadly airstrike in Syria have described chemical bombs being dropped from planes,” So which is it, one or multiple? Can’t have it both ways.

The number of reported dead and exposed started at 18, then 35, then 58 then 70 with hundreds exposed such that they needed treatment. Reports were that people died in their sleep. I’m not an expert and sarin is heavier than air so it will roll down hill, but one bomb dropped outside seems like it killed a whole lot of people.

From an interview with a chemical weapons expert on the 2013 incidence on what a single bomb can do.

“How long would it take Sarin to become harmless, or dissipate? In general terms are we talking minutes, hours, weeks?

This is difficult to answer because of the variables that could exist but Sarin is a non-persistent and highly volatile liquid which disperses and vaporises rapidly dependent on conditions of temperature and air flow. A single projectile of Sarin fired in a hot, sunny featureless environment during a windy day could feasibly take minutes to dissipate. At the other end of the spectrum, a sustained bombardment/barrage in an urban area during a period of no wind and no sustained periods of sun would be more likely to create a scenario where pockets of exposed Sarin would last for days, unexposed Sarin could last for weeks and CW UXO could remain in the area for years.”

Shouldn’t take long to assess if a single bomb did all that damage.

Now the Russian explanation also doesn’t hold up as if you blow up sarin you destroy it due to it’s volatility..That and the Syrian airstrike on the gas factory was around noon and the sarin attack was just before 7AM.

““Axiomatically, if you blow up sarin, you destroy it.”

“It’s very clear it’s a sarin attack,” he added. “The view that it’s an al-Qaida or rebel stockpile of sarin that’s been blown up in an explosion, I think is completely unsustainable and completely untrue.””

My final thoughts are, even disregarding the total lack of strategic and/or tactical reasons for its use, nor the known political fallout of using it, so what if President Al-Assad or someone in his military did approve the use of sarin? The Americans state that they followed an SU-22 Syrian jet (which wasn’t supposed to be able to carry or drop a chemical weapon?) take off, drop the bomb and land at Al Shayrat airfield at the time of the exposure (7AM).

To me it means they are insane and brutal. If that is the case, then why the response that the US did. If the leader of Syria is brutal and insane why was the response “…devised by American war planners as a one-time operation to deter President Bashar al-Assad from using his secret stockpile of chemicals ever again”. That’s nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

At this point in time, none of it makes any logical sense. It’s like kabuki theater. And nobody can be counted on to be telling the truth.

Gary Sellars

This is BS. The Russians told the truth and the US wants to convince people otherwise… so transparent – they just want to cover up the inefficiency of their attack and the failure of most of the missiles.

Basu Deb

Fox has removed the Carlson-Fischer video.They don’t want any infiltration of truth into their business.

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