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Fourth Night Of Violence In Wisconsin, Police Officer Who Killed Jacob Blake Identified

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Fourth Night Of Violence In Wisconsin, Police Officer Who Killed Jacob Blake Identified

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On August 26th, residents took to the streets for a fourth night of violence-filled riots.

Authorities identified the police officer who shot Jacob Blake, whose killing led to the riots.

The Department of Justice also announced several other details, including that Blake had a knife and that officers first used a stun gun on him.

A video showing an alternative angle was also published online.

According to the Department of Justice statement police officers attempted to arrest Jacob Blake, but without saying what the reason is.

Officers attempted to stun Blake, “however the taser was not successful in stopping” him, according to the statement.

The officer who shot Blake was identified as Rusten Sheskey, who has been with the Kenosha Police Department for seven years. He fired seven shots, and was the only officer to fire his weapon, the DOJ said.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, which is leading the probe into the incident, officers initially responded to the scene after a woman called to report that her boyfriend was at her home but “was not supposed to be” there.

On August 26th, at least three people were shot during the protests overnight in Kenosha, some 40 miles south of Milwaukee, and two of the victims died from their injuries, according to the Kenosha Police Department.

The third gunshot victim was taken to a hospital with “serious, but non-life-threatening injuries,” police said.

Due to the violence, US President Donald Trump and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers mobilized additional members of the National Guard to Kenosha.

Cellphone video from the protest on August 25th protests showed a white man armed with what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle running past police and being chased by demonstrators. The footage showed the man trip and fall and appear to open fire on demonstrators. He then is seen running away.

The alleged gunman surrendered himself to police in Antioch, Illinois, in the “pre-dawn hours” on August 26th.

He was identified as 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse and was arrested based on a warrant issued by Kenosha County authorities charging him with first-degree intentional homicide, police said.

He was also being held on a charge of “fugitive from justice,” for purposes of extradition to Wisconsin, at the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center in Vernon Hills, Illinois, authorities said.

Tony Evers gave a press conference calling on citizens to cease the violence.

Exactly two months earlier, on June 26th, US Senator Tim Carpenter was assaulted by protesters in Wisconsin for attempting to film them.


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How ironic colour revolution the US has inflicted on so many countries has come home to them – karmas a bitch

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt scum have killed over 30 million civilians from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe to Middle East. Just recently in the Jew fanned wars, the worthless scum have killed 3-4 million people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen. Libya and Syria, not to mention drone murders in Somalia, Pakistan, Mali, Mauritania, Chad , Niger etc. The bastards deserve to fry.

Peter Moy

As they say in the ‘hood (ghetto): “payback is a bitch and revenge is a motherf*cker!”


There is only one color revolution, the Red Revolution, the rest are capitalist copies.

Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt shithole in burning to the ground and the stupid hubris laden cunts deserve. This is just the beginning as stores are running out of ammo as a major civil war is coming to the failed cesspool run into the ground by WASP racists and their Jew masters. The savages have killed millions of innocents around the world and now the divine retribution is coming in spades.

US is a failed state, controlled by oligarchic elite (Princeton University Study)

comment image

Albert Pike

There is always the chance in a riot that somebody with a gun loses his cool. Then shit happens and 7 shots later it’s all done.

Anyway George Soros is in his Manhattan Double Townhouse – so everything must be according to the great plan to usher in Moshiach…


Lone Ranger

The chickens come home to roost.
Thats why one should never lose the moral highground, once you lose it, its lost.
U.S. has exported that crap Worldwide, and now it has come a full circle.

Zionism = EVIL

It makes my blood boil, that these murdering Americunt savages have ruined whole nations for greed and hubris, but now it is equally satisfying to see that the bastards are facing industrial sized KARMA. The motherfuckers need to burn and they will.

comment image


You are too easy to please :)

In Exile

The Jews ruined USA and ruined my country also, they run everything here from pawnshops to banks. Well time to pay the piper my friends.They owe me a crippled Grandfather, a dead great Uncle and a cousin who drunk himself to an early grave after doing the dirty work for the Jews and they didn’t even know it at the time.

Zionism = EVIL

Jews are a curse on humanity.

Simon Ndiritu

Unlike in the end of 1960s when the shameless demons debased their currency and printed more trillions to recover from disruptions of the civil rights movements and started the Vietnam war to increase ‘production and consumption’, am interested to see what they will do to recover. I don’t see any way out esp. with a broke economy, and no real production. Even stealing Syrian oil or trying to drag Iran or China into a war wont help them. One suggestion, they can burn more buildings in the coming winter to keep warm.


US murdering criminals are now enjoying the mayhem on their own streets, which they have inflicted upon others in the past.

Peter Moy

Well think of the bright side, at least these rioters, looters, anarchists, maniacs, etc. don’t have access to C4, Semtex, rocket launchers or machineguns so they can be considered the “moderate criminals.” Land of the free and home of the brave – from burning city to burning city.

Simon Ndiritu

Altogether, the citizens no longer see the value of the state, which is interesting. If such sentiments persist, the nation will collapse or change forever

cechas vodobenikov

these feminized inferiors, feminized by the tyranny of the school ma’am—insecure bullies, long observed by sociologists….”only in America is the father vestigial: the American mind and conscience is feminine….amerikan parents teach their children to have bad manners–they believe this is rebelliousness”. G Gorer
apparently Emily Post and Miss Manners, dear abbey, have entirely failed


The video is clear that the shooter was being attacked and was defending himself. How many rioters were charged?

This is another case of prosecutorial misconduct of charging them victim and letting the criminals go free.

Simon Ndiritu

The oil they are stealing from Syria and Iraq is literally used to burn the failed banana republic of terror. We are living in an interesting times. We will have confidence telling children that you cannot build a nation from street robbery as Karma is a fat bad bitch that comes with gasoline and lighters.


So where is Karma? What’s happening is not Karma. It is more of the same.


The US judicial system is soooo corrupt. There’s zero video evidence in the officer involved shooting that I’ve seen that he acted in self defense. Yet he hasn’t been charged.

The report of a knife in the suspect’s possession could have been under the driver’s seat. English police encounter people with knives every day. And with extremely rare exception, never shoot them.

This link shows the citizen involved shooting in great depth. It was indisputably self defense. As the prima facia evidence in the video clearly shows. Yet he’s been charged and the rioters assaulting him haven’t been.


Zionism = EVIL

Jews “trained’ the murderous police on the same brutality as in Occupied Palestine.

‘Israel security forces are training American cops despite history of rights abuses,’ Amnesty International had raised the alarm in 2017.


And these criminals have defacto immunity from prosecution and conviction just like in Israel.


In the UK Daily Telegraph today there is a two page report with photo’s of the teenager , Rittenhouse’.
Rittenhouse is shown kneeling on the street with his rifle and another photo ‘depicts’ him as standing and talking to the rioter he shot in the arm.

However a further look at the two photos shows that the one purporting to show Rittenhouse talking to his wounded victim IS in fact another armed man. The clothing and equipment of the two men is very different in colour and style.

All this goes to show the poor standards of Daily Telegraph reporting.

Arguably the Daily Telegraph deliberately omitted to print an image circulating on line of ‘Rittenhouse’ being violently assaulted with a ‘running kick’ by a rioter.


I don’t know what happened in the first shooting at the car lot. Because the video is inconclusive and doesn’t include the actual shooting. But it looks like he was being chased by at least one rioter who was throwing something at him, possibly some type of incendiary, just before the shooting. And there’s now video out showing what may have been a handgun being discharged at him just prior t the car lot shooting.

So ya, if I’m being shot at and chased by rioters with criminal records while defending a business. I might think that my life is in danger. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if information comes out that the car lot shooting was as justified as the street chase shooting.

You’re right about the second incident when he fell or was tripped while fleeing the mob. The first assailant tried to break his neck with a flying kick, the second tried to fracture his skull with a board, and the third had pulled a hand gun and would have shot him if he hadn’t been shot first. If that isn’t self defense I don’t know what is.

“Attorney Lin Wood on Thursday set out to seek a competent defense counsel for Rittenhouse, announcing the formation of a legal team for the purposes of dismissing the charges against him.

“These charges must be dismissed as video clearly shows justified acts of self-defense,” Wood wrote on Twitter Thursday.”

‘Charges must be dismissed as video clearly shows justified acts of self-defense,’ says lawyer who settled defamation lawsuits against CNN, WAPO –



All he may be guilty of is carrying a firearm in a public place as a minor, but I am not an expert of the many arcane state laws within the US. It appears thay Kyles home is in a different jurisdiction to the place where the shootings occured.

You will doubtless know the proper facts.


The possession charge is a color of law issue. It’s legal for a 16 or 17 year old to have a long gun in Wisconsin for hunting and target shooting. There’s a poorly written and ambiguous law against people under 18 going armed with a deadly weapon.

There’s law that when the law is conflicted and poorly written. The charges should be mitigated in the defendent’s favor.

He hasn’t been extricated, and there’s a 30 day hold on extradition according to some reports. A lot of professionals have a problem with the aggression being demonstrated against him by the DA, particularly while he lets the rioters go uncharged.


Yes, the Libtard officials seem to be biased against conservatives. It’s the same in the UK where the concept that public officials should not indulge their political opinions when at work.

Since the 90’s in the UK the civil service has been tainted by such partisan behaviour. Especially in education.


I’d say that the law is conflicted. It doesn’t look to me like there’s any restriction on firearms possession for 16 and 17 year olds for hunting and target practice. There’s probably defining case law on the current possession and use parameters. And this case could add to that. That’s what courts are for.

I don’t know where self defense falls into Wisconsin hunting and target practice law possession and use parameters for 16 and 17 year olds. I have a hard time believing, knowing US gun laws, that there aren’t self defense exceptions.
comment image

– 29.304  Restrictions on hunting and use of firearms by persons under 16 years of age. –



In the UK its only legal to lone a firearm IF the counterparty has a valid licence to use the firearm. If the loan is for longer than a fixed period in law, it becomes a ‘transfer’ that must be notified to ones police area police force.

There are exceptions for professionally organised shooting venues under strict supervision.


It’s questionable if Rittenhouse even shot the first rioter at the car lot. There was a lot of gunfire going on and he could have been shot by someone with a handgun. I haven’t seen the autopsy. But normally a .223/5.56 fired at close range would have blown the domestic terrorist’s head apart just like the rioter’s arm was blown apart.

– How Many People Did Kyle Rittenhouse Actually Shoot? –



Yes, the head shot wound certainly looked more like a 9mm or similar pistol wound.

That being the case, plus the fact that Rittenhouse is now shown in a video as to be clearly acting in self defence, the prosecution is again declaring a crime before any investigation.

This is the same method used by Western governments in their playbooks.
The Scripal and Navaleny ‘poisonings being just two.


It’s pretty easy to tell the difference.
comment image



johnny rotten

The whole free world is enjoying it, the evil empire is taking the medicine it has imposed on the rest of the world for so many years, and the rest of the world wishes the outlaw empire to overdose on that medicine.

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