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JUNE 2023

Fourth Houthi Attack Targets Abha Airport, Saudi Arabia Responds With Threats

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Fourth Houthi Attack Targets Abha Airport, Saudi Arabia Responds With Threats

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

You can read this article in German. LINK

On February 14 morning, Saudi Arabia’s Abha International Airport came under another attack by the Houthis (Ansar Allah).

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni group, said that a Qasef-2K and a Samad-3 drones targeted the airport, which is located in the Kingdom’s southern province of ‘Asir.

The Samad-3 has a range of more than 1,500km, while the range of the Qasef-2K is limited to 150 km. The Houthis claim that both drones are being produced locally.

“The attack is a natural and legitimate response to the aggressor’s [Saudi-led coalition] aerial escalation and its total siege on our country [Yemen],” Brig. Gen. Sari said in a statement, in which he also warned Saudi civilians from approaching facilities used for military purposes.

From its side, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that both drones were successfully intercepted by its air-defense forces. This is yet to be confirmed.

Following the attack, Colonel Turki Al-Malki, a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, said that targeting civilians in the Kingdom are a “red line.” Speaking to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV, Col. al-Malki threatened the Houthis with a fierce response.

“The coalition is responding by targeting Houthi militia fighters and leaders, not in an indiscriminately manner,” the spokesman said.

This was the fourth attack by the Houthis on Abha International Airport this week. The airport was attacked with suicide drones on February 10, 12 and 13.

Despite the recent attacks by the Houthis, Saudi Arabia appears to be determined to go on with its war on Yemen. For the last five years, the costly war brought nothing but criticism and military failures for the Kingdom.


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Great Khan

Ansarallah brother STRONK! Saudi mamtu kishmish hahaha…

Johnny B. Allan

Hahaha. running out of material to write. The drones were being downed for days now but still they had to claim something. Lmao!

It must be a slow news day

Ashok Varma

Where did you learn English dear chap? “hence” :) Hasbara troll farms are now trying to replicate Paki English. Namaste.


Downed the drone? Well, if this Turki guy says something you know it’s bound to be a lie.

I wish Yemenis did the very same thing that this monkey threatened to do: Attacking the Saudi Arabia leaders which brought so caused so much misery in this world.

Anyway, it’s a good sign that Saudis resorted to threatening instead of bombing civilians like they always did.

Pave Way IV

Saudis need some good PR (or at least less bad PR) while waiting for the U.S./Israeli oil embargo on Yemen to produce the intended result. Note the particular evilness and deception in U.S./Israeli actions: total press blackout of oil embargo and detained ships along with hand-wringing about ‘removing’ bullshit terrorist designation from Houthis.

Saudis are still running the general shipping blockade on northern Yemen, delaying or detaining all cargo ships for ‘weapons inspections’. Saudis did blockade oil shipments in the past, but ended them about the time everyone started noticing it was causing the largest cholera outbreak in world history and intensifying the existing famine in north Yemen.

The U.S./Israeli total oil embargo is meant to punish Houthis and north Yemen the same way: cholera and famine. It’s just that we’re way better at hiding this from the MSM. The strategy is to appear to appease the Houthis while secretly creating a humanitarian catastrophe to justify a U.S. peacekeeping invasion and war on the Houthis. The liberation of Marib from Hadi, Islah and the Saudi chimps would pretty much end their continued ground presence in the north. The U.S./israel can’t let that happen – land and oil theft, of course.

Prediction: Biden will kill more Yemenis this year than those that died since the 2015 revolt – all to put Yemen on it’s knees and under control of a U.S./Israeli regime. Saudis and the UAE couldn’t deliver, so we’re bringing in CENTCOM Big Evil® to finish the job. We’re trying to bring them in through the civilian airport at Abha, but that place is getting dangerous!

Pave Way IV

When the Yemeni cholera outbreak explodes again and famine becomes widespread, CENTCOM and the U.S.N. Fifth Fleet (the Pride of Tel Aviv) will deny their part in the engineered genocide. Anyone can go to marine traffic sites and confirm the embargo. Hudaidah can and has continually handled two tankers unloading 24×7 (still not enough). There hasn’t even been one tanker in port for the last two weeks. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c13140dedb9528661a8d07f3b92b79772ae2aaa212863041069eb5dfaf4c62a2.png

Source: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ports/19502/_:c4e0cdf73bb711e5af5f1e56f633b7a4

Pave Way IV

Houthi bros: Ras Tanura. You’re on the moral high ground now – ‘they’ just want millions more dead Yemenis ‘as a lesson to the rest of them’. Fuck that.


Ashok Varma

That should be the target of daily attacks as Saudi oil revenues need to be cut off and that will end their aggression against Yemen.

Ashok Varma

While the swine MBS spent billions on whores from Israel and Europe, courtesy of his CIA and Mossad handlers.


you bet the jews in palestine are in deep with the saudis and helping out to sort the yemeni-problem mbs has.


Continuous attack on Saudi targets, opportunity to test Iranian military technology against US SAM weaponry and inflict military and economic pain. If saudis targeted civilians indiscriminately, why should the Houthis not respond in kind?

Jim Allen


The Objective

Send more drones to attack the Saudi oil fields that corrupted them so much as to betray Islam. Destroy the wealth that made them hypocrites. It’s time to target the U.A.E too.

Ashok Varma

Dear boy, weren’t you barracking for your Wahhabi brothers just a few days ago. You teenage confused trolls need to take a consistent line. Have your supervisor draft clear guidelines for trolling.

Peter Jennings

They need a break every now and then but they are greedy for the overtime. Let’s face it, sitting on one’s arse typing nonsense is easy money.

Icarus Tanović

Indeed. I’d do that, but for money too, I mean who wouldn’t? From long ago I know that this dog is a b…. you get what I’m saying.

Icarus Tanović

Don’t bother, punk says that Islamic brotherhood and Wahhabis are ‘bitter enemies’. Oh really? Crow doesn’t puke out others crows eye. So don’t waste time on that payed troll. The ones such are him claiming that Isis is as ‘Islamic as it gets’. To hell with him. Forget him.


“”” Engine Problems For America’s F-35 Stealth Fighter Continue to Undermine Fleet’s Operational Readiness”””…..


With never ending issues to contend with, these hangar queens are more on the ground, making them ideal targets for precision guided rocket strikes.

Just Me

F-35 is absolute JUNK. The stupid Aussies even have problems with the helmet eyesight and its emits wrong targeting data. $8 billion trash.

Peter Jennings

What’s the suadi admin going to do about it? attack Yemen and kill its people?

Oh wait…

Ashok Varma

The devious Brits have just sold them another $1.9 billion worth of cluster bombs and other munitions, while the pig MBS indulges in debauchery in the Maldives as children are killed by US and British bombs in Yemen.

A UK media report reveals that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has spent a whopping $ 1.18 billion on lavish celebrations, cruise ships, drugs, alcohol , prostitutes from Israel and female supermodels from US and Europe since taking power in the hypocritical ultra-conservative Wahhabi family run kingdom.

Peter Jennings

The MBS sheikh shakedown was obviously worth it then?

BTW, you forgot bribes in that expenditure.

Adam Prisbit

and it failed epic hehe

Icarus Tanović

Those inexpensive explosive drones that can reach 120kmh and same range are mass produced by Yemen. They are equipped with 5kg warhead, and can be used as surveillance ones too. Same ones falling on green zone in Iraq every night.

Peter Jennings

Every day the suadi effort in Yemen falters and every day Houthi missiles get closer to the suadi heartland.

Icarus Tanović


The Objective

SF seems to be censoring comments of late.

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