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Fourth “Day of Rage”: Dozens of Palestine Protestors Injured (Videos)

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On December 29, thousands of Palestinians took at the streets in the Gaza Strip, the Western Bank and the city of Jerusalem to protest the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in what was called the fourth “day of rage”, according to Palestinian sources.

Israeli security forces clashed with the protestors in the Western Bank and used tear gas and rubber bullets against them in an attempt to disperse the protests. The Israeli Army used light weapons against the protestors in the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian activists.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that Israeli security forces injured 133 protestors in the Western bank. Another 33 protestors were injured with live bullets fired by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, the Israeli Army announced that three rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip at the Israeli settlements north of Gaza. Such rockets attacks have become a regular tradition that accompanied the protests in the so called “days of rage”.

Palestinians will likely continue to protest in the upcoming weeks against the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. However, with no real support from the Arab countries, or even the Palestinian government, these protest will likely result in nothing.

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