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Four-Way Summit On Idlib Signals Turkey’s Inability To Turn Military Threats Into Reality

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Four-Way Summit On Idlib Signals Turkey's Inability To Turn Military Threats Into Reality

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan confirmed his intention to meet with the leaders of Russia and France Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on March 5th in Istanbul to discuss the situation in Idlib.

On February 23rd, Erdogan said that Macron and Merkel suggested that Putin hold a four-sided summit on Syria in early March.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Turkey was unable to fulfill several key commitments to solve the problems around Syrian Idlib. In particular, she did not dissociate the armed opposition from the terrorists, ready for negotiations with the government of Bashar al-Assad in the framework of the political process.

On the evening of February 22nd, Erdogan made his customary warning that large-scale military action may be undertaken by the Turkish army if the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) doesn’t stop its offensive in Idlib.

He has vowed such action several times so far, and the SAA appears to be undeterred, all the while Turkey is deploying large numbers of military vehicles and equipment to Idlib, but they appear to be leading to little effect.

But, Erdogan admitting that such a meeting would take place means that a large-scale Turkish operation is unlikely to take place before that day, if at all.

The Russian and Turkish military are in constant contact on the situation in Syria, the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.

If the necessity rises, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin will get into contact over the situation.

According to him, due to the aggravation of the situation in Syria, the past week “turned out to be extremely restless.”

“Naturally, the offensive actions of the terrorists could not go unanswered. The Syrian military, being in their own country, on their territory, naturally responded, which led to extreme tension. Thank God, our military, Russian and Turkish, are in constant contact , and, as we see, if necessary, the presidents will join in the discussion of this topic,” Peskov said.

Earlier, the Russian Reconciliation Center said that pro-Turkish militants, with the support of Turkish artillery, broke through the defenses of the Syrian army in the area of Kminas and al-Nayrab. Russian Su-24 fighter jets attacked the terrorists and destroyed one tank, six infantry fighting vehicles and five pickups. Turkey stopped its artillery attacks after Russia spotted them.

Peskov also noted that the President of Russia paid great attention to this issue.

“The situation remains tense. You know that this week the president devoted a lot of time to the situation in Syria. And, let’s say, the crisis situation around Idlib, in particular,” Peskov explained.

Separately, Peskov also, once again, underlined that Turkey was not fulfilling any of its commitments under the Sochi agreements.

According to him, Turkey has not yet fulfilled the conditions reached at the Sochi agreements, militants in Syrian Idlib are armed and receive ammunition, ammunition and equipment.

“In this case, we can clearly say that the conditions of the Sochi agreements, which were signed by the two presidents more than a year ago, have not yet been fulfilled, and it was said that Turkey would have to ensure the withdrawal, demarcation, withdrawal of heavy weapons and so on,” Peskov explained.

According to him, at this stage, the militants in the Syrian province of Idlib are “wonderfully armed” and also seem to receive the necessary equipment, ammunition and ammunition.

“Very dangerous units of military equipment fall into their hands. And all this, unfortunately, does not contribute to the normalization of the situation,” Dmitry Peskov emphasized.

Despite that, Peskov said that there was no place for any “grim” forecasts in the relations between Ankara and Moscow.

According to him, one should not “fall into gloomy moods” and “build extremely negative scenarios” regarding relations between Russia and Turkey after the aggravation of the situation in the territory of the Arab Republic.

Diplomatic discussion will continue happening, and Germany and France will be involved, in addition to Russia and Turkey.


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Erdogan only bluffs

Zionism = EVIL

Well, Dr. Assad has called the goat fuckers bluff and now more or less CHECKMATE!


AM Hants

Do like President Assad. Dr Assad and Dr Putin, work well together, with Iranian and Hezbullah support.

Zionism = EVIL

Look, like I have said before, Bashar al Assad is the best Syria has at the moment. He is a decent educated man and an accidental leader after the death of the Basil whom Hafez al Assad was preparing to take over, but unfortunately died in a car accident. Maher al Assad the younger brother is a professional soldier, but Bashar being a trained doctor/Ophthalmologist is a very cool and calm leader, and also has proven to be very brave and tenacious. The vast majority of Syrians like him and there is no other option. Russians and Iranians support him as the alternative for Syria and the region is a nightmare if the headchoppers had even come close to Damascus, which was the Zionist, Turkeys and Saudi aim.


Assad is too soft.. I am not sure if his brother would do better but at least israel would think twice before bombing Syria all the time.

Zionism = EVIL

I would agree. There has to be a time when Syria hits back at the Zionist scum.


President Assad is definately NOT ‘soft’ as you say.

A Syrian’ strike back policy’ against Israel would be Nuttyahoo’s and Trumps wet dreams come true.

Flaying out like a madman is a tactic that only powerful madmen can get away with.

Syria and her allies are thoughtful and patient, this why the Syrian land liberated from the US Coalition of Terror has exponentially increased since the Autumn of 2015.

Israel’s time for atoning for its sins of the vicious occupation in Palestine are approaching quickly now. This is due to the Israeli ‘Crimes against humanity’ that are now too big to conceal from the people of the world.


Good points. When Syria has consolidated their gains and they are made permanent…meaning secure…she next needs to secure the entire border, which is what I see them doing now. Slowly, but surely, they will close their borders…then we will see a different Syrian response to Israel/US. I look for Syria to try to reclaim the Golan before there is major fireworks between them. Right now Syria needs all it’s resources to eliminate those moderate head choppers and continue to secure their state. Israel will never submit to the protestations from around the world, they will use their MSM to blow smoke up our ass, but like you say the world is getting wise. When viewing the Syrian/Yemeni conflicts, the trend is very heartening. Israel, like Trump keep running their mouths and continue the lies, but it will be to no avail. Haste makes waste, but revenge served cold is a tasty dish.


It will be a great day when Syria is again a vibrant nation that can live in peace again.


what time period are you referring to? It has been a warring nation under its entire time with Assad as leader.

It was dysfunctional and beset by internal conflict for most of the time between when it was overrun by the Muslim armies in the 600’s until it was taken over by the Ottomans from 1500-around 1920. That was it’s most stable period, when it was ruled by outsiders.

Syria wasn’t really independent in the modern era until after WWII in the late 1940’s. And since then has been full of war and dysfunction – a string of military coups, riots etc. One such coup ion the 1960’s brought in the Batths. Daddy Assad came to power in a coup in the 70’s

Syria attacked Israel as part of the Arab coalition in both 1967 and 1973. It was thereafter mixed in Lebanon’s civil war. THe Assad regime was known for severe crackdowns and rule with an iron hand. It is believed he killed about 20,000 people in the 80’s putting down a rebellion by the Muslim brotherhood.

Baby Assad was installed by right of birth and relatively quickly became known as being in opposition to any meaningful reform. He was known for torturing and killing political opposition – even in one incident torturing a bunch of school children for writing anti government graffiti

and war since 2011 etc.



Syria will never get the Golan. Too many years of using it to attack Israeli civilians, and too important to Israel as a defensive position. Doesn’t matter what Syria does, short of destroying Israel of course.

AM Hants

I must admit to finding it interesting, that prior to being hosted at Buckingham Palace, before saying no to handing over the natural resources of Syria, President Assad was an opthalmic surgeon, working in London. Where he met his British wife.

So sad to see how our Government is treating a British citizen, assisting her husband. Leading the secular, Sovereign nation. Ironic, for the children, to see their mother’s nation destroy their father’s nation.

Wish Syria all the best.


Poutin dont have a PhD.. But most Syrian high level state employees seems to have a PhD.. Only Assad’s wife have a masters as she never moved to the US to finish her PhD and instead moved to Syria..

AM Hants

President Putin has a PhD in economics. When the Berlin Wall fell and many of the KGB found themselves without work, President Putin accepted the job offer, from St Petersberg University. He was the Assistant to the Rector, based in the International Law Department. As well as carrying out his duties, he also studied and obtained his PhD in Economics. Isn’t it based on macro-economics, which work well with analytical minds and trained KGB Analysts. Do believe that is where his friendship with Medvedev was formed. Not forgetting, Vladimir Putin graduated in International Law, in order to enter the Intelligence Services and do believe his Master’s degree was also in International Law. Medvedev also graduated in International Law, and Sergey Lavrov graduated in an International Law discipline. Many International legal experts amongst Kremlin politicians. Believe Sergei Shogui graduated as an engineer.

Over in the UK, our politicians cut their teeth in youth politics, with a stint at the world bank, or the MI5 journalistic route. Hence the difference between Russian political intelligence and Western political stupidity.


Nicely and succinctly explained, AM.

I suspect that ‘iggybundy’ ” dont ” have an answer to that. :)

AM Hants

Thank you.

Peter Jennings

Who was it that said, ‘education, education, education’?………oh yeah, never mind.

Anyway, the produce of a country is very much down to education and training. If the general level of education is bad then so will the training. Years of that and its Idiocracy.

So most of our politicians spent their whole lives in politics? it probably explains why one cannot tell them apart.

AM Hants

The French had the right idea, centuries ago. Made them accountable for their actions.

AM Hants

Blair and didn’t him and his mates do well, when they dropped ‘free education’ and supported ‘student loan’ funding and ‘Mickey Mouse courses.

Peter Jennings

He did inadvertently educate the British public to the world of nato shysterism. Blaaar was a lawyer, so it was an easy step to make.

Zionism = EVIL

It is not called Turkey for nothing.

Zionism = EVIL

As mentioned before, I have first hand experience and knowledge of the Turkeys dating back to the 80’s, when they were supposedly second largest NATO cannon fodder, even then they were disappointingly third rate with very poor C3I or having adequate staff officer level strategic planning capability. Now they are like any terrorist rabble with totally incompetent general staff picked by the megalomaniac Erdogan for personal loyalty. After the fake coup attempt, Erdogan purged even the nincompoops at command and staff level putting over 1300 in jail, mostly airforce officers. The Turkeys bluffed their way into Syria but face now a quagmire and massive defeat at both tactical and strategic level as their orbat (order of battle) is simply not geared for long term asymmetrical war against some of the toughest battle tested SAA and allied units who have fought NATO arseholes for over 8 years now and basically won. Secondly, Russia which dominates the skies is not in a very magnanimous mood. The SU-35 super flankers can bast the Turkeys ancient F-16 and museum piece F-4E out of the sky at will. Most importantly no NATO faggot will die for the Turkeys who are widely hated in Europe and beyond, not to mention the Arab and Muslim world, and are illegally invading the Syrian Arab Republic, which has every right and obligation to defend its territory from the retarded Turkey goat fucking mongol retards.


Jim Bim

The Turks actions/reactions shows why they did not fulfill the agreement. They will not fulfill new agreements. The Turks are only loyal to the terrorist groups, whom they whole heartily support and defend.

Zionism = EVIL

Well, even the terrorists acknowledged that their MIT (military intelligence an oxymoron) is arming, directing and committing all terrorism against Syria. It is the old Pakistani ISI model of using their own Frontier Force in mufti to fight the USSR. However, the dumbass Erdogan being an illiterate moron forget that Russia circa 2020 is not the USSR of 1980 and secondly Dr. Assad is not Noor Mohammed Taraki or Hafizullah Amin. If the aging geriatric politburo in 1979 has listened to the GRU instead of KGB moron station chief in Kabul, the course of history would have been different. The goat fucker Turkeys should buy some history books on the demise of the Ottoman Empire and the perils of pissing off Russia.

Jim Bim

Spot on. Excelent analisys.


Interesting what you said about the GRU versus the KGB. Could you supply more detail?

Zionism = EVIL

There are many books on the subject and I also once had a chance to meet Alexander Rutskoy who more or less said the same. He was a Soviet AF colonel whose SU-25 Frogfoot was shot down in the parrot’s beak area. The GRU is non political and perhaps the best field intelligence service in the world. They have extensive assets geared at strategic analysis. The KGB was totally political.

Soviet Military Intelligence in Afghanistan: The Only Efficient Tool of the Politburo


Zionism = EVIL

If you can read Russian, this is a good book on the prominent role the GRU played in special operations and collecting reliable field intel in Afghanistan throughout the 80’s. Its preliminary analysis was to caution the ageing Politburo against intervention on the fateful Christmas eve decision in 1979.


Concrete Mike

SU-35 are definitly not to be triffled with.

Funny how we havent heard a thing about f22 in a while.;)

Zionism = EVIL

F-22 was born as dud and so is the over $10 billion over-budget F-35 lemon, even the air-conditioning in the cockpit does not work :)


OMG :)

AM Hants

The F22, that the pilots refused to fly, owing to oxygen problems? The same problems that was handed over to the F35?


You talk about SU-35 but post a picture of MIG-35?

Zionism = EVIL

Both are superior to anything the Americunt junk dealers have. Both are air superiority fighters.


klove and light


Special Forces of jihadi + TAF totaly obliterated by SAA……….a so called virgin paradise Massacre-LOLOL

Daniel Martin

The Turks are as the Russians say “недоговороспособны”. Translated in to english it would be “not-agreement-capable” I think this pretty much sums it up.

Mustafa Mehmet

Just like Russia Never trust them.

Concrete Mike

Well at least russia doesnt support janhat al.nusrah tooth and nail!

Thats a shit stain that will.never wash off turkey That and weaponizing refugees.

Thats TWO massive shit stains on Turkey’s shirt.

There is no way we are going to take you seriously now.

Your credibility is down there many many meters below the surface, no worries israel is waiting for you down there in the zero credibility cave.

Daniel Martin

Could you really blame them, for not trusting them!?

Zionism = EVIL

Dumbass Torki Khar, Russia is one of the most ethical countries historically, it even honored the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact to the letter, before the moron Hitler invaded Russia and had his stupid Kraut arse handed to him by the Red Army, quite similar to what you third rate weak Turkeys are doing. Fuck with Russia at your own peril as you have lost 17 wars to the Russians since Peter and Catherine drove you retarded mongols from 40% of the Ottoman occupied lands.


How come France and Germany business?? Neo colonial time?? I can’t believe it


Answer, for France at least: inquire about the CRIF (= Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) and how French politicians bow down to its power.


Exactly, it’s France cancer. We need a new generation of politician with balls.


Its the same in the UK. MP’s who are not already jews are mostly in the Parliamentary ‘Friends of Israel’ Kompromat Club.


Hmmm…must be an international virus.




Turkey is just spreading Ottoman Democratic Values to Syria, François .

Erdo has dreams of ‘democratically’ murdering loyal Syrians, and Kurds in an Armenian Holocaust, 2.0.

Trump is still trying to find out where Turkey is on the world map.



AM Hants

3 leaders of NATO member nations, who fund the ‘White Helmets. None declared war on Syria. None who have UN authorisation to carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing, in the secular, Sovereign nation of Syria. One leader, whose military was asked to lend a hand, by the democratically, elected Government of the Sovereign Nation. What could go wrong? Hope President Putin stays safe.


Well we know what happened the last time 4 met..

poutin could use the time for mountain climbing or something rather than waste it on this.


Yeah, but he has to give lip service to his ally Erdo. He can’t just say the obvious, “we’re just using the silly twat while we can”. Gotta play the game…you know, Erdo is our partner…much like the US is. Erdo keeps sending in terrorists and equipment and Russia/SAA keep eliminating them. Sooner or later, Erdo will run out of fodder. Then what Erdo?

Peter Jennings

Whatever happens in Idlib has bugger all to do with macron, merkel or Erdogan, and everybody knows it. Turkey, France and Germany discussing the fate of Syria! it’s laughable.

These dangerous and irresponsible busybodies need to pull their necks in and let the SAA and Russia get on with the job.

Concrete Mike

Thats the EU attempting to whitewash itself in the refugee trafficing scheme that it has going in with Turkey. Nothing more nothing less.

Peter Jennings

That must have been a nice little earner for someone, apart from Soros who couldn’t wait to get his cheque book out.

Alex Mjoge

There is a millions reasons that ,Turkey can not proceed with military operations in Syria.

Divesh Kumar

Erdogan has time and again proved that he is nothing more than a barking dog…


Why not Merkel and Makron visit Idlib city the,selves to make selfies with ‘the moderate rebels’?


Four-Way Summit On Idlib Signals Turkey’s Inability To Turn Military Threats Into Reality

or will not

peter mcloughlin

The reality seems both Syria and Turkey are already fighting directly, something all sides have sought desperately to avoid. Dragging global powers into this conflict is only a few steps away. History shows nations pay little attention to reality even when defeat is the most likely prospect. In denial they choose war. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/



do you have also own blog?

peter mcloughlin

no blog, just the website


OK, thanks

Opefeyitimi Oluwadara Mayokun

Turkey seeks to become some geopolitical power broker, with that shit economy that nearly collapsed when US sanctioned it for arresting an American pastor…. The sanction lasted only few says and Turkish economy bled, it’s left to see how Stupid Erdogan seeks to maintain his aggression both on Syria and Libya at tjebsame time , with his shrinking economy


Peskov is a trouble maker. I am glad he is leaving. He is a puppet of Turkey. Obvious.

Tom Tom

SAA may have till the morning of March 5th to keep fighting with Russian air support. After that, maybe not….need to take the M4 and north to the border as fas as they can go before a “cease fire.”

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