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Four US Supply Convoys Attacked In Span Of Two Days In Iraq

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Four US Supply Convoys Attacked In Span Of Two Days In Iraq

Illustrative image.

Four convoys moving logistic supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition have been attacked in different parts of Iraq.

On June 26, three convoys came under attack. The first convoy was targeted near the city of Hillah in the central province of Babylon, the second near the city of al-Diwaniyah in the southern province of al-Qadisiyyah and the third in an unspecified part of the northern province of Saladin.

On June 27, another convoy was attacked while it was passing on a road near the Iraqi capital Baghdad in the central region.

As usual, all four convoys were targeted with improvised explosive devices. No human losses were reported as a result of the attacks.

Such attacks are usually carried out by pro-Iranian factions in Iraq. The attacks are meant as a response to the to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.

So far, the US military and intelligence have failed to put an end to these attacks, which are disturbing the operations of American troops in Iraq.


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Lone Ranger

Oy vey…

Marco Polo


Marco Polo

You unwittingly accuse me of things which you are yourself, you are too stupid to understand that if you can’t win the argument with verifiable facts, logic, common sense and intellectual objectivity you are therefore wrong. Instead you hold onto your prejudices based on lies with religious zeal.

Except I’ve heard all arguments and you have only heard your own, you therefore idiotically assume you are right despite believing your own side without question.

You refuse to look into any amount of evidence that contradicts your worldview because you are a brainwashed prick without scruples.

You can’t prove me wrong so you always resort to personal attacks that carry no wait.

The idiot is yourself and your confirmation bias, if you were right you could prove me wrong. But you can’t because you are a loser and hypocrite.

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco Polo

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Al Bundy

fuck off mate

Chess Master

Since what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, these ‘attacks’ could be set by americans themselves for training.

Fog of War

” No human losses were reported as a result of the attacks. ”

No human loses are ever reported for these attacks.


Even when foreign invaders are obliterated by Iranian ballistic missiles they only suffer “traumatic brain injuries”.

Hollywood programming for nations of western idiots who still believe america is fighting for an actual good cause.


“We had to kill the bulldozer in order to save the bulldozer”.

With the cost of shipping and security that heavy equipment costs the US taxpayer at least twice what it does in the USA.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some US general was blowing the shit up in exchange for a board seat on Caterpillar when he retired.


The Iraqi parliament requested US forces leave Iraq in 2020. The US has ignored this. What did US think would result? History teaches us that hostile occupation forces will encounter resistance movements.

Fog of War

” No human losses were reported as a result of the attacks. ”

All these attacks and no human loses ? Does anyone else find this suspicious ?

Fire for Fire

We’ll see if these cowardly attacks can get the U.S out. This is why I love the Taliban. Apart from Allah’s help, the love of death is Taliban’s strongest advantage. But that doesn’t mean they’ll run into bullets and bombs, because they’ll make it as difficult as possible for their enemies to kill even a single Taliban. Shiite terrorists on the other hand, who claim to also receive help from Allah, have demonstrated time and again their fear of death. This weakness (fear of death) is what will cause the easy defeat of Shiite militias, and it’ll also make their enemies take them for granted (assassinations are the prime examples here). Imagine that the Taliban were the guys in Iraq. America would be forced to either leave or fight a sustained bloody war for years. America will not leave Iraq no matter how many supply convoys are attacked. When they’ve had enough of the attacks for one time, they’ll just wipe out more of your oil trucks along the Iran-Afghan border and kill scores of your militias in Syria to make up for the damages convoys sustain over a certain period. Sabotage attacks against Iran’s oil facilities are also attractive options to impose cost on the sponsor of those IED attacks. The last time CIA nuked over 500 Iranian oil tankers, it cost the Mullahs $50+ millions in damage, plus 60 or so dead and injured. This is not to mention several Iranian ships burning at Bandar Abas. Iran cannot win this sabotage war because it has already been penetrated deeply by the CIA and Mossad. Very soon, Iran will be forced to call off these convoy attacks, especially when another lame-duck nuclear deal is reached. America will then be free to do as it pleases in Iraq and not a single militia will do anything about it.


The Taliban are fighting in different terrain. It’s pretty hard to pull off ambushes against an enemy that dominates the air in open desert but much easier in mountainous terrain. Same with the Houti’s …. they fight and ambush in the mountains where they have the advantage not in the desert where air power and thermal sights would put them at extreme disadvantage. They use drones and missiles to strike in the desert while Iraqi PMU’s used rockets and IED’s … different tactics, same strategy. So you see this as racial / sectarian differences while I see it as tactical differences

The USA is trying desparately to disengage in the ME. China is winning the economic war. Russia and China are fielding weapons that make US surface ship, carriers and air power obsolete in some cases and severely challenged in others obsolete. France and Germany are looking at China, Russia and the belt/ road initiative and don’t see them as enemies the way the USA wants them to. wars in the ME are sucking them dry at a time when there are rough economic waters ahead and the almighty dollar is wobbling.

Last edited 1 year ago by HB_norica
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