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Updated: Four US Marines Killed, Three Wounded In Kabul Airport Attack (18+ Videos)

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Updated: Four US Marines Killed, Three Wounded In Kabul Airport Attack  (18+ Videos)

File image.

Update: according to US officials, the number of US service members killed in the attack has risen to 13. Earlier, the Pentagon said 12 service members, mostly Marines, were killed and 15 others were wounded. As expected, ISIS-KP claimed responsibility for the suicide attack. 

The US ambassador in Kabul Ross Wilson had told staff there that four US Marines were killed in the attack that targeted Hamid Karzai International Airport in the Taliban-held Afghan capital, Kabul, the Wall Street Journal reported on August 26.

According to the New York-based newspaper, three other marines were also wounded in the attack that was described by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby as being “complex”.

From its side, the Department of Defense confirmed that a number of US service members were killed in the attack, without providing any numbers of details.

The attack, which targeted crowds of Afghans and US troops just outside the gates of Hamid Karzai International Airport, was reportedly carried out by two suicide bombers and several gunmen.

The Associated Press said that 40 people were killed and more than 120 others were wounded in the attack. Footage from the scene suggests that the death toll may be even higher.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, as for now. ISIS-Khorasan Province (ISIS-KP), whose cells are known to be present and active in Kabul, remains the main suspect.

From its side, the Taliban, the de-facto ruler of Afghanistan, condemned the attack on the airport, saying it occurred in an area controlled by US forces.

The deadly attack was not a surprise. Just a few hours earlier, the US urged crowds trying to access Hamid Karzai International Airport to leave the area while the British and Australian governments warned of a “high threat” of a “terrorist” attack. It remains unclear why no measures were taken to address this threat.

The situation around Hamid Karzai International Airport, where more than 5,000 US troops are currently present, remains chaotic. Hundreds of American citizens and Afghan collaborators are still waiting to be evacuated.

The situation will not likely improve in the upcoming few days. In fact, more attacks should be expected. ISIS-KP cells are reportedly looming around the airport. The Biden administration has been receiving much criticism for its poor management of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.


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americans are cucks

are you butthurt that your weak soldiers got banged again?

americans are cucks

west got raped in the ass during ww2 get over it

Corrupt Ukrop SHITHOLE

You mean you did adolf…


Hitler loved it up his ass by Jews



Piss Poor security effort by all involved

This should never have been allowed to happen – with the word “allowed” being the key word.

Ironically, the Taliban set up road blocks and checkpoints to prevent this sort of thing, but the US & UK (aka the ‘International Community’) did not want them. The British and American forces wanted to deal with the gates themselves, so they asked the Taliban to roll them back a bit.

Piss Poor security effort by all involved led to this – The US, the UK, and the Taliban (plus the Turks / Azeris who likely had some involvement too). Incompetance of all concerned – from the kids on the wall to the Officers and Diplomats looking for medals and gongs when they fly home.

By allowing such a situation to continue they maintained an unmissable opportunity for a false flag / terror attack.

RIP those who lost thier lives, and my thoughts to those maimed and wounded.


i think the same, and it happened days before the departure, “very strange”

Court Martials Coming

Wade Miller 1️⃣7️⃣7️⃣6️⃣ @WadeMiller_USMC If a Marine officer lost four men due to gross negligence, it would lead to his court martial and removal from service, if not jail time.

We lost four Marines today due to @JoeBiden ’s gross negligence. How will he be held accountable?

Now up to 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden must Go! https://twitter.com/WadeMiller_USMC/status/1430942490731941890


You are a dumbfuck. Elitists like Biden have been sacrificing thousands of US soldiers since the war on terror began 20 years ago – whats up with a few more dying. If you are an American patriot, then take out the NeoCons and the PNAC gang

Court Martials Coming

Lara Logan @laralogan · 5h The Biden Administration’s legacy of shame – Abbey Gate at Kabul airport. I am in touch with families on the ground – we’ve been working all day long to get out. Plane was denied clearance to land.

US soldiers were bulldozing checkpoints & pulling out BEFORE this happened!!!!!!!


US soldiers were bulldozing checkpoints & pulling out BEFORE this happened!!!!!!! – Proof that they DUNNIT

Court Martials Coming

You are correct, Twitter feeds from Kabul say the US were actively taking down security measures creating a free for all. I’ve posted a couple of links. Court Martials for many will be coming!

Peppe il Sicario

Welcome back G2 man. Thought you disappeared!

The end

Not if most of them are illiterates with guns.


oh lets ghaad damn put some distance between this act by wahabbi suicide bombers, daeshi jihadists and talibunny sunni islam no? At the end of the day, they’d hang this around your thick swine neck muhammad balu singh……US will sanction yous soon. Yous hendu-pak always the cucks and the patsies. When I suggest reversion for you punjabi’s, there’s a reason behind it.

Last edited 11 months ago by Ahson

AhSo Majoosi Pig. it was a Qom pig who dunnit fuckface


100% taliban secured the entry. Only way for bombs and bombers to arrive is via aircraft – US troops/CIA/Eric Prince’s pigs of war did this


All this was into planning, nothing happen suddenly, lets see next step of pilitic.


you must thank the usa goverment, stop your hate


i remember when the jihadis blew up themselves near of Aleppo, that happened when some buses stopped and the jihadis offered candies to the children from kefraya and foua, that was a massacre like this one

Corrupt Ukrop SHITHOLE



No they is terrorist


America soldiers is a murderer


yeah and all the sunni muzlim countries are US slaves no?……Tell us something we don’t know.


Sunni Muslim countries are ruled by America because they are afraid of losing war against NATO they do not have balls like Assad Gaddafi Houthis Assad Houthis Gaddafi is brave towards NATO

Corrupt Ukrop SHITHOLE

funded with dollars from the CIA drink another cup brave Ameronazis…

Corrupt Ukrop SHITHOLE

Stop drinking jizz… Its bad for you…


Utter nonsense of the first order, but even assuming for a second that the bullocks you just spit were true : it would only be minor justice. Considering the thousands upon thousands of young Russians killed by US weapons at the hands of the brand new 80s “Mujaheddin” hipster trend that was formed, trained, funded, organized and then armed, equipped and supported for 8 full years of their freedom-loving terrorist insurgency they waged against the secular nationalist Soviet-backed regime, you moron. Now swallow the boomerang of fate tearing you a new one and adding insult to injury of 9/11. Get over it once and for all, as you’re gonna need it in the coming decades. Indeed that long-predicted debacle is only one of the first of many geopolitical setbacks to materialize for a weakening Washington.

Last edited 11 months ago by Gryzor
Rodney Loder.

ISIS is controlled by MOSSAD/Jew maggot Freemason swine using mind control abilities derived from the Holy Ghost that i brought to Earth. The Holy Ghost is probably an expeession of reversed psychology (nobod knows for sure) mainly l think to enable judgment to be decided in infallible fashion, Allah (swt) doesn’t want idiots being listed in Heaven so He (swt) gave them a loaded suicidal plethora. All praise be only for Allah (swt).


The Holy Ghost is God you imbecile. It seems everyone knows but you.


God is not a ghost. And actually there are no such things as ghosts. So I don’t know who you are calling god.

Peppe il Sicario

Here’s my take on what’s happening now in Afghanistan as the situation unfolds. Some highly compromised members of the US military establishment and its corporate overlords have understood what’s at stake as their cash cow is being squeezed out of existence. Therefore, the need to create chaos with the always credible and ever-looming ISIS threat, their brainchild creation. Here, Turkey’s sudden and inexplicable role of intervention in Afghanistan comes into play. Turkey, under Merdogon is the Anglo-Zionists’ tool to ferret Sunni terrorists here and there around the globe wherever needed. Not only that, they are massively secretly supplying Turkey with all the military technology necessary to become the pre-eminent Muslim military power in the world able to even challenge Russia, China and Iran in Central Asia, the Middle East and possibly Africa. Where did all these ISIS militants come from all of sudden? The Taliban even admitted to losing 28 of its men to date in the Kabul blasts so they were in the crosshairs and the message has been clearly sent to them. The NATO filth are playing their last Afghan hand while they can.

Peppe il Sicario

Agree totally! Hopefully, Turkey will abandon that Satanic-mafioso of Erdogan and go back to becoming a sane nation with a productive economy. The Turks do indeed make good products, very reliable and at affordable costs. For example, I bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans made in Turkey in 2007, wear them to death, and I still have them!!!!! They are excellent tailors. However, if they follow Merdogan who loves sniffing all that Qatari money and bags of US-GB stashed cash, they’ll go back to making dates and apricots before long.


*12 US service members died & 15 more injured


good news dead terrorist ;)

Peppe il Sicario

It’s up to 18 US military dead now according to the latest updates.

Peppe il Sicario

Oh, you know they need those numbers “jacked” as they say to justify an extended engagement or even another full-blown intervention. Things seem to be heating up and intensifying in Iraq too. I wish all Americans could see the recent film “Cherry” by the Russo brothers which came out earlier this year. They would see who their real enemy is and what this senseless jingoism is doing to the fabric of their country.


I hope the ppl that say all kinds of crazy shit in the comments at least contribute some BTC to keep this site alive.


Biden is the only one who should be blamed for this tragedy. He decided that Trump’s promise to the Taliban to leave before the first of May needed to be re-evaluated hence pushed back. HUGE mistake as now, the Taliban are killing Americans and, I’m sure, are not done yet.

Respect the promises done by a previous president is not something Americans are capable of doing and that is just another reason why the US is hated worldwide.


I have been predicting for many months a sudden massive rise in ISIS attacks to sabotage the Amerikastani withdrawal.

Some questions:

How, as even Hamid Karzai asked, did ISIS establish itself in Afghanistan under the noses of the Ghani regime and Amerikastan?

Why was a salafist mosque affiliated with ISIS permitted to operate in Kabul?

Why did the Ghani regime airlift out ISIS who were surrounded by the Taliban?

I expected a massive attack on Kabul complete with car bombs and captives beheaded on video by ISIS in an attempt to stop the withdrawal (which would have benefitted both Ghani and the Amerikastani state opposed to the withdrawal). I am certain that the Taliban expected it too, which was one reason behind their blitz on Kabul only weeks after saying they wouldn’t take any cities until the withdrawal was complete.

Everyone knows how ISIS was used as the excuse for Amerikastan’s continuing reoccupation of Iraq. We all know that ISIS only launches attacks in support of Amerikastani imperialist interests.


Self-inflicted wound by the NATO child traffickers? In 2021 C.E. nothing surprises me anymore.

Peppe il Sicario

I’m just waiting for Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran to target Rafael’s, IAI’s and Elbit’s facilities in Israhell and cut the head of the snake off.

Tommy Jensen

Because the Marines are the only ones who refuse to take the jab.

Peppe il Sicario

I’ll give you that Tommy boy!! They’re the only ones who can think critically in that LBGT-Zio-Jew infested military. Gen. Smedley Butler would be a shining example.


Wait these numbers are wrong, there are 12 dead US soldiers another 15 wounded, for now, over 60+ dead Afghans and over 160 wounded. Because casualties are still are been reported, today another marine died so that is 13 dead us staff members.


I think it was the Taliban, if it was Daesh they always take responsibility immediately, now no one takes responsibility, and who knows maybe was some lone wolf raged at everyone.

Peppe il Sicario

This is what the American military is productively concerning itself with nowadays. Super high tech stuff!!!


Last edited 11 months ago by Peppe il Sicario
Peppe il Sicario

Jizz Hole, aka Jens Holm, is the bartender I hear!!!!


Just another spot fire by the US to antagonize Russia.

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