Four UAE Soldiers Die In Helicopter Crash In Yemen


Four UAE Soldiers Die In Helicopter Crash In Yemen

On Saturday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that four of its soldiers died after their helicopter crashed during a mission in Yemen.

According to the UAE official news agency WAM, the soldiers were “carrying out their normal mission in the Shabwa governorate in Yemen, where their helicopter had technical failure, which led to an emergency landing and hitting the ground.”

The UAE participates in the  Saudi-led coalition formed in 2015 to for intervention in Yemen. Now, the  coalition controls the southern part of the country. The Houthi-Slaeh alliance controls the central and northern part of Yemen, including the capital of Sanaa.



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  • Colin Oskapy

    Yay !

  • Blucross

    Unless it was a ‘tail rotor failure’, I’d guess the pilot did not properly choose his spot well, (see hump) for his ‘autorotation’.
    Read “Slick Driver” on Amazon.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    technical failure = transcript for gunned down…

  • That’s nice.
    Now the rest of you – make a sexual exit – GO HOME.

  • Uniquematerial

    Stay home nexxt time.