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Four U.S. Supply Convoys Targeted With Roadside Bombs In Iraq

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Four U.S. Supply Convoys Targeted With Roadside Bombs In Iraq

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July 6 is a hard day for U.S. forces in Iraq. Few hours after U.S. embassy in Baghdad was targeted by suicide drones, a number of attacks hit American convoys in different Iraqi provinces.

The Iraqi resistance groups attacked four U.S. logistical convoys in with roadside bombs.

  • This morning, a US logistical convoy was attacked with an IED in the Dhi Qar province.
  • In several hours, two other logistical convoys were targeted in the Diwaniyah province.
  • Later a similar attack was carried out in Alanbar governorate. Four improvised explosive devices (IEDs) targeted a U.S. logistics convoy in the city of Fallujah, east of Anbar province.

No casualties were reported.

No groups claimed responsibility for the attacks. Pro-Iranian groups are known to be behind them.

The repeated attacks on US-led coalition supply convoys are meant as a response to the to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.


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The Abrahamic religions have destroyed the Middle East, shame on them.


you are delusional this has nothing to do with religion but its more like racist egocentric need for global hegemony by the europeans


They are globalist elites that want world hegemony, and every nation has at least a few of them. Meaning it’s almost nothing to do with nations themselves. But I would agree that the europeans have been completely corrupted by democratic republicanism. Democracy needs war more than anyone else. 20th century proves it.


you should change your name into something western you imbecile shouldnt have an iranian name and talk uneducated nonsense as you do

Last edited 20 days ago by farbat
Simon Ndiritu

That’s is a regrettably very simplistic view. You might instead want to look at those using religion to control others or achieve their selfish gains as the real source of promblems


the idea that american soldiers are victims themselves of their corrupt system is an annoyance and a way of thinking here which is the reason american soldiers can be happy that they dont die in the 100s

Peter Jennings

Another annoyance is the way modern american soldiers keep saying they are serving their country. The last time american’s served their country was during the war of Independence.

They now serve Wall St and risk their lives doing it.
How stupid is that?


The usual propaganda stupidity that half of americans believe in. They are in Iraq to “protect american freedom and values”.

The diaper wearing zionist idiots laugh at american ignorance, of course they can afford to soil themselves at will, they have that advantage.


the zionists the uae the saudis the turks and co are all used to america paying the price for the wicked things they did in the past but this will change america is on its last leg and it will leave this region entirely in humiliation and after it we will see every little wicked action of the usual suspects being punished in a manner which makes them think twice if they want to continue or not because they will get much harsher treatment than even america got


Regime change operation coming up in Turkey, be warned already.

None of you

No casualties , no damage , no losses. They need to take lessons from ISIS to destroy every truck and everything in them including the drivers .

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