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Four Service Members Killed In New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes On Syria (Photos)

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Four Service Members Killed In New Wave Of Israeli Airstrikes On Syria (Photos)

An Israeli Air Force F-15 fighter jet flies during an aerial demonstration. (photo credit: AMIR COHEN – REUTERS)

On November 19, a new wave of Israeli airstrikes hit military positions on the Syrian coast and in the country’s central region.

“At around six thirty in the morning, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression over the Mediterranean Sea from the direction of [the town of] Banias, targeting some positions on the coast and in the central region,” a military official told the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency, adding that several “hostile missiles” were successfully intercepted by Syrian air defenses.

Several photos that surfaced online after the attack show what appears to be an explosion and missile trails in the sky over the coast and the central region.

The unnamed Syrian military official acknowledged that four service members of the Syrian Arab Army were killed and fifth was wounded as a result of the Israeli attack.

This was the second confirmed Israeli attack on Syria this month. On November 13, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit Shayrat Air Base in the eastern countryside of Homs in the central region. The attack claimed the lives of two service members and wounded three others.

In addition to the attack on Shayrat Air Base, Israel was unofficially blamed for a series of strikes that targeted al-Qa’im crossing on Syria’s border with Iraq on November 8. At least ten people, including Iranian nationals, were killed in the attack.

According to Hebrew and Arab media, all of Israel’s recent attacks on Syria targeted Iranian weapons shipment meant for Hezbollah in Lebanon or position of Iranian-backed forces. Yet, the human and material losses caused by these attacks were mostly Syrian.

Israel will likely continue to attack Syria, who has been trying to avoid a major escalation due to it sensitive security and economic situation.



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So when does Russia respond in support of their host?…

Putin is a Zio

Still waiting for Russia to man the fuck up for its ally who supported its war against Ukraine.

Mexican American 🇲🇽

War is like chess, not like fucking Call of Duty.


I have a feeling this is all going to come to a head…and not just with Syria/Hezbollah/Iran. If it does, it would be nice to have a huge arsenal, as does Iran (the JCPOA sticking point). Russia is showing that a huge arsenal is needed. Iran/Syria won’t be fighting just Israel, just as Russia is fighting NATO, not Ukr. All of Russia’s (and now some of Iran’s?) superior weaponry is now field tested in relatively equal battle. The west, KSA, UAE and Qattar cannot say the same. Which way will the little Pasha jump? Syria and Hezbollah both need huge arsenals that can withstand attrition, which Israel does not have as was seen in the 11 day war on Gaza. It appears as though they plan to amass as much as they can, for as long as they can. Which means holding their rage in check, as the Israeli’s try to goad them into conflict before they are ready…or until war is forced on them. Exactly as happened with Russia/Ukr. Will the situation on the eastern European front dictate when things might change? Will NATO decide that a southern distraction is necessary or will it be that Israel thinks Russia will be too preoccupied to deal with all-out attacks on Iran/Syria? One other clue is that the Houthis have been relatively silent as of late and they will likely be another player should major fighting begin. Israel/US have been quite busy lately and it just smells like it’s provocation, not just regime change. How they could figure this is good for them is beyond me. Syria is doing the one thing they can. Choose the time and place. Just as Russia did.

Last edited 11 days ago by zman

Laws for some but not others. Israel thinks they have Lebanon. They dont want anyone in the way. Also, if Syria is keeping rigs out, for oil and grain?, a psychopathic nation would react.

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