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JUNE 2021

Four Security Forces Servicemen Killed In Clashes With ISIS In Mosul – Reports

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On March 5, four sercurity forces servicemen were killed in clashes with ISIS militants in the city of Mosul, according to Iraqi sources.

According to the media outlet Basnews, clashes took place in the district of al-Haramat in the western part of Mosul. Local residents reportedly saw at least 3 ISIS gunmen.

“The assailants fled the scene after the shooting and a probe was opened into the incident,” Basnews quoted a security source as saying.

Despite the liberation of Mosul from ISIS’ self-proclaimed caliphate, the security situation in the city remains tense. The terrorist group still has a wide network of supporters and cells in the area.

In a separate development, a military vehicle was hit by an IED near the town of Ar-Rutbah in western Anbar. The IED had been planted by local ISIS cells, according to reports.

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Face it Iraq, you will never defeat these guys!!!

You can call me Al

Not as long as the US remains there will always have some so called ISIS.

Shuja Pasha

Go f*ck yourself. Iraq has already defeated them. Half of Iraq (Shia south and Kurdistan) is more safe than the US! FACT!

Shuja Pasha

*more than half of Iraq.


If you say so!! I think the residents of Mosul and Kirkuk would strongly disagree with you however!!!


lol, u idiot!
When Saudi Arabian King went to Moscow to do deals with Putin, this was the official moment of victory against isis!
u dont seem to know how to read between the lines!
Trust me, when Saudi Arabia is under attack from its South, Yemen. From its north Iraqi Shiia PMU and Hezbollah. From its east Iran, watch all these remaining isis fighters go to Saudi Arabia to defend its true leaders, the Saudi monarchy!
This will happen and it will begin when the Saudi Shiia population rise up!
Watch and see!


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Don't read butthurt replies

I hope so!


Eat shit. You love the west. You love the stupid sunnis. Eat shit.

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