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Four Seconds Until World War 3


Four Seconds Until World War 3

The doomsday clock is ticking.

The recent series of events, which includes the so-called Skripal case and the alleged chemical attack in Syria, has put the world on the brink of a big aggressive war in the Middle East.

Forces instigating this war pursue two main goals:

  • To justify the growing military spending and to assure the economic domination of the so-called US-led bloc over the rest of the world. The military industrial complex and multinational corporations controlled by the Euro-Atlantic establishment will be the main beneficiary party of this new big war.
  • To save the US-led unipolar world order and the so-called Western value system. This will allow the Euro-Atlantic elites to continue using the existing system to remain in power and to drain resources from national states.

After US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley threatened that the US will strike Syrian forces if they continue combating militants in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus, SF wrote in its article entitled “Five Seconds Until World War 3”:

“It’s possible that an escalation scenario in both Syria and Ukraine may be implemented by the US establishment soon after or during the presidential election in Russia. The goal of these actions will be to stage an aggressive war against Russia.”

However, Vladimir Putin achieved a decisive victory in the Russian presidential election on March 18. The so-called “pro-Western opposition” was not able to nominate a competitive presidential candidate and faced a total failure. The escalation in Syria was also prevented and a successful operation to liberate Eastern Ghouta was launched by Syrian forces, backed by Russia and Iran.

Then, another attempt to escalation situation was conducted using the so-called Skripal case. On March 4, former Russian military intelligence officer and British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were allegedly poisoned in the UK with what London described as the Russian-made Novichok nerve agent. The UK, the US and some other states expelled over 100 Russian diplomats and used the incident to increase pressure on Russia.

However, by early April, it had appeared that the British claims of “Russian” origin of the nerve agent had been a lie. The entire Skripal poisoning story is collapsing as a Russian involvement can hardly be proven by some reliable evidence besides “the Russians did it” PowerPoint presentations.

Then, the attention of the so-called international community was once again drawn to Syria. By April 7, Syrian forces have liberated the almost entire area of Eastern Ghouta, leaving the only militant-held town of Douma where sporadic clashes and complicated negotiations have been ongoing. On April 8, local militants – members of Jaish al-Islam – surrendered their positions and accepted a withdrawal agreement allowing them to move to other militant-held areas of Syria. However, between April 7 and April 8, “the Assad regime” conducted a chemical weapons attack on the town killing lots of people, at least this what pro-militant media activists and the mainstream media want you to believe.

US President Donald Trump, that had vowed to withdraw troops from the war-torn country few days ago, accused Syria, Russia and Iran of the civilian casualties and promised a “forceful” response to the alleged attack. Now, the US and its allies, mostly the UK and France, are considering their options and drawing military plans for the attack on Syria. The president of the most powerful country in the world is ready to start what may become a nuclear war because he has been triggered by rumors and awful pictures in social media. What a twist!

Russia’s Defense Ministry, Foreign Ministry and even President Putin had repeatedly warned of appearing info indicating preparations for chemical weapons provocations across Syria, including the area of Easter Ghouta. However, the US-led coalition ignored the warnings.

It is important to note that the liberation of Eastern Ghouta is a kind of a “red line” after which their game in Syria will worsen. According to pro-government sources, roughly a 18,000-strong striking force has been involved in the operation since its start in February 2018. The total number of pro-government fighters that are directly or indirectly involved in the effort to secure the area is up to 30,000.

Should Eastern Ghouta be secured this force will be free for future operations against militants across Syria. The Yarmouk camp area controlled by ISIS, as well las the militant-held parts of eastern and southern Syria are among of the obvious targets for the upcoming Syrian anti-terrorist operations. This will further shift the balance of power in Syria and put the US-led coalition occupying parts of the country in a complicated situation.

This chain of events clearly shows how some powers are instigating a new big war in order to pursue own financial and political interests. Is the US president ready to become a foot soldier in their game? The next few days will show.



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