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Four Murdered In Cold Blood By ISIS Wives In Al-Hawl Camp

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Four Murdered In Cold Blood By ISIS Wives In Al-Hawl Camp

Illustrative image: source: horrya.net

ISIS wives have murdered four people in the notorious al-Hawl camp which is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Alyaum TV reported on September 17 that two Iraqi refugees and a displaced woman from Aleppo were murdered by ISIS wives inside al-Hawl.

“The crime was carried out with a handgun quipped with a silencer in a section of the camp designated for Iraqi refugees,” a source familiar with the situation told the TV channel.

On September 18, the Deir Ezzor 24 blog reported a fourth murder in al-Hawl. Eastern Deir Ezzor native Atallah Jassim Al-Howaish was stabbed to death inside the camp by ISIS wives fro no clear reason.

The al-Hawl camp, that is located in the eastern al-Hasakah countryside, is hosting more than 66,000, including 40,000 family members of ISIS fighters many of whom are foreigners.

ISIS wives are wreaking havoc inside the poorly-controlled camp. Escape attempts and murders are taking place in the camp on a regular basis.

The women are taking the role of ISIS’ “Hosbah” [religious police]. Anyone who abandons the group’s radical ideology is being punished, or even murdered. The SDF is making immense effort to confront these women.


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Savage whores !
Hang them high to stop them form breeding more evil villains of their kind !

Angry Birds

Spare them, they could be useful sent to Mars with the first batch of colonists.

Porc Halal

:))))…you are millennial, right?…you live in a parallel world…

James Adams

Just execute all of them already. They need to be killed. Islam is cancer !!!


No it isn’t,their deranged and warped Wahabi version of Islam IS.

Porc Halal

Ok … I thought that any version of islam would be good by default … how can a “wonderful”, “peaceful” and “perfect” religion, like islam, produce such a degenerate version of it ?! … because islam is … good ?, or isn’t ?? …


I know muslims,i have worked with them,and they were nothing like those savages.

Porc Halal

Seriously?! … so, you worked with few muslims for some time and boom!!…you came to a conclusion that islam is a wonderful religion! … please spare me… you know nothing about these people or about their religion ..have you ever wonder why isis and other terror groups are not rooted into other religions or cultures but islam??..do you know that isis and other similar terrorist organisations are following the strict rules of islam according to the quran and other islamic teachings??…some muslims are trying to save the image of islam by saying that these animals are satanic groups and they are following satan but by this they openly admits that islam is a satanic cult and their god is satan itself!..

Mustafa Mehmet

? sit n spin on it

Tommy Jensen

These four didnt check out.

Rafik Chauhan

Why are they alive . they should all be killed . look like SDF is coopertaing with them to kill this Arab each other in camp. ISIL wife should be shot openly. this people are satan destroying islam. or hand them over to SAA/or iraq they will deal with them.


comment image

Where is the Witch Finder General when we need him?

Fog of War

Just kill all these rabid bitches. The children are probably beyond ” repair ” also. Send them to Allah for justice.

Porc Halal

Can you imagine that useful idiotic governments in the West are willing to spend a lot of money, logistics and shit to “save” these muslim bitches from the prison camps where they consume free air ?! ….


Tie their hands behind their backs, tie their legs wide open on sticks and shove a large cactus up their dirty holes and leave them there in the desert for the wildlife to do the rest.

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