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Four Killed In New Wave Of Protests In Gaza Strip (Videos)


On June 8, a new wave of protests erupted in the Gaza Strip as tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered near the so-called security fence to commemorate the International Quds Day, according to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

During the protests, Palestinian activists launched several kits carrying Molotov bombs at Israeli military positions around the Gaza Strip. One of the kits downed a mini drone that was being used by the Israeli military to monitor the protests.

The Israeli military claimed that gunmen, who were among the protestors, opened fire at one of its positions north of the Gaza Strip and said that “no injuries were reported.” Following this claim Israeli soldiers began targeting the protestors with sniper rifles, rubber bullets and tear gas.

The Health Minister of Palestine said that four protestors were killed by Israel snipers and 618 others were injured by Israeli forces, including “Mohamad al-Baba” a photographer of the France Press Agency (AFP).

During the last two months, the Gaza Strip witnessed a similar wave of protests against the Israeli state, during which more than 120 protestors were killed by the Israeli military, according to the Qatari al-Jazeera TV.

According to local observers, the death of the four protestors today will likely escalate the tension between the Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli military. The next weekend is also expected to witness similar, if not larger, protests.



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