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Four ISIS Seniors Members Killed In US-led Coalition Airstrikes

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Four ISIS Seniors Members Killed In US-led Coalition Airstrikes

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The Coalition airstrikes killed four senior ISIS leaders in Iraq and Syria in the past three weeks, according to Operation Inherent Resolve website. The removal of these key terrorists disrupts ISIS’ weapons engineering activities and their ability to recruit and train terrorists, also reducing their ability to plan and conduct terrorist attacks both within Syria and Iraq, and abroad.

Here are the names of the killed:

  • Yusuf Demir, an ISIS media official with links to ISIS networks throughout the Middle East and Europe, killed Oct. 26, 2017 near al-Qaim, Iraq.
  • Omer Demir, an ISIS external operations coordinator with links to ISIS networks in the Middle East and Europe, killed Oct. 26, 2017 near al-Qaim, Iraq.
  • Abu Yazin, an ISIS senior leader and weapons facilitator, killed Nov. 3, 2017 near Mayadin, Syria.
  • Abdellah Hajjiaou, an ISIS external operations plotter, killed Nov. 5, 2017 near Abu Kamal, Syria.

Overall, since the beginning of November, the coalition conducted 100 strikes in Syria and Iraq. 74 of these strikes were conducted in Syria and 26 in Iraq.

In Syria, Combined Joined Strike Force engaged ISIS near  Abu Kamal, Al Shaddadi and Dayr Az Zawr. The Coalition has destroyed a number of vehicles, ISIS held buildings, lines of communications, ISIS headquarters, ISIS staging areas, ISIS tactical units, and two heavy weapons.

In Iraq, the Coalition forces have engaged ISIS forces near Al Qaim, Qayyarah, Hawijah, Ramadi, Rawah and Tuz. A number of ISIS headquarters, lines of communications, supply routes, vehicles and command and control nodes.

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Tiresia Branding

collateral demage by frienly fire, if true… lol

Richard Noel Hedditch

It is fiction. American scum cherish ISIS.


Ah, amis are trying to save their face, when it’s your operation you kind of tend to know where your puppets are.


Is there any evidence about this ?


I doubt it


The cynic in me says that these are the people that were rescued – their disappearance from the ranks seems natural if they are claimed to have perished. Hope they don’t pop up in some other country…

Deo Cass

Oh my! I’m truly impressed! Go sell this story to your sheep, US.


We are surprised and disappointed to find this US propaganda and Fake News here at SouthFront. It has happen more and more lately. Maybe some new unfortunate recruitment?

What happened was that US made air strikes in the area, but the purpose was not to strike ISIS targets. Instead it was to stop Russian air support during crucial parts of the ISIS counter attack on Abu Kamal. US demanded that Russians halted operations to not endanger US pilots and planes in the area. Russian air command in Latakia bowed their heads as the always do to Washington and Tel Aviv and chose to stand down. This information is confirmed from sources on both sides.

The killed ISIS commanders were just Fake News to cover it up. Win-win for US and Israel, lose-lose for Syria and Russia, as most of the times. Most likely the assets (ISIS commanders) have been evacuated and soon will reappear with new names in some other arena CIA and their co-conspirators need them. That is yet to be confirmed.

You can call me Al

…or was it to eradicate a threat of information getting out?

I understand what you are saying, but quietly-quietly catch the monkey…..West bank of Euphrates and then Northwards on the East bank.

PD Fooook the Yanks.

Mauro Craizer

The same operation “Inherent Resolve” probably let those jihadis to flee from Raqqa. They said (after BBC report) only 320 militants with over 3500 family members, like every jihadi has over 10 family members and every single one of them has been in Raqqa. Those truckers said ISIS members from EU, ME, Africa, Asia, lying Pentagon and (bad)CIA propaganda. Official US policy is “No negotiation with terrorists”, and convieniently, US-Coalition spox said, it’s all SDF deals, “they do not want to meddle in local policy making decision” #AssadMustGo Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hypocrisy, US Establishment policies is your name! They know American ppl is not interested, not stupid, they pay attention on “trendings” just few days per subject, if any decision/statement like this is not in Twitter trends, like NYs say “forget about it!”. I have ZERO symphaty for all crazines in USA now, SJWs, PC culture-marxists destroying everything. Immigration out of control, a number of those who fled Raqqa could reach USA, like USA needs help destroying itself from outside, SJW snowflakes doing great job.


cool, thanks


“ISIS’ weapons engineering activities (The complete training for which is learn to say “Thanks for the weapons mystery donor.” in english and their native arab) and their ability to recruit and train terrorists (The complete training for which is learn to say “Hey, want to kill some infidels (for money)? Here is an AK or rent your own car.” in english and their native arab), also reducing their ability to plan and conduct terrorist attacks both within Syria and Iraq, and abroad (The complete training for which is learn to say “Hey, kill some infidels (for money) with your AK or rented car.” in english and their native Arab).”


Langaniso Mhlobo

This leader wanted to defect from ISIS/USA coalition to nearest forces but we’re betrayed by body guards.

Richard Noel Hedditch

USA is pro-ISIS. This report is total fiction.

Jens Holm

So why so my Goverment think its of any use, we are at Your region at all. We are Your biggest excuse to do absolutly nothing. Cleaning Your houses seemes only to be solved by killing and killing until things are calmd by that.

Mo Richard

#This happened during military drills/exercises.

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